Letter to the Editor – James Borer: The Jim Brownell & Liberal Government Impact on our Hospital

Our community, Cornwall and the Greater SD&G area, is changing.  This is obvious when you drive around the area and see all of the new construction taking place consisting of homes, businesses, farms and even our community hospital.  The renovations / additions to our hospitals that we see taking shape today are thanks in large part to our recently retired MPP Jim Brownell.


One of the first goals that Jim set when he took office was to improve health care in our riding.  It was that goal that lead to the province heavily investing in the capital projects that has drastically improved the conditions in Cornwall and the Greater SD&G area.  Since amalgamation of the two Cornwall hospitals in 2004 the operating budget for the Cornwall Community Hospital increased from $53 million to this past year’s $71 million.  It is the combination of the capitol projects, the considerable increase in operating budget and the new Ministry of Health Funding model that sets our hospitals up for continued success in the future.

With changing the funding model to the Health Based Allocation Model, which was asked for by the Ontario Hospital Association our area is set up for success.  This type of model has been used and proven in Sweden since 1992.  In a system that rewards based on patient outcome it makes sense that a new and renewed facility with state of the art equipment will be able to provide positive outcomes for patients.  This new model is demographic driven which means funding that matches the people’s needs in our community.

In our community we have been well supported by the Provincial Liberal Government and the Ministry of Health through the major capital projects and considerable increase to the Cornwall Community Hospital operating budget.  These positive changes have set the conditions for success within the new Health Based Allocation Model.  We can be proud of these recent achievements and continue to work to strengthen our community’s health care as we move forward together.

James Borer
Lunenburg ON.

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  1. Speaking from an obvious bias, I totally agree with you. Every time I’m back home in Cornwall I swing by the McConnell site and check out the construction. It’s amazing what’s happening there, and across the riding. These developments aren’t just making life easier for local folk – it’s turning SDG into a magnet for opportunity.

    It’s been a tough few years for the region, but I truly believe we’re turning a corner. The trick is to keep the momentum going by showing the world why they want to live, invest and play in Eastern Ontario. Jim Brownell was an amazing advocate for our corner of the province; he literally put SDG on the map for many of his fellow MPPs. There wasn’t a Minister who couldn’t tell you how to get to St. Andrew’s or Upper Canada Village.

    Perhaps we can have that kind of leadership again…

  2. Does one MPP or MP for that matter, have much influence anymore?

  3. I wish that he had also concentrated some interest in senior citizens, Cornwall has the highest population of seniors per population.Children have been leaving in droves for job opportunities in places like Kingston,Toronto ,London & even out west.Cornwall’s population remains unchanged.Our smelly city image changed to smuggling capitol then project truth where only lawyers succeeded in getting rich.Now sadly with our francophone battle others will be leaving also.Such a shame & our present elected old fogies need to get the boot & let younger blood change Cornwall’s direction around,If you always do what you have always done you cannot expect a different outcome.

  4. The hospital has at the moment 100% bilingual hiring policy for 20% of the population .

    Under the federal government these policies would be deemed illegal as they do not follow:

    #1treasury board -chapter 3-1-read unacceptable measures

    -establishing or implementing quotas(numerical goals or targets )that prescribe the number of Anglophones or Francophone or both that shall be appointed to a given number of positions over a fixed period of time.

    -Identifying language requirements of positions arbitrarily to favour the recruitment of members of only one official language group.

    -Using imperative staffing to achieve equitable participation objectives

    #2-official languages for human resources management

    Equitable participation of both official language communities Comment
    -the method used to select employees is based on language

    -English and french-speaking Canadians have equal equal opportunities for employment and
    advancement while respecting the merit principle
    -Their workforce tends to reflect the presence in Canada of the two official language communities.

    So the Cornwall Community hospital has not followed these rules set forth by federal government.

    This being said Ontario is yet to be deemed an officially bilingual province -Therefore hospital should follow federal Gov policy .

    The Liberals where the ones that implemented french services language act and have yet to follow up on the discrimination that occurs in OUR community hospital .

    Can one imagine when the LIBERALS push for official bilingualism -as Mr.McGuinty said “he will be proud to be the leader of the next official bilingual province”

    Sir I ask you all this for 4% of the population at the cost of 623 million every year!

  5. ALL of this article is about really is the LIBERALS congratulating each other -James was Jim’s assistant –
    This is in effect like a peacock showing proudly their colors -except its the LIeBERAL’s showing theirs -as well as patting their own backs.

    The process of the hospital expanding had started years before Mr.Brownell -in fact over approx 15 years or more

    But if the LIeBERALS want to take credit ….show their tail colors …pat themselves on the back ….well it really shows the impotence of their party!

  6. Mariah, you wrote:

    “Such a shame & our present elected old fogies need to get the boot & let younger blood change Cornwall’s direction around…”

    I can remember over a decade ago my friend Korey Kennedy trying to change things as a Councillor with this city. Does anyone remember how he repeatedly hit walls in attempting to change things around for the better? I remember the old guard was so frightened at one point that they actually had two uniformed police officers of the city escort him out of a meeting.

