Cory Cameron Writes Letter to the UN Over Language Rights in Canada – July 24, 2012

Cory Cameron Writes Letter to the UN Over Language Rights in Canada – July 24, 2012

CFN – Cory Cameron wrote a letter to the UN over language rights in Canada.  We have graciously agreed to reprint his letter.  You can post your thoughts and comments below.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

I am writing to you today to express my deepest concern of a subject that impacts all Canadians on a daily basis. I speak of the issue of ‘Official Bilingualism’. Over the course of the last few decades, Canadians have experienced what bilingualism has come to encompass. Originally, the Official Languages Act (OLA) and the French Languages Services Act (FLSA) were Canadian laws designed in mind to bring about the equalization of both the English and French languages; especially in regards to providing government services in Canada in both official languages.

What has transpired since the formation of ‘Official Bilingualism’ is nothing short of French Canadian elitism in all things government; especially in regards to seeking out employment in both the provincial and federal governments. Unfortunately, the very laws that were created to permit Canada’s two official languages to equalize has instead allowed the French language to surpass English in both importance and weight. Whenever applying for a career in the civil service, all education, experience and other merits don’t matter so long as one has the ability to communicate at an advanced level in French. I would like to know why knowledge of a second language supersedes that of merit when applying for jobs.

I attended French Immersion schooling and took courses all throughout my secondary and post-secondary studies in both the English and French languages. And still, to this day, I am not considered fully bilingual and therefore do not qualify whenever applying for jobs in the civil service. This difficulty has been exacerbated by the fact that increasing numbers of private sector jobs are also asking for bilingual applicants.

There is an ever growing concern about this issue of ‘Official Bilingualism’ nationwide. As of late, there have been protests and court cases in Cornwall, Ontario, Moncton, New Brunswick and most recently in Russel Township. Canadians all over the country are now questioning the cost versus benefit of this ‘Official Bilingualism’ policy. Canadian Newspapers and blogs are buzzing with the idea of scrapping the program altogether. For instance, many are inquiring to know why minority languages other than French are not being financially supported to the tune of billions of dollars each year; much like the French language is. And too, many citizens are supporting the idea that instead of spending the money traditionally earmarked for bilingualism, in its place it has been recommended to spend these billions on issues affecting us all such as improving our crumbling infrastructure. Why not pave or fix many of our Northern highways? Might this funding be better spent on increasing our social services? How about using some of this funding to build more not-for-profit housing to combat the housing shortage in this area? Moreover, how about using the money for feeding the hungry? These ideas are but a portion of some that I’ve come across in examining the issue of ‘Official Bilingualism’.

There is a more frightening, perhaps even sinister offshoot of this issue of ‘Official Bilingualism’. Apart from unfair hiring practices, we are seeing a gradual shift towards more, Quebec-like provincial politics in the province of Ontario. There are those of us who are concerned that perhaps one day Anglophones in Ontario will be treated much the same way they are currently treated in Quebec; jobs notwithstanding as an issue.

As evidenced by the following resulting directly from Bill 101 in Quebec:

Other Charter provisions, though, deeply alienated English-speaking Quebecers[citation needed]. The Charter cut off access to English schools to all but children who had a parent who had received their education in English in Quebec. The Charter also eliminated the Constitutional guarantee to English legal proceedings, eliminated English translations of Quebec laws, and banned the use of languages other than French from commercial signs. The law has therefore polarized Quebec along linguistic lines to this day. (Taken from

The result of said Bill was the following:

Young highly educated anglophones, despite high rates of bilingualism[citation needed] and increased contact and openness to francophones, cite limited economic prospects caused by perceived linguistic discrimination and an unsatisfactory political climate as the major factors in their departure. By 2001, 50% of mother-tongue anglophones had left the province. (Taken from

I already know of many friends who have left their hometowns due to this issue of not meeting the requirements of ‘Official Bilingualism’ and looking for work elsewhere. How many more of our young people will take part in this mass exodus?

I have already sent this letter to both my Canadian Member of Parliament (M.P) and Member of Provincial Parliament (M.P.P) offices as well as a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office. As of today’s date, July 23, 2012, I have only received a response from the Prime Minister’s Office acknowledging receipt of my letter and have been informed that my concerns have been sent to the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, The Honourable James Moore.

