City Hall RIVETING as Cornwall Ontario Councilor Unloads on Secret Meeting Negotiations for CAO Fitzpatrick Retirement

CFN – One thing I’ve learned living in Cornwall Ontario is to not push someone passed the line and that seems to have happened to long time City Councilor Andre Rivette who in an explosive video interview today in the offices of The Journal exposed the lack of transparency at City Hall and how it appears that heavy handed and uncaring management have led to distrust of the public and cost taxpayers literally millions of unneeded tax dollars wasted.

Andre is in a unique position in that he’s already stated that this is his last term and that he won’t be running again.


Something he suggests is why some of the younger councilors are not voicing out about some of what has gone on behind closed doors at City Hall.

In this video below Councilor Rivette talks about how council discussed the CAO’s retirement and that the Mayor’s office let loose the press release before coming back to council.

The straw that broke this councilor’s back seems to stem from the secret meeting we covered HERE.

Video of last secret meeting.

Your email has been received and will be consulting legal counsel.

That was the reply Mr. Rivette received from City Clerk Denise Labelle Gelinas after he asked for a special meeting about the subject of Mr. Fitzpatrick’s retirement prior to a press release.  The opposite happened.   Mayor Kilger released news of Mr. Fitzpatrick’s retirement allegedly before going back to council.  Something that Mr. Rivette states several other councilors were also upset about although as of press time have not stepped forward.

In our next video discusses being accused by Mayor Bob Kilger of being “too honest with the public” something the mayor categorically stated via telephone today that he never said.

Transparency at City Hall is not a priority.

The good councilor said he will be standing tall at Monday night’s council meeting and calling for a recorded vote about these shenanigans.    As Andre said; “the buck stops at the top” and in this case the top is Mayor Kilger.

The taxpayer deserves a response..It’s time to stop these smoke bombs!

Councilor Rivette also stated that it’s time for the public to do their thing.   He suggested that if there was a petition with 5,000 signatures the province, possibly via our MPP would be forced to investigate the secret meetings and dealings that have occured that were so bizarre that one councilor has already quit in disgust and Councilor Rivette’s health has been put in jeopardy after being gang banged by the Mayor, CAO and council after granting us an interview earlier this year where he stated that the CAO had cost taxpayers over $1.4 million dollars.

In light of the retirement of the CAO a valid question has been asked why his terms were not released to the media after he made a point of having former HR Manager Robert Menagh’s terms of leaving fed to the media and public.    Some have suggested that a back deal has been made that will see Mr. Fitzpatrick sail off on Administrative leave after July thus having taxpayers essentially grant a six month paid leave as reward for costing the city over a million dollars in settlement fees and labour costs.

People have to be very vocal about making their municipal politicians responsible.

When I spoke with Mr. Fitzpatrick  at 4:45 today he said he had nothing to say to me and that he would not speak to CFN.  He said that I would have to speak with the Mayor for any issues including my asking him to respond to this story.   Can you imagine?  $186K per year plus and refusing to speak politely and professionally with the media?

What do you think Cornwallites?   Should the CAO, Mayor, and those on Council supporting this Gong Show be held accountable?

Should councilors Thibault, Carr, Clement, MacDonald, Gardiner and possibly new comer Gerry Samson be held responsible by voters for sitting in silence or worse propping up the mayhem and dishonesty at City Hall?   Should councilors Grant, Dupelle, and Murphy be given free passes too as until this story they for the most part have remained in silent opposition?

Do you care enough to show up Monday July 9th at 7 PM and show your support for Councilor Rivette and accountability to return to City Hall?  Should people like the CAO be allowed to get pensions of nearly $115,000 per year after costing the city millions in a city where most of the residents, actual tax payers as opposed to Mr. Fitzpatrick who doesn’t even live in Cornwall, earn less than $30K per year??

Or the City Clerk retire to her pension with the proviso that she still wants to be the Quarterback of the next Municipal election after either being incompetent and not notifying the public of nearly a dozen secret meetings or even worse, purposefully not doing so because there simply is no teeth to the Municipal act?

You can post your comments below.

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  1. I was not going to make anymore comments about our disneyland characters in the city hall arena.
    The one character who has a pot full of you know what, should be made to make restitution to the city coffers for his bad misuse of power.
    As I said before,this is only the beginning and the ship is sinking fast. Hold onto your hats, folks, there’s more surprises to come.
    As soon as the “old boys club” has cleared out or tossed out,
    will the City of Cornwall, Ontario, start to shine.
    Have a nice day folks.

  2. Wait Cornwall, wait! you think Menagh’s settlement was rich? well wait till you hear what Fitzy’s getting, XXXX will hit the fan when that comes out. On sort of the same note, wait until you hear what it’s going to costs the city for what’s yet to come. Why don’t you let the cat out Kilger?

