Claude McIntosh Does it Again – Will Councilor Rivette Respond to Political Hatchet Job?

CFN– Holy Gilles Latour Claude McIntosh did it again!    The victim of this week’s hatchet job is Cornwall Councilor Andre Rivette.   It looks like Claude and the Mayor must’ve had a few pops again and the sympathetic boyhood friend pulled out the poison pen and let go one.

Now Loyalty is the quality I value most in men, women, and dogs; not necessarily in that order, but there are lines, and then there are longer lines, and then there is pure fantasy.

For example; when I called out Councilor Denis Thibault as a LIAR that is a very strong term to use.   You don’t print it lightly so what I tend to do in those kind of circumstances is post something called evidence.    In this case I used a video clip.

See, you can hear Mr. Thibault say his lie and in the story we originally used this video in I added some documents.  That’s one of the reasons why this liar that is costing the city a lot of money by his support of what’s starting to look like a very corrupt regime doesn’t talk to me or even do his cash earning job at the EOTB by returning info about us getting some program support for Seaway TV.

Liars tend to not have huge moral compasses.

Back to Claude who seems hellbent on ending his long and storied career in litigation because someone is going to nail him for his fairy tales sooner or later.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Councilor Rivette based on what I read this morning in the Free Holder, a newspaper with a long tradition and owned by a fine company that has much better journalistic standards.

In this case, Chief Dan Parkinson took the high road and showed a lot of class.

He ruled against an investigation of any sort. Instead, he smartly set up a meeting between the officer, who has an unblemished record, and the councillor who felt slighted.

The meeting ended with the two shaking hands.

Claude were you present to witness that?  You mention Mr. Rivette’s name in the story, but you do not mention the officers.  Was the officer even in the room with the councilor when this allegedly take place?   Did it even happen?  I’ve met our police chief.  I’d find it extremely odd if this quote above from your piece was verbalized to any media via Chief Parkinson.

In the Menagh Column of a few weeks ago Mr. McIntosh released info of Mr. Menagh’s contract that is not public.  We do not have access to actual contracts.  Where did you get that Claude?   Who fed it to you?

And of course we have Mr. McIntosh calling two members of the public “jerks” over things they never said at a meeting that he nor any Free Holder reporter was present at.

Claude do you work for the Free Holder or for Mayor Kilger?  Was your buy out from the Free Holder not enough?

We in the media have huge responsibilities to make sure what we write is accurate.    There are standards.  Again for example, why mention Councilor Rivette’s name and not the officers?

Could it have to do with a particular investigation going on the tax payers bill that is not public regarding the actions of our CAO Paul Fitzpatrick?  Why not write about the mayor withholding mail from council?

Could this timely piece simply be payback on behalf of Mayor Kilger for Councilor standing up at council Monday and reputing the secret meeting that created a bylaw to most likely grease Mr. Fitzpatrick’s departure; rumored to start in August at taxpayer’s expense?

City Hall likes to play by Cornwall Rulz.   We’re seeing that now as just bare threads of the truth start to trickle out.   The public saw some by the way Mr. Thibault and friends tried to initiate their plan for 2,000 waterfront condos at the expense of Little Leagers and I have a hunch an AWFUL lot more will be coming out in this Cornwall Summer of 2012.

The big question is how much longer will Milton Ellis and new editor Brian Dryden allow Mr. McIntosh to wield his pen on their pages?

You can post your comments below.

Milena Cardinal


  1. this “soap opera” is better then anything on tv…..holymoly…..i sense another breakaway from the defensive zone…..

  2. McIntosh owes the Mayor for getting his kid a job on the Police force. He will always have to kiss someones ass as payback.

  3. It does seem to me to be a Claude McIntosh hatchet job on Andre Jamie. IF the incident happened as McIntosh states & if it ended with both men shaking hands should not that have been the end of it (CASE CLOSED IF THERE EVER WAS A CASE). However there are now questions. Was there a just reason for the traffic stop? It seems McIntosh was quite willing to tell us only one name withholding the police officers name. What I’ve read so far in the S/F STINKS & I don’t believe it. How did McIntosh come upon the story? Was this story fabricated? Was McIntosh’s son who I understand is a police officer the one who fed the story & if not who in the Dept. is responsible ? IS OUR MAYOR IN ANY WAY RESPONSIBLE? I’D LIKE TO HEAR THE WHOLE TRUTH.

