Accolades and Money Flow at South Stormont Council Meeting by Reg Coffey – July 18, 2012

CFN – The South Stormont Council meeting tonight featured a presentation to recognize 20 years of service with the Volunteer Fire Department and two cheque presentations. At the start of the meeting Mayor McGillis read an opening statement about the recent Closed Meeting Investigation Report. He stated that the report concluded that the majority of actions taken in closed meetings were appropriate. To address concerns from the report Mayor McGillis outlined some of the details of the sale and subsequent reclaim of the land involved in the Bio Pellet Plant project.

Tom Reed was recognized by the township for his lengthy service as a volunteer firefighter with an award given to him by Chief Roger Desjardins.

Firefighter Tom Reed, Fire Chief Roger Desjardins, Mayor Brian McGillis

Two cheques were presented to the township to put towards providing electrical service for Memorial Square in Ingleside, a project is spearheaded by Rev. Harold Kouwenberg. The first cheque was presented to the township by Linda Halliday of OPG.

Mayor McGillis, Linda Halliday of OPG, Rev. Harold Kouwenberg

A Second check was also presented to the township to help pay for the installation of electrical outlets by the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce. Past President Lesley O’Gorman and current President Bob Copeland were on hand to do the presentation.

Mayor McGillis, Chamber of Commerce Past President Lesley O’Gorman and current President Bob Copeland, Rev. Harold Kouwenberg

More money flowed as MPP Jim McDonell presented a cheque to the township for $15,000 from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Ontario Government that distributes the profits from OLG as grants to qualified organizations. The funds are to be used to upgrade equipment and building accessibility of the township facility in Newington.

Mayor McGillis, MPP Jim McDonell, Deputy Fire Chief Steven Flegg


Of course most of the meeting was filled with the business of running a township and those details will be available to all on the township’s own web page when they post the minutes.

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