$1.4 Million Dollar Man – Cornwall Ontario CAO Paul Fitzpatrick to Retire – BREAKING

CFN –  Embattled CAO of Cornwall Ontario, Mr. Paul Fitzpatrick has decided to head out to pasture after 35 years in the City’s employ.

Sources at City Hall say that a series of envelopes delivered to City Hall motivated and inspired him that maybe it was time to go.

I spoke with Mayor Bob Kilger who stated:

I have mixed emotions.  We worked a long time together and I was hoping to work more together, but everyone has a right to decide their own future.   I wish him well.

The city issued the following release:

Mayor Bob Kilger announced today that Paul Fitzpatrick, long-standing Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the Corporation of the City of Cornwall, will be retiring.

Mr. Fitzpatrick has served with the City of Cornwall for 28 years and as CAO since 2006. He has a total of 35 years of service in the government sector.  His retirement is effective January 31, 2013 and in the weeks ahead he will be helping the City with transition.

Mr. Fitzpatrick formerly led the City’s Economic Development Department for 15 years and also oversaw the City’s Parks & Recreation Department for 5 years prior to accepting the position of CAO. During his tenure with the City, he was integrally involved in a number of major projects that have shaped the City’s future, including the sale of Cornwall Electric and the creation of the Progress Fund; the construction of the Benson Centre; the expansion of the Cornwall Business Park that has led to the presence of SCM, Shoppers Drug Mart and most recently Target; and the ongoing expansion of the waste water treatment facility.

“I have been fortunate to work with a great team who have shared a common vision of making Cornwall a better place to live.  Together we have achieved a lot and I think there are even more exciting times ahead,” said Paul Fitzpatrick.  

“On behalf of Council and the citizens of Cornwall, I want to thank him for his long and fruitful tenure of service,” said Mayor Kilger.

Mr. Fitzpatrick’s community involvement has not been restricted to City Hall. Over the years he has served on a number of community committees.   He currently serves as Chair of the Board of Governors of St. Lawrence College; is a member of the Board of Directors of the St. Joseph Continuing Care Centre and serves as the Chair of the Comprehensive Planning, Finance and Personnel Relations Committee with the SJCCC. 

In 2001, Mr. Fitzpatrick was named ‘Economic Developer of the Year’ by the Ontario East Economic Development Commission.  Prior to joining the City of Cornwall, Mr. Fitzpatrick worked as a Special Assistant to a Federal Cabinet Minister in Ottawa.

No official word on his replacement, but inside sources at City Hall suggest that the front runners to replace him are Planning and Parks & Recreation manager Stephen Alexander who sat in for Mr. Fitzpatrick during his “leave” and City CFO Maureen Adams.

What do you think Cornwallites?  You can post your comments below.


  1. One must admit that he did a good job and deserves credit for what he did. He worked diligently to shape the city’s future and played a major role in it’s growth. Credit must be given where credit is due.

  2. Definately good news perhaps a first step in a major much needed clean up at City Hall. Suggest time frame to long for his departure.

  3. YIPPEE! One more down and how many more to go. This man like so many take advantage of the citizens and their ego feels too big and they give the finger at the people. They expect people to pay for everything for them. This made my day for sure. Good news. Many more yet to go before we sleep.

  4. Wonders never cease,do they.
    I have to give this man credit (kudoo’s) for being on so many tasks at one time. With all that work involving all these task per day,it’s a wonder that his primary task – CAO of CORNWALL is not hindered nor his health being hindered.
    I wish him well and in his retirement age be long and well.
    It”s time to pass the “BUCK” of ALL your TASKS on to younger “brains”.
    Have a nice CANADA DAY, folks.

  5. Perhaps now Cornwall’s potential can be realized with a new CAO. Fresh blood in management and hopefully fresh blood on council will go a long way to kick start Cornwall’s economy.

  6. ^Fitzpatrick. Oops.

  7. After all the controversy surrounding this man, hopefully he won’t get a golden handshake that will cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

  8. Someone gives 35 years of service to their community and the people of Cornwall … the most obvious thing to do is say “THANK YOU”.

    Our local worlds have become such a sad, petty places! Why do so many people have to vilify those who provided leadership and service?

    Perhaps the absolutely poor choice of a sensational head line (not the first nor the last) is a part of these systemic perversions that have enveloped our society.

    Shame on the Editor of the Cornwall Free Times for fomenting this angst. Your leadership as Editor should have been a simple thank you.

  9. Author

    MacBerry; perhaps it’s because as a Taxpayer my opinion is that this council should have dismissed our CAO for his many indiscretions that they have not only supported; but been accessory too?

    People are not all bad or all good; but our CAO has in many people’s minds is not worthy of true praise?

  10. I won’t prolong the discussion beyond this reply. Your chosen angst should have been saved for a separate piece. Having the ability to engage with the community, as a journalist is a powerful position that requires careful thought and use of words.

    No one would disagree with the need to provide and seek information that keeps the community informed. The question I still ask: Is it your responsibility as a newspaper/editor to take only the side of the issue where in “many people’s minds is not worthy of true praise”?

    While you may not admit poor judgement in the choice of this headline, information which is never addressed in this article, I urge you in the future to be the voice of everyone in the community. Moderation and words well chosen are your responsibility at ALL times.

    WH (corrections only) please omit first copy

  11. Author

    Hi WH,

    I appreciate and agree with many of the sentiments that you’ve shared with our viewers. Thank you for taking time from your life to share them. But there are many ways to manifest responsibility.

    Lawyers in many instances for example “prevent” the truth from being shared.

    It is far more difficult to print the truth than you’d think in many instances, especially in the media. In this case we’ve only been able to print the tip of Mr. Fitzpatrick’s exploits.

    I have no problem with anyone wishing to post plaudits to this gentleman’s career; that’s part of our Vision and Mission statement to allow the public a platform.

    Your humble editor…

  12. @MacBerry: I fail to see any angst in what was reported here. It’s not an opinion piece. It’s not even a news story, really. It’s a posting of public relations document authored by the City – framed by a headline (CAO is retiring) and a question: What do you guys think?

    As far as an editor’s “responsibility” goes, it’s simply to report (unless it’s editorial). In other words, what’s new, what’s true, and what does it mean to you? All those bases are covered.

    But I think it’s a great opportunity to find out whether the psyche tests – prejudicially given to only certain City employees – will continue after the CAO retires.

  13. @MacBerry: what or where are you from? and pardon me. I am a tax payer and fed up with seeing this waist of my hard earned money go to ignorant greed and a total disrespect to the good people of Cornwall, just who does this guy and others at the city think they are? I am a part time city worker and let me tell you I am embarassed to tell friends where I work and like many other city workers, very fed up.

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