Truffles Burger Bar VIP Party in Cornwall Ontario Beats the Night Away – You Know You Want it! June 15, 2012

CFN – Truffles Burger Bar finally had it’s sneak peak VIP party Friday night in Cornwall Ontario.  A lot of people were starting to give up hope on the resto bar every opening again, but some last minute assistance from Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Denis Carr allowed to crowd to enjoy their first Truffle Burgers in over a year!

Truffles Owner Dominique Gilgen, Gaye Adams, & Councilor Denis Carr

It’s said that sex and food are the same button in the Brain.  Truffles mixes some awesome food with a hot staff trained to serve.  Mix in some drinks and an awesome space and you have a recipe for an evening!  The Lamb & Tzaziki burger I had was magic!

And to spice it up and raise the heat Truffles had an Argentinian Drum team, Drum-Addiction from Montreal rev up the crowd!

And of course it’s always good food that makes or breaks a restaurant.   Chef Ahmad talks about the secret of his Truffle Burgers!

Truffles Burger Bar will be open to the public starting Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 155 Pitt Street in Beautiful Downtown Cornwall Ontario!

Truffles Burger Bar – You Know You Want It!


  1. It’s about time!

  2. I can’t hear the video Admin. Is it my end?

  3. Author

    Yes. I’d try restarting my computer….or turning the sound on….

  4. Congratulations on your VIP night ….. looks like a great time and a great time by all……You did it Dominique and Ahmad…..a great plus for downtown Cornwall ……see ya soon…..Ron

  5. VIP night was great looking forward to going back. Congratulation to both of you

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