  4. Maybe McMealy-mouth should abide by the very words he wrote in his column in today’s F/Holder: …sometimes it is best to keep your mouth closed…

    And for a journalist, this particularly true if one is unwilling to deal in facts.

    Some very good questions asked by CFN and its readers.

  5. I was disgusted when I read Claude McIntosh’ article in the S-F this morning. It is now obvious that he is in Mayor Kilger’s pocket. He obviously has a debt to repay. I hope Rivette sues him and the S-F for attacks on his integrity and character. Too bad Claude can’t remember to make sure his brain is engaged before putting his mouth into gear! Then again, most of the city council are like that!

  6. I can see that councellor Thibault is a real trouble maker for sure. The other man whose surname Grant well he has it made doesn’t he – the name Grant goes far in that town. Cornwall = Dodge City, Peyton Place and Hazard. The same people keep getting elected year after year and that is because they grease each other and plenty of brown nosing going on.

  7. One of the McIntosh’s is on the police force. BLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Now I know where to get weed.

  8. Shame on the Standard Freeholder for printing that garbage…..I will NEVER buy one of their papers again! Shame on McIntosh and Kilger……what a joke of a city and it goes on and on and on and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hang tuff Andre. They are all a bunch of bullying idots!

  9. Maybe it was Claude’s son pulling Andre over paying back a dept to Kilger for his very job….very shameful
    Cornwall just never learns to stop bullying,I hope that Rivette brings a lawsuit against Mac & the cheese

  10. City Hall must be in bed with CCH Administration because they are Master’s of bullying!


    I am ashamed to call Cornwall my hometown….

  11. Wow is cancelling his FH subscription tomorrow. It was always a XXXXXXX a piece of XXXX anyway. Jules has his Grant’s mixed up.

  12. Like I said in previous comments, this only the tip of the iceberg,folks,more HUGE surprises to come.
    Until the public stops hiding behind the bushes, nothing is going to change in CORNWALL (DISNEYLAND) CITY HALL AND IT’S ASSOCIATES.
    It’s time for a complete OVERHAUL,folks.
    Have a nice weekend ( what’s lefted of it).

  13. Nothing will change Cornwall until the people in general change themselves. As long as the citizens of Cornwall stay in their little “cocoon” things will always be the same where the big eat the small. You will never get ahead as long as you have that mentality and keep electing the same people who steal from you and laugh at you and keep you all down. André is the little guy and he has come a long way for what he has been through. I see the others like bullies around him the kind we used to see when we were in school and the types of people we hated. André is under a great deal of stress and I can see that myself all the way here in Ottawa. I respect André and I know that he made a mistake but so does a lot of other people but the others get away with it which isn’t fair at all. Only you can change or else Cornwall will always be very backward and foregotten.

  14. Author

    Jules you do not “know” Andre made a mistake. You read a story that just might not be accurate….

  15. After reading Claude Mc Intosh’s S/F story I’am sorry to say that the respect I once held for this man is gone gone gone as is my respect for the Standard Freeholder for allowing to be printed in their newspaper a half story at best and without clear proof (ONLY SUPPOSEDLY BASED ON RUMORS CIRCULATING AT OUR POLICE STATION) .What a shame that S/F would stoop so low in an attempt to discredit Andre Rivette .The truth needs to come out many questions need to be answered CORN. POLICE CHIEF PARKINSON should now investigate who in his Dept, possibly leaked out the supposed information that S/F published. FAIR IS FAIR AND WE ONLY WANT AND DESERVE THE TRUTH

  16. You know,folks, it’s like a toothache if the dentist drills the big area and leaves a small area undone, the problem is still there.
    What area is next? Firehall, city maintenance,etc.?
    Too bad there are not anymore people like Andre is in city hall. How very unfortunate this city.
    Have a nice day

