Introducing Maxville Auto Sales and Car Enthusiast Kevin Cripps

Maxville, Ontario – Kevin Cripps has always loved cars and is one of those guys that can rhyme off models, years and specs about most vehicles that motor by. People who know him have often turned to him for advice when looking to buy since he has a knack for picking the right model and knowing a good deal when he sees one. With his knowledge of the auto industry, and with some prompting by friends and family, Cripps thought it was time to venture into the car business on his own.

Kevin Cripps, owner, Maxville Auto Sales

He began by taking courses last year with OMVIC (Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council) where he learned about customer care and customer rights in the auto industry.  After his sales license was granted, he opened up Maxville Auto Sales, on his property at 3096 County Road 20 between Hwy. 43 and Maxville.

Kevin’s philosophy is to bring pleasure back to buying a car. “I want to provide better service than when I last shopped for cars, which hasn’t always been an easy process.” Kevin looks at the service he provides from the perspective of the buyer.

 I can provide more personalized service because I’m smaller. I personally test drive every car on my lot for about 200 km before it goes for resale, and that’s something the bigger guys don’t do. The best test is that I would only recommend something that I’d feel comfortable buying myself. If I wouldn’t put it in my garage, I’m not going to sell it.

Maxville Auto Sales. 3096 County Road 20 between Hwy 43 and Maxville, Ontario

Because Maxville Auto Sales doesn’t carry a huge inventory they are able to offer the highest level of personalized service. Kevin’s goal is to increase his customer traffic as a result of providing great service and building a reputation for honesty and transparency.

If you are looking for a new set of wheels, talk to Kevin first. He’ll help narrow down your best used vehicle options. If he doesn’t have what you want on his lot, he’ll try to find it for you. Give him a call at 613-662-3311

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  1. This is a story about personal courage. Kevin has initiated himself and committed his energy, enthusiasm and resolve to serve individuals who need private automobile options and solutions. Right now, my family is not seeking another vehicle but I wish to offer Kevin words of encouragement. Stick to your plan, only your effort achieves your goals.

  2. I know where I’m going for my next car. The large used car sellers now “simulate” an auction and want you to take the car and get out. They have no idea what they are selling and don’t care. It’s easy to end up with a lemon. This idea is like a breath of fresh air. Real customer service is so rare these days.

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