As an interesting aside, a few months ago, two Canadian organizations named Canadians for Language Fairness (CLF) and Language Fairness for All (LFA) held a demonstration in Chesterville, Ontario protesting this issue of ‘Official Bilingualism’ in Canada. In attendance at this protest were both Guy Lauzon, Member or Provincial Parliament for Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry as well as the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, The Honourable James Moore. Both the CLF and LFA have asked to meet with James Moore a total of 3 consecutive times and have been postponed and shunned each time. So, what has transpired, and is evidenced by these actions, are that private citizenry and organizations in Canada are being ignored by all levels of government on this issue of ‘Official Bilingualism’.

I am requesting today that the United Nations look into this matter as I believe that Canadian politicians are largely ignoring this issue. Hundreds of us have already written to our elected representatives and have asked to have this policy of ‘Official Bilingualism’ looked into. How many more times and how many more people must we solicit in order to elicit a response?


With Kindest Regards,


Cory Cameron B. Soc. Sc.



142 Responses to "Cory Cameron Writes Letter to the UN Over Language Rights in Canada – July 24, 2012"

  1. Lolochuck   July 26, 2012 at 5:19 PM

    Stellla it is people like you that have divided…….LFA hopes to conquer through FAIRNESS. If and when you decide to come to your senses, I would be happy to load that burger for you…….

  2. Debbie Cameron   July 26, 2012 at 5:22 PM

    Clarification Stella,

    Since you seem soooo confused,thought I would offer some assistance-I never said “YOU” Stella were welcome!

    LFA’s primary goal is fair hiring practices in Canada with representation by population

    Check out our website :

  3. bella-b   July 26, 2012 at 5:28 PM

    Stella, Stella, Stella, do you ever tire of fighting the evils of the world? Do you sleep well at night knowing you have insulted and demeaned more than half of the province let alone the country you claim to be so proud to be a part of?

    At least your buddy Les/Aint has taken a break from his venomous rants. Why don’t you follow his example and practise some personal restraint?

    It’s ok if you pretend to ignore me. I know you still read my posts. No response from you iis even necessary.

    Love and kisses

  4. stellabystarlight   July 26, 2012 at 5:30 PM

    Eric…….with all due respect (I mean that) you seem like a level headed guy (can’t believe I said it, but I did) at least more then most **s** But let me say this:

    Many questions were answered on both sides of the isle and many feelings were exchanged. KEADE, whose post was fabulous, Patrick, Les habitants, Le Renard Bleu, Roger (who wrote the letter to the editor) myself and others who I may have forgotten have answered your questions time and time again. No one is avoiding questions, we can debate this until the cows come home……then what? **s**

    So on that note……stay cool and be happy and keep smiling while you still have teeth **s**

  5. stellabystarlight   July 26, 2012 at 5:40 PM

    Told you once and I’ll say it again……for $25.00 it has to be CHICKEN & RIBS……I would be a fool to settle for less at that price **smile**

  6. Cory Cameron   July 26, 2012 at 7:43 PM


    Tell me and others here who read these blogs. Why would you poke fun at a bbq? Do you really have nothing better to do? I guess my question was a rhetorical one.

  7. Le Renard bleu   July 26, 2012 at 8:24 PM

    Ouiîîîîîîîîîî. Did someone call me in the last few moments?

    Me, I want my two chicken thighs slightly roasted with a little bit of ash on the sides, slices of onion at the bottom, one pork chop at the middle and nearly a litre of barbecue sauce on top. Yum yum! Then I’ll know why I’ve paid $25.00. 😀

    Come on, Howie. Surely you can manage that. Chop chop!

    [Ça lui apprendra à laisser tranquilles les municipalités majoritairement ou à moitié francophones de l’Est de l’Ontario. Sacré fauteur de troubles du dimanche, va !]

  8. Patrick Boucher   July 26, 2012 at 9:23 PM

    Representation by population without neglecting minority rights. Language fairness for all, people are equal languages are not, does that even make sense ? The fact that the president of lfa can speak french but says she choses not to. Who is being malicious ? The fact that galganov gives out pamphlets that says… How to exterminate the franco-ontarien culture…who is being fair here ?? To complain to the united nations that you are being discriminated against because you cant speak french although you can speak english…your not poor or part of a minority…your healthy…just because you don’t have as much money in your pocket. AN international institution that is there to promote peace and fights for minorities throughout the world…yeah, they have time to hear someone complain..when he’s part of 76 percent of the majority of their country s population. They’ll be on his side..they’ll want repealed a law that defends minorities… This letter is LAUGHABLE !!

