LFA: Language Fairness Group Hosts First Official Public Meeting by Don Smith

CFN – With momentum building for language fairness here in S.D. & G., the former Equality For All group, now re-branded as Language Fairness for All – LFA, held its first official public general meeting at the Spotlight Hall and Conference Centre yesterday evening.

At the head table were members of the executive:  President Chris Cameron, Vice-President Laurie Branchaud,  Secretary Debbie Cameron and Treasurer Mary Bray.  Cameron officially unveiled the group’s new logo, which is patterned after the Canadian flag.  The Canadian maple leaf is portrayed in a paler than usual shade of red to indicate that the country is in distress with democracy being replaced with a form of tyranny and the balance scale is a depiction of the group’s intention to work to restore a more balanced approach to language policy in all of Canada.

Cameron also summarized the group’s recent demonstration outside a Conservative fundraiser dinner in Chesterville at which James Moore, Minister of Canadian heritage and Official Languages, was the keynote speaker.  Cameron explained the rationale for carrying a black coffin as a sign of the death/dying of democracy in our country and of carrying the Canadian flag upside down as a sign of distress/oppression of the majority.  The group was successful in obtaining a public audience with Moore and Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry M.P. Guy Lauzon just prior to the dinner with a promise to meet leaders of both LFA and Canadians for Language Fairness (CLF) prior to Parliament’s summer recess.  As yet, only tentative meeting dates have been proposed by Moore’s office.  Cameron indicated that he is convinced that the politicians were caught totally off-guard in Chesterville since there was no police presence, unlike the day when the group arrived for their scheduled meeting with M.P.P. Jim McDonell to present signed petitions.

Cameron and Branchaud spoke of support being received by groups in other parts of the country.  Among donations received to date was a contribution from the Ottawa-based Canadians for Language Fairness.  Cameron shared that there are concerned groups in New Brunswick (Canada’s only officially bilingual province), representing an estimated 6,000 – 7,000 people, that closely follow the efforts of LFA and who are requesting mutual support in their quest for language fairness.  According to figures presented, 70% of New Brunswicker’s have English as their mother tongue, yet 100% bilingualism has been imposed upon them.  Cameron is planning to coordinate a local delegation to make a trip to New Brunswick as a show of solidarity.

Among the twenty supporters in attendance at the largely unadvertised inaugural meeting were two of the five members of the South Stormont Council, Mayor Bryan McGillis and Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart.  McGillis said that he continues to receive many complaints from parents of young people who cannot obtain employment in the greater Cornwall area and elsewhere in Canada due to oppressive language restrictions.  Aside from mere semantics, McGillis sees no real shift in the Cornwall Community Hospital’s hiring practices.  Deputy Mayor Hart shared with the group that, at the next meeting of the South Stormont Council, Councillor Cindy Woods will be presenting a motion that the South Stormont funds which were to be directed to the Cornwall Community Hospital, be re-directed to a cause that she is mind.  Hart will be supporting Wood’s motion.  Hart and McGillis were applauded by the meeting participants for being politicians who are willing to take a public stand on important hot button issues.

As the meeting drew to an official close, words of thanks to LFA organizers were echoed from the floor, including a comment from Brent Cameron that:  “This is long overdue!”

LFA has established a formal web presence at www.languagefairnessforall.org and plans to add a great deal more content in the days and weeks ahead.  A number of public events and fundraisers are in the planning stage, news of which will be posted online.  The next public general meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. on July 3rd, location to be announced.




  1. A very good read and seems like a great start for the group. It is so important for people to not just see an injustice, but try to do something about it.
    We can not be afraid to discuss sacred cows like bilingulism or anything funded by tax dollars.

  2. Francophone’s now occupy 98% of the Civil Service jobs in New Brunswick, Ontario is next. This is all because of the Official Languages Act which is Genocide against the majority English speaking Canadians. Google “Genocide” and see for yourselves.

  3. Way to go LFA!!!!!!! Now that you have formed an official group, Cornwall and area knows that you mean business! Others will be able to get out and stand up with you. By the way, it is great to see elected members out supporting you! Tammy Hart and Bryan McGillis are 2 intelligent/strong people that fight for the people. Bravo!!!!!

