Happy 72nd Birthday to my Second Fave Beatle Ringo Starr! July 7, 2012

CFN – Richard Starkey has to be about one of the luckiest drummers the world has ever scene.  Being in the right place at the right time he replaced Pete Best and the rest is history as he took his place as the drummer of the Beatles.

Usually one song per album would be a Ringo song; usually an odd track that let him sing.

After the Beatles he’s had fun making music and touring with his All Star Band!

Ringo turns 72 today and is still rocking!

Ringo’s biggest Beatle Song – Octopus Garden – They had way better drugs in the 60’s 🙂

As one of the last two Beatles he still tours and is still Ringo.  A far different path than if he’d opened those hair cutting salons.

Happy B Day Ringo!

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