Liberal MPP Grant Crack on the Possibility of a Summer Election in Ontario – June 20, 2012

CFN –  Rookie MPP Grant Crack spoke this week in Cornwall Ontario and I had a chance to talk to him and ask about the possibility of a snap Ontario election?

The budget either passes today or voters go to the polls.

The big question revolved around whether NDP leader Andrea Horwath keeps her word or backs down for late in the deal demands.

What do you think amazing and valued viewers of CFN?  Are we going into a Summer election in Ontario?

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  1. It is very good to see he is accessable.
    I think we need an election, but will not get one soon. With another party in power, there may be a more intensive audit completed on costs associated with ORNG, LCBO, OLG, Wind/Solar experiments etc.
    I am still ticked that the McGuinty government removed the right of debate for municipalties to have debate and choice on placement of these large wind turbines. Each of these turbines requires about 2.5 acres, it is kind of a big deal in good local farmland communities.

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