  17. “admin” I understand that André made a terrible mistake but I can assure you that people in politics get to think that they are above the law. We all see it. I don’t look at just what goes on in little Cornwall but worldwide politicians are corrupted. In the US many were supporting Ron Paul and got a real let down and just like what happened to Ross Perot his life along with his family’s were threatened. We all know what happened to JFK and others. I know a great deal and sure wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. I will say something to the people of Cornwall and elsewhere “be your own leader and get active in your community and don’t rely on just one leader thinking that they are going to solve your problems because it doesn’t work that way.” Another thing is “think for yourself and not go along with what others think or do – be a true leader” both at home and in your community no matter what you do. If someone says something then question everything and don’t let people use you. André is not a bad person at all – I am disappointed on how he reacted and could have been a much better person without trying to show that he is above the law. Jamie you do have a good paper and I want to see fairness the way you run it. André is not a bad person at all and I wanted to say that to everyone. I see the stress in André even from here in Ottawa. I wish that the people of Cornwall would get out and take active roles in the community. Get out there people and make a difference and believe me things would start to change. You are the difference and don’t rely on others to do it for you.

  18. Author

    Jules you are stating something of fact that you can’t ascertain truth to. Andre was not driving the vehicle. More will come out Monday, but really. Stop spreading a lie please.

  19. A little while back, I decided to cancel my subscription and home delivery of the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder.

    I dialed 613.933.3160 and listened patiently to a recorded message. I responded dutifully to the keypad selections I was offered, and then responded to subsequent prompts from a choice of verbal replies.

    The speech recognition was going quite well until I spoke the proffered, “DISCONTINUE DELIVERY”.

    “She” – the automated attendant – didn’t quite get it, and the second time she still wasn’t clear what it was I wanted, and the third time, after stating as clearly and evenly as possible my desire to “DISCONTINUE DELIVERY”, she gaily confessed that she just didn’t understand, and that I would be transferred to an attendant.

    After a short time on hold, the attendant in the circulation department took my call and asked how he might help. I advised him that I wished to discontinue home delivery. He asked my telephone number, then my name, and then confirmed the address.

    I volunteered a suitable “DISCONTINUE DELIVERY” day, at which point he said he would have to transfer me to Customer Relations… there was no one available, and I bounced back to him.

    Since he was in possession of all the pertinent information, I then asked that he simply pass on the message to “DISCONTINUE DELIVERY”.

    He said that he could not and that I would have to speak to Customer Relations and that they would call me. I advised him that I had no intention of being bothered at home or work and that I simply want the message passed on.

    In closing I stated it was not my intention to accept or pay for delivery beyond the “DISCONTINUE DELIVERY” date whether the message was passed or not

    God bless him, but he was steadfast in his refusal to pass the message.

    Now, every week or so, I receive what the S-F euphemistically calls a “Complimentary Issue”. But not once have I found a single flattering, praising, or even offhandedly admiring item written about me… hmph!

  20. Simon, you are a far more patient person than I. I would have phoned the circulation dept and told them to cancel the sub…max about two minutes. If that didn’t work, a quick email to the same dept, and cancel the payments. Let them continue delivering the rag gratis if they wish to. Life is too short to be dealing with BS like that.

  21. “admin” you are right most likely that I do not have the full story. I will say something about this admin and that is who let this story out. I worked for both private and government and I kept what went on the job on the job and not say anything that would have gone on and who it concerned. These cops are supposed to be hushed up about what goes on, who they arrest, who they stop at a light, etc. etc. etc. After two years coming out with this story doesn’t make any sense except to have a “witch hunt” on André. I will say this and that is I hope that André goes after Claude or anyone who has let this story out to hurt his reputation. I will say something else here and that is if I was back in Cornwall and there was an election and André was on the ballot I would vote for him. André has been the most honest person in that “Disneyland council” as someone quoted and that is the truth. I could see the stress in this man and it isn’t hard to see at all. Whoever let this out – the cop that let this out whether to his father, friend or co-worker to get this published in the newspaper should lose his job. I hope that Chief Parkinson looks into this matter PRONTO before anything more gets any worse than it already is.

