Sarah Freemark and CTV Visit Truffles Burger Bar in Cornwall Ontario – June 27, 2012

Co-Owner Dominique Gilgen with Sarah Freemark on Camera!

CFN – CTV’s powerfully perky Sarah Freemark hit Cornwall Tuesday to check out the action at Truffles Burger Bar!     Truffles recently opened after a lengthy rebuild in their new joint at 155 Pitt Street in Downtown Cornwall Ontario!

I talked with Chef and co-owner Ahmad Mansori as he prepped Sarah’s burger.

City residents have been flocking since the restaurant reopened last week and it’s got local social media and appetites buzzing!

Sarah and her Camera man were so impressed they took boxes to go as well as their nibbles in the restaurant.  To discover the world of burger offerings and beverages at Truffles Burger bar you can visit them at 155 Pitt Street or on Facebook!



  1. Omg! Just visited Truffles Buger Bar. It’s totally awesome. Cornwall has not seen this kind of restaurant. It is absolutely beautiful in decor. Much thought and planning has gone into the total experience of eating here. It is a delicacy for the eyes as well as the stomach. If you thought the other location was beautiful, wait till you experience this new location! I know you will be pleased. Congratulations! Thank you for reopening here, as Tony the Tiger would say: “You guys are grrrreat!”

  2. PS, the prices are absolutely reasonable. Check out the wine list.

  3. Do they offer any gluten free foods?

  4. Sarah Freemark was in town and no one told me? Dang.

  5. I had my first Truffles experience today, not only is the food great, the staff were friendly, and the atmosphere is remarkable. A big city restaurant right here in Cornwall. I will be back ., Oh btw, the beer was ice cold.

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