Cornwall Ontario Councilor Maurice Dupelle Speaks to The Cornwall Free News

CFN – Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Maurice Dupelle sat down for an interview with CFN earlier in June.

We covered a lot of ground with the rookie councilor.

It’s interesting to watch Councilor Dupelle’s baptism by fire as he experiences the issues that council has created, and in light of another secret meeting Monday June 18, 2012 as we covered here.

It should be interesting to see how things evolve after June….

The biggest issue facing a councilor like Mr. Dupelle is getting tarred and feathered by the public for what’s occurred in Secret and in camera council meetings.

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  1. I thought Mr. Dupelle did a wonderful job in this interview. He shows the human side of the Cornwall council and tries his best to communicate to the public. There were still a few questions which he couldn’t answer but you can see his concern about the poor optics of all the closed sessions that the council has been holding.

  2. Theres only a couple of humans on the Cornwall City Council, the rest are all cronies

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