  22. Another thing is that I liked to read Claude’s old stories about Cornwall but now I lost respect for Claude. I thought that he was a much more professional person than what he showed us what he really is. Claude this isn’t professional of you at all and you lost my respect and I am sure the respect of people in your community.

  23. @Jules if you lost respect for “Claude” you would not be calling him “Claude” something like “low life” who owes the Mayor. And BTW “Claude” knowing full well you read this, why are you shying away from your source? we should have names so we can see both sides to the story, No??

  24. “City BS” I have names for the likes of Claude MacIntosh as well as Kilger and all the rest and they are names that cannot be published here unfortunately. Just listen to the American comedian who is now deceased George Carlin and he comes out with some doozies. He has a very foul mouth and I have been using his words here without printing them. Believe me the whole council has to be wiped out. If something isn’t done about all the corruption then Ottawa or some other city will have to step in. You sure wouldn’t want to live under Ottawa’s high stakes and taxes beyond belief. That is why I stay in this hovel – it is unaffordable. Getting back to the subject a good clean sweep of Cornwall’s council and mayor is an absolute necessity. Even living here in Ottawa I feel so mighty bad for André Rivette and all of you what you have to put up with. Fritzy’s pension, along with the man from Hamilton and everyone else that will be put out to pasture is going to cost a bundle. I read something today in the SF paper where seniors are having a hard time. I said it before in both SF and this paper that with the over building that Cornwall’s nutcases want to do will put up taxes so high along with that “tax mahal” that you call a Benson Centre and I am not kidding you. Here in Ottawa many cannot afford their homes even to the very high incomes. A luxury home across from Mooney’s Bay has been up for sale for some years now and no takes. Just think about Cornwall what would happen and those money grabbing junkies don’t care about the everyday people and only their own selves. They would put the ordinary people out on the street and then where do you go. Yes I have names for Claude, the mayor and the rest of council except for André that I cannot print here. My prayers are with André and even with all of you the ordinary citizens of Cornwall.

  25. i have been getting calls from the SF for years and i always tell them the same thing i will not take the SF as long as Claude works for them. funny it took people so long to see what kind of man he is.

  26. When we lived in Cornwall going back around 9 years now we used to go and fill up gas and talk to the station manager and he used to speak about Claude MacIntosh. He used to talk about the corruptions going on in Cornwall. We never bought the newspaper and we only bought Ottawa’s newspapers when we were first here 38 years ago and we stopped our subscription. I can tell all of you I used to like to read the stories of Claude about Cornwall’s past but now I just hate the man for what he did to André and the words that I have for him I cannot print because those words are so vulgar that they are not fit to print. The same holds true what I think of Kilger and all the rest of council excluding André. Look at what the newspaper did to the doctor – Dr. Youssef without investigating this man first they dragged his name through the mud before knowing the facts. Who wrote this column Claude again. I really think that Claude should be fired and never to write a column again and whoever else was the one to write this garbage. I agree with the little dog that I used to see in a park in Cornwall what he did to the SF paper and some dufis idiot came along and picked up the SF after the dog did his thing. The dog knew better than the man.

  27. @ Jules. The Dr. Youssef story was reported nationally by the CBC a full day before the StandardFreeholder reported. How could any paper (especially in Cornwall) not report it? Dr. Y was booted out of N. Brunswick and the College is investigating him. Doesn’t mean he’s an incompetent ophthalmologist. It might just mean he’s a criminal and/or unethical if he’s been over billing the government and/or doing unnecessary surgeries. The College is very thorough. If he’s innocent of any wrong doing, he’ll be just fine.

