Political Times by Mike Roache – Stephen Harper Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee – June 6, 2012

CFN– Here is today’s installment of Political Times by Mike Roache!

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About Mr. Roache:

Mike Roache was born in Halifax and began cartooning for a school newspaper while in junior high,often putting the paper together by himself.  Over the years some of his work has appeared in newspapers in the United States and Canada. Presently his work appears in the Klondike Sun and the Sackville Tribune. Married with three adult children he lives with his wife in Halifax.

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  1. I would like to see a poll to ask if we as Canadians would like to see an abolition of our ties with the monarchy or even better I would like to see a Canada wide referendum on abolishing our ties with the monarchy. Perhaps it could start with this platform for discussion.
    Let’s face it people, days of colonialism are long gone and it’s getting too expensive to keep these people, who think they are better that us commoners, healthy and fat on our dime.
    Harper is spending many millions on these fat cats and just who is he trying to impress? All expense paid vacations paid by Canadian taxpayers, for the people who could best afford 5 star treatment out of their own pockets. Kate and Andrew, then the ‘beautiful’ Camilla and ‘handsome’ Charles ‘honeymoons’ visiting Canada from coast to coast without cost to them.
    Finally after many millions have already been spent, Harper commissions a larger that life size (over 3 metres) portrait of Lizzy. At what cost? Who knows from the secretive CPC? It will take some media to uncover the true costs of all his royal brown nosing, when he is preaching fiscal restraint at home for seniors, military veterans and the unemployed .
    Then there is the queen’s 60th anniversary which no doubt costs Brits hundred’s of millions of dollars and there was Harper, again on our dime, with his posy of high on the hog living Canadians in their limos and 16 dollar orange juices.
    So, what is the queen doing in this depressed economic environment? Well to start, to save money for her coronation she cancelled the annual Christmas party for her commoner staff at Buckingham palace.
    But wait, I have an idea! Since Harper is so enthralled with the monarchy, perhaps he would have the aspiration of abolishing Canada’s tie with the British monarchy and set himself up as King of Canada.
    Seems, that him and his royal entourages are already treating themselves as such. Long live the King!

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