  3. We should ask the RCMP to investigate all of these allegations and secret meetings to see if the law has been broken in any way. Why can’t we, the taxpayers, have this bunch of clowns removed from office as we most certainly have lost confidence in them!

  4. It’s very disquieting to think councillors are afraid or uncertain to rightfully question “secrets” and protocols gone awry. But when people are afraid, it often means there are bullies about.

    Mr. Respectable Rivette shows strength in carrying the burden of being open and honest, and he deserves the support he requests.

    Couldn’t there be an online petition?

  5. Author

    There could 🙂 We’re looking for a sponsor for it now….

  6. Are the people exposed here just the tip of the iceberg?

    Does Fitzpatrick or Kilger have the independent power or ability to create all these concerns? It must run deeper.

    I agree it is about time some of this comes to light, and cheers to those telling the story!! But what happens behind the closed doors, the fabled doors, no one knows about?

    Once all these public figures have retired, what or who do we get next? It is important to remember the idiom “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”. Bob burned his bridges while in federal politics and lost all support of the Liberal party. Did he do the same here with whatever local political secret societies we have?

    Cornwall has had an old boys club for many years. Before Bob, Ed , Joe and many of the more current figures. Why now all of a sudden does it all come to light?

    Keep up the good work Andre!

  7. By all means, “keep up the good work Andre”, but what concerns me, is the rest of Council ? Where are they ? They all ran on the “transparency BS”, so much for that . The next election is fast approaching “thank God” and our new rookie Concillors, will be added with the rest of the dead wood, in the big flush ! Wake up Murphy, Dupelle & Samson, the ship, “she’s a sinken” you were elected for change, then bloody well stand up ! The entire Council table, administration included, could all have new faces sitting around it.
    Andre, please continue the good fight, the citizens support you, but listen to your body, your health is more important !

  8. I very much like and respect Councellor Rivette and he is the only one that I have any regard for. Mr. Rivette tells you the truth folks and I can’t tell you enough about what I see and know. You are all very lucky to have such a man to speak for you. I sure do know that Fritzy is going to have a very good pension. I know of so many executives here in Ottawa who started out at a CR 1 (a clerk at the lowest level that no longer exists) and none have had the posting of Fritzy here in Ottawa and they all have more education than Fritzy but it is because of who Fritzy’s father was that got him there. These executives that I know have been working in the government longer than Fritzy and others at the same time. The same exists with all jobs in Cornwall and most of us had no other choice but to leave. Cornwall hasn’t changed in that regard and in order to make the better changes in the municipality office and how hiring is supposed to be done in order to attract the better you have to get better councellors and executives. André is the only one I respect and I know who André is from my childhood and know that he comes from very hard working family and a very good God fearing family as well. He is the best that you all have. All the very best André.

  9. For a long time I didn’t believe everything that has been written, now, my eyes are opening since listening to Mr.Rivette.
    Each and every councilor is breaching the public trust with their silence and secret meetings. When municipal affairs calls the city clerk, instead of investigating the complaints, that tells us they are all in it together. Mr. Rivette states several other councilors were also upset about, although as of press time none have not stepped forward.
    Conspiracy theories or theorist, as Claude MacIntosh has called those who are questioning the action’s of council, are born out of lies and withholding information. But, enough said, I don’t want to get blackballed by city officials and their wealthy friends for speaking my mind.

  10. Holy Claude MacIntosh! Next thing you know we may find out that Kilger and the clerk were having a threesome with Fitz when he blew into the snowbank.

  11. i can only hope that Mr Kilger isn’t falling in the same path as former mayor Marion Barry of Washington D.C. ? Are some of these council members crack heads or crack pots , someone should check there teeth ?

  12. Its really ignorant of a Mayor to think he can just sit there and believe he is untouchable. Do you have any conscience at all Mr. Kilger? seriously, how can you sleep at night? The mess the City is in was and still is under your watch and at the end of the day, you are to blame. I am very disappointed in the younger council members Dupelle and Murphy, you have done nothing and do not deserve to be elected next go round. As for everyone else except Mr. Rivette, you are all liars and should also be ashamed of your actions. As for the clerk you should leave now. And last but not least, everyone of you will most certainly go down as Cornwall’s worst, all but Mr. Rivette, you all may want to take note and learn something from him.

  13. Sadstatecornwall,you could not have written a comment any better. Koodoos to you.
    Have a nice day.

  14. Hold onto your hats folks a turn around is in the air at city hall it’s up to us please get off the chair & show up & support Andre Mon. night at City hall. Andre deserves our support.