  4. Author

    Lolochuck do you know if Cornwall Council and Mayor were invited to this meeting?

  5. Change is inevitable with a grass roots organization.
    Congrat’s LFA for having the courage to take the bull by the horns.
    What a great idea to send delegation to NB to help the hospital protesters….When do we leave???

  6. It was an open meeting for ALL interested parties to attend. We did not send them their own official invite if that is what you meant. We did not advertise with the media(just word of mouth/facebook), so therefore, most people did not know about the meeting. We intend to advertise soon, as we do not have taxpayer dollars supporting us like the FLSA. We have been doing it on our own. Mr. Kilgor and especially Elaine McDonald have given us the brush off. Elaine, not letting Christopher Cameron speak at the town hall meeting! Thought that was what town halls were for?! Anyway, we would welcome the mayor and city council to attend one of our open meetings in the future. Unfortunately, the way we have been brushed off to date, we don’t expect to see them anytime soon. We would love to have them work with the 80% majority to at least discuss this language discrimination issue. The issue that they say is not their issue. They would certainly make somewhat of an impact if they stood up to higher levels of government and supported the majority. To do the right thing is not something that this city council if known for………….. If you are reading this council members…and I know you are. Try fairness, try at least listening to the message that the people of Cornwall are trying to send to you….well at least 90% of us.

  7. All big changes start small…

  8. To force more than one official language breeds contempt through cultural competition and linguistic animosity.

    Forced bilingualism creates unfair hiring practices and eliminates and reduces employment and promotion opportunities for Anglophones and other minorities who do not speak french as a second or third language.

    A person who does not speak English or French is equal under the law with anyone else for anything in all Civil and Criminal Courts in Canada.

  9. If you want more information on forced frenchification in Canada, request to join New Brunswick Language Equality on facebook. In regards to my statement above, the 98% refers to management positions. Anglophone’s are still allowed to occupy janitorial positions within the government of New Brunswick.

  10. Bravo for Tammy & Bryan for standing up for the majority of their constituents,you both have my vote, Cornwall council however,is a world of hostilities,we need younger blood with better ideas to turn Cornwall around into a world of possibilities instead of the present hostilities ,looking forward to the next monthly meeting July 3rd

  11. Oppression,oppression,oppression!!!

  12. “As a religion, bilingualism is the god that failed. It has led to no fairness, produced no unity,and cost Canadian taxpayers untold millions.”

    Stephen Harper; May 6,2001, Calgary Sun

  13. So happy to see more and more people speaking out against the unfairness of all English folks that this forced bilingualism has brought upon us for the last 40 years or so; the internet and facebook has brought this issue to so many people that have lost hope in the earlier years !

  14. Inuktitut in Nunavut is logical, French in French Canada (Quebec) is logical, too. But French in English Canada is ABSURD! Repeal Ontario FLSA and federal OLA!

  15. I like the repeal/repel idea. Too bad we don’t have a recall process for politicians here. Most of them would be voted out before their initial time…all levels of government. Next Ontario election should be a strong vote by and for English only candidates….but would that be fairness for all? Conundrum in the making here?

  16. there`s that ugly sentiment again.. ABOLISH a whole culture or language because someone does not like it! this “political” group as far as I and my friends can see,is afraid of any other language or culture getting an advantage in education or job opportunities. They want all others designated an asset… that sends all other communcation and learning to the back of the bus… how is that Fair to the general population? and to say “FRENCH” is the reason for these emloyment problems or any other debt is ridiculous..that`s like saying ..we are in debt in all aspects because mismanagemwnt on many levels,, bilingualism has grown because parents recognize its inherent talents… Not because the “french” are getting any special favors..

  17. les habitants, French are getting more government help than most know. Ontario Legislature, Federal Parliment and Senate have bills before them now to create or provide more bilingual only jobs. Where are these bilingual people? 42 years of the Official Languages Act and 26 of the Ontario French Language Services Act have created no increase in total numbers. Of course, this Ontario government changed the definition of Francophone to magically have them account for 4.8% of the population from 4.2%.
    That is what accounts for any increase if there is!