    I mean, really?! These increasingly embarassing situations this city faces on an almost daily basis is telling, indeed. I made a comment that this place is like, Hazard County from the popular 80’s televison series, “The Dukes of Hazard.” If I were still living in the city, I would invest a few hundred dollars in a camcorder and just walk around the city, filming what would easily be the best reality t.v series going!

    From Beavergate to Montfort (aka CCH) to secret city council meetings to town hall meetings where citizens cannot voice their concerns, this town is an ongoing soap opera that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    If you thought that the Da Vinci Code was a cornucopia of action, tourism officials should just bus in outsiders on a daily basis to this old wild west town of Cornwall, Ontario. That would really bring in tourism! I’m still fuming as I was not able to get one of those t-shirts way back when that read, “I survived Dodge City!” Should we bring those back?

  7. James…..thank-you for the nice letter to the editor, we need more people like you and Craig to see the hospital and it’s growth for what it truly is. Thumbs way up to both of you for your positive outlook.

    Where is language mentioned in the letter to the editor? Chris you need to get a life. Why is it that everytime a positive article about our hospital hits the news, you and your followers need to bring language into the article and put forth your negative views? Can’t you give credit where credit is due and leave language out of the equation? What does language have to do with the hospital’s growth? As a citizen don’t you care about healthcare and it’s progression in our city? It is inconceivable and appalling to say the least. Let me assure you that the majority don’t share your views as far as the hospital and health care in our city in concerned.

  8. I have never worked for Jim Brownell.
    I do have a lot of respect for the man and what he achieved for our riding and the rest of Ontario.

  9. They are not getting the best of care when those that care are selected by minority ,not to imply that francophone are less skilled.

    This issue is that the hospital now chooses from the 20 % of the 100% of the choices for those professional skills .

    Now as a Business would it be in the interest of its managers to choose only from 20% of the people applying?Are they getting the best employee?

    As a business would it make sense to pay more for those 20%
    because YOUR taxes goes to inflate this cost?



  10. If a hospital administrator really cared about the community they served they would have a high standard of excellence in hiring policies.
    Since the introduction of the FLSA at CCH & many other hospitals, the level of excellence has all but disappeared.Now people are hired only because of ONE requirement- LANGUAGE!!!!!
    Please read LTE from a gentleman from New Brunswick, another
    perfect example of discrimination happening in our country.
    He’s good enough to fight & die for his country,but not he’s not good enough to work in his OWN country.

    Language discrimination at Oromocto Public Hospital

    Letters to the Editor:

    My name is John Lowther and I am a retired military medical radiation technologist with more than 29 years experience in the X-ray field.

    I have been deployed to Afghanistan, Bosnia and was recently in Haiti after the earthquake devastated their country.

    Serving as chief technologist on all these deployments, I’ve worked on NATO and coalition forces as well as with civilians.

    Retiring in 2005 and relocating to Oromocto, I began working at Oromocto Public Hospital as an X-ray technologist, first as a casual and now as a permanent part-time employee.

    Recently we had a full-time position become available but apparently I am not qualified enough to work at OPH as I do not speak French.

    In the 6.5 years of working here, I have never had any problems being able to communicate with my patients.

    A recent competition for this job went out to the technologists within the Horizon Health zone three area. There were four techs who applied for this position.

    A tech with 20 plus years, one with 17 plus years, myself with 29 plus years and a tech with six plus years.

    The tech with six plus years was awarded the position as she was French. She later turned down the position.

    It is apparent that experience is not a priority. The position then should have gone to the tech with 20 plus years as she has the most seniority within the network.

    But to slap us in the face a second time, Horizon Health decided to run another competition but this time, extend it to the rest of the province.

    Apparently they had only had one applicant who happens to be French.

    The closing date for this competition was the April 27. This tech, who was a student, did not write her final exam until the May 15 and is still awaiting results.

    It seems Horizon Health has reserved this position for her and she will be starting a full-time position on the June 18.

    I think it’s time that the language commission takes a hike as it only serves one language.

    John Lowther

    Oromocto, N.B.

    2012 06 14

    People need to open their eyes & realize how oppressed our society truly is.
    Time for a national referendum!!!!

  11. Yep, not sure of the purpose of this other than for the Liberals to blow their own horn!
    A while back I did have some respect for Mr. Brownell until witnessing his lack of respect of ANGLOPHONES and “BILINGUAL” residents of SD&G. What a hypocrit?!?! Who gives a complete speech in English and then ends with “Merci”. Who the heck is he trying to kid. Was that for the 4% of Ontario?!?!?!
    SbyS….language has EVERYTHING to do with the hospital’s growth. That is why CCH sold out the community to the FLSA for $$$$$$. Just for signage eh Periard HA!!!!!!!!!!!

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