June 21st 2012 Comedy Fundraiser for Mike MacDonald – HD VIDEO INTERVIEW

CFN – The comic world is very special.  There’s a Brotherhood (and Sisterhood) and comics across Canada are pulling together to help Canadian Comic Mike MacDonald who’s struggling with Hepatitis C.

Mike himself is hoping to be at 292 Elgin in Ottawa, but Comics across Canada will be performing to help raise funds for his struggle.

Mike’s Facebook Fund Raising Page

Mike doing what he does best, making people laugh!

Due to a recent infection Mike will need a Live Liver Donation.    This isn’t as scary as it sounds or akin to the Monty Python clip below.

Live Liver transplants are now a reality thanks to medical advances.   Mike needs an O Positive donor.  For more donation information CLICK HERE.

To donate to Mike’s cause CLICK HERE.

For more on Hepatitis C which is killing more Canadians than it should CLICK HERE.

Our Interview with Mike

With the sale of their home in California about to start Mike is hoping that his wife will be able to move back to Canada as well.     If you’re in a participating city please help celebrate Mike’s Birthday on the 21st!

And Mike has started writing jokes again!


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  1. It’s definitely not easy seeing someone deteriorate so much from being such a vibrant person to one who is so evidently ill. I hope for Mike that he gets well and recovers his health. The message to avoid drug abuse is extremely important as it leads a person into all kinds of dangerous and thoughtless behaviour which can have devastating consequences. Also, the fact that he talks about bipolar disorder and helps people open about that subject is really meaningful. Being a comedien must be about the most risky job there is and takes one hell of a lot of courage. Being a comedian who is clean like he is takes even more guts in a field where there is an awful lot of degradadation. I was amazed at his positive messages about his wife, marriage, and women in general, very rare to hear a man speak in public about these subjects in a positive way. Will keep Mike and his family in my prayers.

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