    Language over merit is not fairness.

  18. Eric, respectfully is it not possible that after generations of cultural and political “english direction ” and denying french services open access it will take at least a couple of generations to gain the losses felt since yhe first french colonization? That is what LFA is all about right? Not fairness but a realignment of the politcal clout that was held by the Anglophone members …,for centuries… its time to kove forward with inclusive legislation not exclusive.. English is not an endangered species…Lets be real.. NO english “majority” supports this LFA Movement ,yet they have a right to voicve their beliefs.. no one is is saying ABOLISH ENGLISH but they are saying ABOLISH FRENCH you claim a review or ealignment yet the LFA is claiming Abolishmnet is the only way to true language “fairness” it is not the French Language Services Act in Onatario that is stopping other cultures from equal ground in education or worlk it is the LFA that is denying equal rights in the name of a past colonial ideal.. they have a democratic right to their concerns but they cannot elevate their democratic rights by quashing other freedoms…Run for political and let democracy true democracy that understands minorities needs and majorities wants and see how divisive LFA actions are..

  19. Sorry les habitants but what the LFA is saying is proportional representation of languages. If the population has 10% francophones then 10% of the government jobs or health care jobs should represent that, not 100% for 10%.

  20. Do as I say, not as I do. We have all that heard that over our lifetime and many people fall into that category. So I was surprised to hear Jean Lecompte be consistent in that he would expect a Nurse be bilingual if he was falling down right now with a heart attack. http://cornwallfreenews.com/2012/05/mp-guy-lauzon-minister-moore-confronted-by-cornwall-ontario-lfa-protest-in-chesterville-by-don-smith-hd-video/

    At first glance, he was sticking to his values as the founding member and President of the Society for the Promotion of Bilingualism. This is a federally incorporated corporation with 3 serving Directors and is even listed in http://www.francocornwall.ca . You can see on that link the evidence French is not under represented by the way. Good for Mr. Lecompte though, strong values all the way in a fictional life or death situation question.

    At second glance, he has been an advisor with Assemblee de la francophonie de l’Ontario of SD&G for a couple of years and the website does not have an English translation button yet after all that time. (A difference with the AFO site and the http://www.languagefairnessforall.org is one receives no taxpayer funding directly or indirectly and can do what it wants with less scrutiny.) Pushing bilingualism in this case is very one sided and leads me back to my first 8 words.

    Are you sure it is not about “abolish English”?

  21. Let us hold a national referendum on bilingualism, eh les habitant? That would be truly democratic.

  22. oh I see aint is here? les habitants! he arrogant -im out of here

  23. the perfect solution has already been implemented. The areas that have strong french and bilingual needs voted it in..like Ottawa, Kingston, cornwall SDG SG ..etc… politicians represent the whole of Ontario at Queen`s Park and each area (riding) had a say.. if you don`t like the decisions of your riding..you can move to one without a “language” issue rather than plant yourselves in the middle of a community that educates and works in bilingual services..! the areas that did not want it abstained.. that is called democracy….!!!I`m looking forward to the next federal election to see who puts their name forward for LFA! 3 guesses as to who will back them!!
    Silent majority 2 whatever you think or intend to start by accusations ..remember you forget more than one person has a different view than you and your small group!!!Lots of “us” don`t agree with what your claims are!!!!

  24. Les habitants = AMEN

    If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.
    If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.
    (Nelson Mandela)

  25. a national refendum because of a few crybabies from the west and from the cor party… Big waste of 500 million bucks

  26. les habitant, there were no consultations or public voting on the Official Languages Act, Ontario French Languages Services Act (less than half of the MPP’s bothered to show up) and Russell Township Counclil most certainly did not listen to the people before forcing bilingual signs on the population.

  27. yes a referendum is a great idea!!!! Let the people speak for themselves instead of the politicians and their interest groups .
    500 million (well over estimated amount ) is little when you believe it will stop oppression and to think the countless trillions it could have saved from the beginning .
    If we were a true democracy we should vote on it as it effects our day to day living as well as our livelihoods.

