Ottawa Attorney James Harbic Attacks Cornwall & Eastern Ontario

CFN – Ottawa legal beagle James Harbic was in Cornwall Ontario today where he seemed incensed at the way we do things here in Cornwall,  and Eastern Ontario.

The attorney, working on a case here in the City With a World of Possibilities;  gave these comments today outside of the courthouse.


Speaking with a few local Attorney’s they were quite shocked and suggested that the quality of judicial care in Ontario courts is even across the Province.

Milena Cardinal


  1. Lawyers use words for a living, can these not be calculated towards his cause? Anyway, aw shucks, gotta go mess the hogs.

  2. This is certainly nothing new.He,s not the first lawyer or will he be the last lawyer from out of town that experinces Cornwalls way of justice.Can,t wait untill he gets down to the bottom of this sherade.

  3. Anybody from outside of Cornwall knows fully well about Cornwall’s corruption and it is about time that this lawyer from here in Ottawa looks into whatever case he is on. Corruption of all kinds has been going on in Cornwall for too many years. In order to have any justice done you have to seek an attorney elsewhere because there isn’t any in Cornwall’s lawyers at all. I remember so well when a neighbor told us that when we lived in Cornwall and we never forgot that among so many other things that he revealed. I think that it is about time that something was done to expose the problems even more.

  4. Corrupt just look how a local lawyer turned judge in the last month who has a restraining order against her for attacking her ex which is on police records… How does she become a judge? Corrupt

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