  15. Wow! : Fitzy in the snow bank, he came and went.

  16. only one way to help our selves in Cornwall. next municipal election get out and vote for crying out loud…. pathetic that less than 50% of eligible voters cast a ballot…last election and those who complain are sometimes the reason we have problems in the council chambers…. not all councillors like the way she goes… the excuse of” no one is worth voting for” results in what we have now … for the candidates who at least show some difference of ideas or attitudes.. vote for as many councillors as you want you don`t need to vote for all 10 positions ony the ones you want and help change if change is what you want…

  17. what Cornwall also needs is a better legal team to review and direct hiring of head honchos… head hunting teams across ontario are used to find candiadates but they need to be balanced with proper legal and contract negotiations…

  18. “Wow” has a good point and it made me laugh so much here because I used to call Cornwall Peyton Place besides Dodge City. When the criminal activity came to life then it became Dodge City. LOL LOL. You never know what goes on behind closed doors especially when these women are working very close to their bosses and trying to keep their jobs by offering certain favors. There are reasons why Fitzy is leaving and he had that job including the one on Parliament Hill because of his old man and he sure looks like him. André would love to tell all of you a lot more but he can’t and I can tell you that he is the most honest one at City Hall’s “Disneyland” as someone quoted “Disneyland” and how true that is. I always quoted those on Parliament Hill as the three stooges playing musical chairs all day long. Look at that witch Oda with her humougous pension and all the perks and her salary as well and she did nothing but run up humoungous expenses on the taxpayers. If we did any of that we would be behind bars. I heard André in the video not wanting to run anymore. Well who wouldn’t after being treated the way he is around that table. He is the very best of the lot and I mean that whole heartedly. The man works hard for all of you and he gets mud slung at him from the public as well as other council members. He is the best that you all have and I know that even sitting here in Ottawa. The rest are all there for what they can get. André knows what hard work is even long long time before he became council member and he loves Cornwall and never left. I truly believe that the public owes this man something for coming forward and telling you as much as he could without getting into too much hot water over it. I wouldn’t trust any of the rest if I was able to pick them up and throw them. None of the others are worth while. Think about it the next time election comes up. I said before to each and every one of you that you will all be paying humougous taxes and that it will get so bad that you may not be able to afford living in your own homes nor be able to pay rent the way things are going. I mentioned about the “tax mahal that you call a Benson Centre which I now call “the Love Canal dump” and now with the humoungous thievery of pensions that are for “Cornwall’s so called royalty scammers”. Think about all that folks.

  19. Oh Rivette…. he’s been stirring the pot a lot lately… I have a gut feeling this guy is going to try running for mayor again… good strategy buddy… 😉

  20. Reminder……..Rivette ran for mayor once…….enough said.

  21. I always had respect for André until I read the freeholder just now. I couldn’t believe that André would pull such a thing. I could see the mayor doing such a trick along with the others whose head is so far in the clouds that they are moving the clouds with their noses so far up but André I am shocked. This man has been the most honest one there. Stella he may not be able to put too many words together and it isn’t his fault because he did not have the chances that others had and you have to give this man great credit for what he does. André has always been straight and up front and I think that I will still stick up for him. I hope that André doesn’t pull this again and I have a lot of respect for him and none for the others. I wouldn’t doubt for one moment that this man is under a terrible stress with the mayor, council and Fritzy and everything else. André hang in there and all jobs are like that. It reminds me so much of some of the government departments here in Ottawa when I worked – a backstabing bunch and only a few places I liked. You get the crap everywhere you work. The good side for you André is that you are at retirement age and your home is paid for. Many here in Ottawa and elsewhere are working beyond retirement age because everything costs an arm and a leg and thensome. People cannot afford to live anymore.

  22. Author

    See Jules. You’ve drawn an opinion without knowing the facts. Andre was not driving the car. There’s more to this story than meets the eye as we have just started to hint at.

  23. The problem is that they all have their snouts in the same trough. Once it’s in, you can’t get it out. It’s really all they know. Free cash, more free cash, and even more free cash. Leave, you still get free cash. What a wonderful life for public servants. A pig knows when to stop, they obviously don’t!

  24. “admin” I have all the respect for André Rivette and you are right about the story isn’t complete and not only that by I am upset about cops “letting the cat out of the bag” to a journalist. What goes on in the police department should stay there. We all know what happened with the sexual abuse thing and those priests, doctors, lawyers, social workers and others had a lot of guilt but the Catholic church is so very powerful that they all got off. I knew about that since I was a child. The whole investigation was a circus. I don’t want this to be a circus about André or anybody and want real facts. André is the best on that council and the most honest there is and I would vote for André if I lived in Cornwall because I know who he is.

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