  28. Congratulations, Canadians for Language Equality organizers and supporters on a job well done.

    Thank you for standing up for us, all!

  29. Why are you running this again when it is dated when June 12th….. it’s old news……I guess it’s free advertisement for them. **smile**

  30. June 12th 2012..the date les habs becomes Patrick Boucher..c’mon man..first iapbio then grimalot, now Boucher? Dump all this crap and lets go to Truffles..did you see the hot chicks there? Lets go! We will smoke the peace pipe..listen to some ’80’s tunes and rock the kasbah..we’ll take Jamie and Stella with us..it’ll be a hoot! Scrap the language garbage..too negative..this is not your usual self..you’re better than this.

  31. That is exactly what I think, stellabystarlight. When I saw Colleen McIntosh’s latest post (which is dated 17 August 2012 at 1604) yesterday evening, my natural reaction was to say to myself, ‘‘Now, what the devil is this? That’s on an article that was published back in June and she comments on this again, over two months later. Come now!’’

    I also think that Mrs. McIntosh and her ‘‘companions in arms’’ in this non-debate (meaning that there should have been no debate on such matters in the first place) are attention seekers (and even I would be too polite to use the other term, of a more vulgar register, that comes quite easily to one’s mind in such a context). Considering that I have seen prominent members of Language Fairness for All attempt to do some advertising in disguise on other forums and on this one instead of updating their own Web site (which, I might add, is designed like a patchwork, thus not very professional-looking) in the last several days or even weeks, I should think that this is not the attitude of people who are right or successful.

    Besides, what is ‘‘Canadians for Language Equality’’ anyway? As far as I know and judging by the results that I have seen on Google with this phrase in the research field, there is no such thing.

  32. Ferris, you’re darn right!!! Who needs the BS? Not sure many would attend……..but who cares we could have a good time **s**

    Time to stop the nonsense and come together!!!!

  33. Le renard bleu…..lack of funds for proper advertisements…….the money is going towards their leader to help pay court cost **s**

  34. ..I don’t know who I’d yell at if I did’nt have the Stellas and the Patricks of the world..life would be pretty boring..maybe I’ll start driving my wife nuts again..I wonder if she’s still around? lol

  35. Well I see Miss Personality herself -STELLA- is out in full force bashing LFA .

    Funny English rights groups get ZERO government funding to pay for advertising & incurred costs.

    Oh yes & ALL of LFA & their supporters are volunteers .

    So before you criticize & bash take a good look in the mirror & say


    Have a nice day!


  36. Your turn Le Renard Bleu or should I say Le Jeunne Suisse-not too hard to figure out.

    You must work with STELLA; a nice,sweet BILINGUAL government job!!!

    A little friendly advice;

    Try googling the right name & you might find what your looking for.

    Also, LFA paid for this advertisement so thanks for helping our cause by blogging!!!

    Have a nice day!!


  37. Chris Cameron President & Official Spokesperson Language Fairness for All will be LIVE on 91.9 Moncton, New Brunswick McLean Morning Show,

    Monday August 20 7 am Eastern & 8 am Atlantic.


    Please set your alarm clocks & tune in online.

  38. Wrong, Highlander. Basically, I work in the private sector.
    So I have got nothing to do with the government of Canada, that of Ontario or that of any municipality. However, yes, my knowledge of both French and English was necessary for me to get my current job.

    The words that I quoted were taken directly from the comment made by Colleen McIntosh to which I was referring. I think that she had put it wrong.

    Good night… mares. 🙂

  39. Hi Stella and Le Renard bleu…thanks for noticing and reading my comments/posts. Am really flattered, by all your attention.

    Since, you are both targeting me, must assume that I’m perceived as a danger to YOUR multiple posts and rants, on these sites.

    Sorry, to burst your collective bubbles…but for non-debates, you both sure do like to insistently “debate” a lot. Will say this, at least I have the guts to post under my real name, unlike yourselves who hide behind multiple false monikers.

    Unless, of course, I’m getting under YOUR skins (unless you are both, one and the same person)…which is awesome!!! You’ve made my day, thanks:)))

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