2013 Ford Escape RECALL – Do not Drive! Contact Ford Pronto – Fuel Line Engine Fire Issue – July 19, 2012

CFN –  If you’re driving a 2013 Ford Escape with a 4 Cylinder  1.6L Engine pull over!   Ford will pick up your vehicle due to fuel line issues that can result in engine fires!   Dealers will pick up vehicles to resolve the issue.

The US & Canadian recall was just released and could impact as  many as 12,000 vehicles.

The recall doesn’t impact other Escape engine models or other Ford Models with the four cylinder 1.6L engine.

Are you an Escape owner?  Post your story or comment below.

Milena Cardinal


  1. FORD & G/M have come up a long way in the business however they certainly have a way to go to equal German & japan engineering.

  2. Reminds me of a comedian I saw on TV once. It might have been Eddy Murphy or Bill Cosby – I really don’t remember. Anyway, he said:
    “Our family was so poor we couldn’t afford fireworks for the Fourth of July. Instead, we’d get in the car and rear-end a Pinto!”

    Sounds like Ford has a ways to go yet.

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