Tourism in Motion in Cornwall, Ontario and the Counties by Don Smith

Checking out TIM (Tourism in Motion)
Checking out TIM (Tourism in Motion)

CFN – Members of the press were invited to Cornwall Square for today’s official unveiling of Cornwall & the Seaway Valley’s newest means of promoting the region, known as TIM, which is shorthand for Tourism in Motion.  The brain child of the agency’s executive director, Linda Wilson, the vehicle is both a cost cutting measure and a means of marketing our region.  The board of directors accepted Wilson’s proposal to lease the vehicle rather than paying mileage for staff vehicles used on agency business, such as for the delivery of pamphlets to kiosks throughout the region.  While the vehicle is on such official business, it is visually drawing attention to some key features of the region such as the magnificent waterfront, Upper Canada Village, Prehistoric World, Lift-off and the Glengarry Highland Games.

Right after the unveiling, the board met to discuss plans for additional marketing opportunies involving TIM, such as having TIM onsite for various events and contests for those reporting having spotted TIM at official functions.  You can expect to find TIM throughout the United Counties until September of 2013 at which time a decision will have been made concernng the possibility of leasing a replacement vehicle (TIM II ?)

Close up of TIM (Tourism in Motion)
Cornwall Tourism’s spiffy new vehicle

In this video clip, board President Leslie O’Gorman led the cheer as other members of the board and agency staff removed the colourful veil from TIM.  Other members of the board include Jim Heritage, Paul Dupuis, Brian Mulligan, Cornwall Councillor Syd Gardiner, Gary Ivens, South Glengarry’s Anne Leduc, South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis and Jancis Sommerville of the St. Lawrence Parks Commission.  Wilson is assisted in addressing the agency’s mandate by Marketing & Creative Development Officer Angela Preston and Executive Assistant Shawna Miller.

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  1. Vehicle, building and wall wraps, as on the car have come a long way. Very nice way to promote. Are buses next?

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