Is it time for Cornwall Ontario to have its own TV Station? You tell us! June 20, 2012

CFN –  Does Cornwall Ontario deserve its own TV station?  That is a question we’ve been wrangling with for over two years now.

We actually were supposed to go live to the air in 2011 before The City of Cornwall decided to boycott CFN along with some of their friends and cronies.     It’s hard to build a business; but it’s even harder when you have a small group of people at City Hall seemingly active in attempting to wipe out your business?

But elections come; people run away from the city or are chased out.   Karma generally rules the day so I thought I’d put this out to our amazing viewers as to whether they want a local TV station here in Cornwall; online.

We’re prepared, but to do so would take commitments from the business community, and ultimately from the people of this fair city.

I truly believe in our slogan about Cornwall:

A City With a World of Possibilities.  

CFN’s existence is proof of that!

We are currently have discussions with some key players to hopefully find a way to make this happen by September.  If you’d like to play a role in making Seaway TV become a reality feel free to email us at or call our Hotline at 613 361 1755.

Be the Change starts with you if you’re reading this.   We can make this happen.   Imagine our own local News broadcasts, entertainment, sports, and programs created right here in Cornwall & SD&G?  We have access to the talent.  We just need community support!



  1. Could there be a mix between advertising/ weather / news during the day that stores could help pay for and run the TV for shoppers or guests in resturants. Then in evening and overnight other programming of local events and sports.

  2. Great idea. Let’s do it.
    Be glad to see cornwall and area news and proper weather reports.
    Maybe the city council would like to have thier meetings shown.LOL.
    Have a nice day and every day.

  3. Author

    Hi Eric,

    Like any media you need advertising to support the station. While we don’t expect national ads or big agencies to jump in as they do with the networks; if the community supports this goal it will happen.

    That means some people in the Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Cornwall corridor will have to want it enough to make it be.

    It’s going to be an interesting 60 days. One of the reasons I’m doing this is that recently I was asked to move lock stock and newspaper to Ottawa. As flattering as that offer was, including the $$ I feel a special connection to the people of this city that have helped make CFN the success that it’s been.

    While our success has not been matched financially because of the “old boy” mentality here by many or some businesses afraid to advertise with us; the public response in Cornwall and outside has been immense.

    I love living in Downtown Cornwall with my huge back yard where I can actually see clear skies at night. I like living in a city that you usually can go from one corner to the other in ten minutes and be in major Metropolitan centres in less than 90 minutes.

    I think with the right leadership people won’t recognize this place in ten years. There really is huge potential here and I’m happy to play my tiny piece in that change.

  4. I’m emailing the Pope and requesting your live Beatification. Son.

  5. Author

    I’m not sure that would work Wow! Better you email major businesses in town like Benson’s and get their support 😉

  6. Seaway TV would be a great thing for Cornwall. Just the novelty of watching locally-produced TV programs would bring in 80% of the population. People would receive all the updates on City Council, scandals, antics and cronies, allowing citizens to make informed decisions at the right time. Go for it Jamie! You deserve it!

  7. It would be great to see our local talent showcased as well. We have so much talent in our small city! I would love to see them shine more often.

  8. I agree that Cornwall has incredible potential. I moved from Montreal to Alexandria 6 years or so ago, and I am trying to understand why on earth Cornwall is having such a hard time when it seems to have everything going for it. I fully support a Cornwall TV channel, and would like to help in any way possible. Let me know what I can do!

  9. Are they looking at local ota/cable or unlinking to c-band or ku-band for North and South American distribution? Uplinking to C-band or Ku-band in the open will be a great idea as the rapid growth of the worlds fta community is very interested in a Canadian channel unfortunately most Canadian broadcasters like the CBC encrypt there feeds.

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