Another Casualty at City Hall in Cornwall Ontario – Clerk Denise Labelle Gelinas Announces Her Retirement

CFN – Another embroiled Cornwall Ontario City Official has announced their retirement.   Clerk Denise Labelle Gelinas was under extreme media scrutiny again recently as another secret City Council meeting had taken place.

CAO Paul Fitzpatrick issued the following:

Paul Fitzpatrick announced today that Cornwall City Clerk Denise Labelle–Gelinas will be retiring. Her last day of work will be September 30, 2012. 

Ms. Labelle–Gelinas has served with the City of Cornwall for over 36 years, ever since she joined the Corporation as a Junior Tax Collector, in 1976. She was appointed Deputy Clerk in 1991, and named City Clerk in 2001. 

“It has been my privilege to serve several different Councils, and to execute the duties of the Clerk’s office on behalf of the citizens of Cornwall,” said Ms. Labelle–Gelinas. “Cornwall is a great place to live and work, and I am looking forward to enjoying quality time with my family.” 

As City Clerk, Ms. Labelle–Gelinas was responsible for the administration of the legislative function of councils, such as the hundreds of By–Laws that are passed each year by Council. She has also served as the Municipal Returning Officer for the past 3 municipal elections. 

“On behalf of Council, I want to thank Denise for her dedication and her efforts that span 4 decades serving the citizens of Cornwall,” said Mayor Bob Kilger. “Her accomplishments and expertise are recognized not only around the Council table, but throughout Ontario, and Canada, through her affiliation with FCM.” 

Ms. Labelle–Gelinas serves as Parliamentarian on the Board of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) as well as a teaching role with the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks, and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO). She recently completed 7 years of community volunteer service on the Board of the Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation. 

About the City Clerk Position 
Municipalities in Ontario are required to have a Clerk. The office of the clerk acts as a central clearing house for municipal information. The clerk prepares the agenda for council meetings and the minutes that report the results of such meetings. The clerk’s office also carries out a number of duties directed by the Ontario government, such as registering births and deaths  and issuing marriage licenses. Next to the head of council, the clerk is usually the main point of contact concerning municipal matters. Its central role with respect to council meetings makes 
the clerk’s office the key source for information on past municipal activities and it has often been referred to as “the memory of the municipality.” 

Ms Gelinas was also under fire for her role in the last municipal election with complaints emanating from Mayoralty candidate Mark A MacDonald.

She also lied stating that the above photos had somehow been doctored or that somehow someone got into her facebook and snuck it on there to remain for nearly a year!

When asked by this journalist after the last secret meeting she stated that she had in fact sent out notification but that not everyone got it.   When asked for what she had sent out to verify the date stamp of the notification this was the clerk’s reply:

I would if I could…my e-mail quota had exceeded its capabilities and I couldn’t save anything going out.   
Clearly, I now know, after receiving numerous calls and e-mails this morning on this matter, that the media did not get my notice. 
An apology will not make this better, but I would hope that my e-mail clarifies somewhat what happened! 
No excuse , sorry Jamie. 

Denise Labelle-Gélinas, R.P., C.M.O.                                                                        
City Clerk / Greffière municipale   
Kinda like the ol’ My Dog Ate my Homework answer.   There are rumblings at City Hall the Ms Labelle still wants to lead the next election, but hopefully saner heads will prevail and madame clerk’s retirement will not be “disturbed” in 2014.
What do you think Cornwallites?  Is Mr. Fitzpatrick and Ms Gelinas retirement notices graceful exits instead of calling them onto the carpet by City Council?
Bob “Vienna Sausage” Peters
Who is next?  Bob Peters?  Mayor Kilger himself?  Is Cornwall Ontario cleaning house?
Personally I’ll miss the clerk.  She was a snazzy dresser and knew her shoes!    No word yet if Manon Poirier will ascend to fill Ms Gelinas seat at council.
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  1. Nope, don’t know anyone there,but anyone been there more than 5 years, deserves to be changed of duties, not that I feel great about anyone being there on council or being voted in or being in the “old boys club (male or female)” for more than 5 years, should stay,” say good bye”.
    Good luck to Ms.Gelinas and stay out of politics, it’s bad for the health at that youthful age.
    Perhaps ,the pers at cornwall city hall are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
    To those who are at an age to see retirement, now is the time, go for it. You will be sorry if you did’nt. The city hall needs new blood badly.
    Have anice day.

  2. OK Jamie, I’ll bite (pun) what is this “vienna sausage” reference ? Inquiring minds gotta know ?

  3. “Dis” graceful exits by both. What a load of XXXX coming out of these mouths! I wonder if they all got together to sing kumbaya and have a circle-jerk together last weekend. It is Shakespearian in it’s tragic comedy. Last week “Pigfailagain”. This week “Taming of the Shrew.”

  4. This was another piece of good news to hear. Clearing house or should I say “cleaning house” instead. There are so many people to get rid of and bring in good and honest people instead. We are all sick of the abuse, lies and all the corruption going on for far too long. Kilger has to go along with a slew of others. Thank God for small favors.

  5. My O MY 2 on the way out, it’s unfortunate that Fitz wouldn’t leave the same time as Denise end of sept/12. There can be no question a much needed clean up is happening. I feel she got mixed up in an attempt to cover up for others. Who & How Many others will follow?

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