  28. You may like or dislike Andre Rivette that isn’t the real issue here. The real issue that everyone should consider is a question of truth and Justice. The S/F (CLAUDE McIntosh’s ) bashing of Andre was uncalled for, especially considering the outright LIES contained therein, however once stated in S/F a certain group of persons here in this City take it as being factual. The damage to this man’s reputation has been done. This situation put upon him and his family by S/F ‘s printed LIES is clearly intolerable. The start that we ( THE PEOPLE) should be demanding is that our MAYOR AND THE POLICE CHIEF SHOULD INVESTIGATE.Failure to do so will be A TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE (ON THERE PART)

  29. André Rivette was always a good man and still is and the council and mayor are the ones behind this “witch hunt” along with Claude MacIntosh. Oh yes I have names that cannot be printed at all so don’t think that I am not cursing each name I can think of that is so mighty dispicable that it would hurt even the eyes. André is the only person around that council table who is concerned about each and everyone of you and if he were not I would be one of the very first people to say something. I know André from way back in the 50’s era when I was a child and I know him and he family and they are very good people. If André ever did anything that was bad or out of character I would be in terrible shock because he comes from a very good Christian and God fearing family and that is what he is as well. I cannot say anything good about Claude MacIntosh, Kilger or any of the rest. I read something yesterday about the mayor and the police department and there was something that my husband said some years ago about a certain thing and after reading this particular thing I spoke to my husband about it and wondered what crystal ball he was looking into since he figured it out a long time ago. Corruption to the core and conflict of interest.

  30. Knowing André personally from way back when his good name is not tarnished in my eyes or ears. I would never hurt this man nor his family in any way, shape or form. This man is a very good man indeed. If this were not true I wouldn’t be printing this in this paper but I say it because it is all very true. I truly believe that the mayor and council should all be chased out except for André Rivette. A very good man indeed is what André is and I cannot say enough good things about him. The people of Cornwall are mighty lucky to have him and people don’t appreciate that. The problem in Cornwall are those rich people and they are the ones who kept the people behind and still do. When I was out walking with my husband we were talking about this very same thing. People stand up to these “rich no good for nothings” and think something good of yourselves.

  31. Mare I haven’t looked at TV in almost 9 years. We have cable and all kinds of things here and I don’t watch anything. Well we have to wait and see about what the medical examiners come up about Dr. Youssef and I hope that this situation is looked into because this is very serious.

  32. The mayor and the police chief should be investigating this matter about what Claude MacIntosh did to André Rivette but I will tell all of you something honestly. I believe that the mayor and the police have a conflict of interest and something is mighty fishy about these people. Again André is a good man and I would never say a bad thing about him. This man has dedicated many years of service to the people of Cornwall and he has been the most honest person around that table. I have lost every ounce of respect for Claude MacIntosh and the feelings and words that I have towards him and those rich people in Cornwall cannot be printed but my words and bad feelings are going towards these dirt bags. Hang in there André you are a good man indeed.

  33. LOL LOL. I am listening to something about Boss Hogg on the net about greasing someone – putting people out of business, etc. and I said doesn’t that remind me of the rich people in Cornwall trying to throw good people out of their homes, parks, places of business so as to feather their pockets and hurt the good people at every chance they get.
    André if you need a lawyer get one from Ottawa because Cornwall is not fare at all – way too small. I was looking at Pitt Street in the SF paper and I had to laugh since I am so used to huge and wide streets here in Ottawa that Pitt Street looked like a small village. LOL LOL. Those money hungry rich and mighty greedy people in Cornwall trying to see what they can do with it and how much taxes that they can suck out of the people. Be very careful folks.

  34. Why was the officers name not given and Rivette’s name was? Andre Rivette is an elected official…accountable to the people. If he or any elected official pulls rank I feel I should know about it. I can decide if he or any elected official has a job the next time around. The officer on the other hand is not accountable to me. He is a hired employee and he has a boss…who is accountable to make decisions about his actions. Just like I would expect my name not to be published about an incident I had at work…I would not expect the officers.
    Having said that…and assuming the situation did happen, I would still vote for Andre Rivette. I think Andre works hard for the city of Cornwall and has best intentions in mind. But I certainly think he made a mistake in judgement pulling the card on the officer. And the officer made a poor judgement call in his remark. Excellent job by the chief…he cleared up the situation and saved us, the tax payer, lots of money.

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