Corus Sends Legal Documents to Stephens Media over 101.5 The FOX use of the name Fox

CFN – What’s in a word?  If you’re manager Mike Guimond of Stephens Broadcasting 101.5 FM the Fox it could be a lot.  The US station in Massena NY was sent a satchel of documents from entertainment giant Corus over their use of the FOX in their logo.

The US station has been battling the local Corus radio outlets in Cornwall Ontario for clients and listeners.  With Corus Radio numbers declining and long time staff leaving the mother corp may be trying to flex its muscles after local media outlets have lashed back at their predatory radio practices including muscling other media outlets from local events.

The documents shown to this scribbler clearly show that Corus has issue with the radio station’s use of the word Fox as some of its radio properties go by that name as well.

Of course how could Corus Entertainment own the name “Fox”?  Surely Rupert Murdoch might have something to say about that as he owns the movie studio and entertainment conglomerate of that same name?

It should be interesting to see how this legal wrangle tangles and if Stephens has to change its name?



  1. This kind of reminds me when the French Language Police tried to lay claim to the “?” question mark in an ongoing dispute in Aylmer at the time.

  2. No doubt sour grapes. Who in their right mind would listen to Corus when we have 101.5 The Fox? No if only they’d get rid of the “Bob and Tom Show” every morning, and have actual music…

  3. Sorry, typo. “Now, if only they’d get rid of…”

  4. Bob and Tom is awesome, I bet they attract more attention then the name “Fox”.

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