  9. Cory Cameron   July 27, 2012 at 3:46 AM

    As soon as an Anglophone tries to do something to regain (let alone push for) his/her rights or at least what every Canadian should be granted in the sense of equal opportunities for jobs – then there are groups of Francophones who cry foul, no?

    Patrick, Stella, and other members of the assembled ‘Press Corps’ reading this: Your comments prove nothing less than affirmation that there is something going on here. I find it highly unlikely that people who find all of this ‘entertaining’ would spend so much of their time in rebuttal. Surely, you have something better to do – mow the lawn, feed the kids, walk the dog, watch a movie?

    The fact that we are doing these things absolutely terrifies you, doesn’t it? I am beginning to fear that one day the lot of you (Press Corps) will become openly physically hostile towards us. I fear that if we were in Quebec (and you were members of the majority) we would have already been dealth with. (if you catch my drift).

    For the meantime.

    Try rebuking this. Bill 101 exists and openly oppresses English and ethnic minorities in the Province of Quebec.

    Multiculturalism doesn’t exist in Quebec and instead Quebec politicians have invented new speak called interculturalism to hide ethnocentric/racist ideology.

    Ontario/Canadian governments and increasing amount of private enterprises favour French speakers over English speakers in job selection due to knowledge of a second language over all other merits combined. Name one other country where this takes place on Earth today and give me proof of it.

  10. Eric   July 27, 2012 at 6:14 AM

    Blue Fox & stella, asking for more than what others get, no wonder Canada is in the state it is.

    I am still waiting to debate! I asked a few times over the last month, what rights do Francophone’s want, that they do not have now???

  11. stellabystarlight   July 27, 2012 at 8:25 AM

    ROFLMAO!!!!!! OMG…Cory you are something else.

    First of all it is none of your d@mn business how much time one spends on line……what about you? When the discussion slows down, who is the one who brings it back up somehow!!! I guess it goes back to the “mirror image theory”

    LMAO again….yes we are terrified……OMG are you for real? I can’t believe this LMAO. REMINDER AGAIN………..THIS IS ONTARIO not QUEBEC……geez…got that?

    Erique **s** Listen carefully……now we don’t want you to say again and again and again that your question wasn’t answered. Ecoute bien!!!

    Francophones never said they wanted more rights……we are quite content. It’s the english that are consumed with jealousy that want more rights. Wondering where you got the idea we are asking for more rights.

  12. Patrick Boucher   July 27, 2012 at 9:34 AM

    As I have said in the past…Québec treats its anglo minority ALOT better then the minorities inside the rest or Canada…with the possible exception of Ontario… Ontario should be applauded, they are trying to erase the errors they have made in the past.

    I disagree with stella on the english are jealous… Il y a des méchants anglais et des méchants français. Anglo Canadians aren’t all jealous, some of them have the good sense to recognize the value of official bilingualism. The ones that cry,bitch and complain that they should be making more money are trying to come up with excuses of getting good jobs but arent willing to put the work into it to get the qualifications. Hey, I should have the job of the president of Toronto-Dominion. His or her salary must be in the millions…but with all do respect to myself, if they’d ever hire me as president, I give T.D. 1 week before they need to close down…im terrible at money managing… I’m not qualified for the job therefore, I wont apply.

  13. Patrick Boucher   July 27, 2012 at 9:39 AM

    Its the sense of entitlement that some anglos have that is very frustrating. THey think that because they are part of the majority, they should be rewarded for something they didn’t earn…thats not how the world works..THank god.

  14. Eric   July 27, 2012 at 10:54 AM

    I know you, Patrick and others do not speak for all Francophone’s, but it is obvious to many, a few Francophone’s are asking for and demanding more. Politicians are blinded by possible votes and have become poor keepers of the public purse. Francophone’s need to step up and limit their leaders in countless associations as we all see an obvious drain on useable revenue, for the good of all, and for all of our basic services.

    Francophone’s in Russell and other eastern Ontario townships need to speak up and loudly. Business owners “should” be able to put up whatever sign (within modesty and community standards) they deem necessary in front of their business.

    There are plenty of laws, acts and regulations in place so Francophone’s will not die in the streets or not be heard by government. We all need to work towards less government in our lives, so we can get back to being neighbours, co-workers and part of the Canadian family.

    Bilingualism has become a religion and a taboo subject, let’s all work together to address concerns and actual needs, soon!

  15. stellabystarlight   July 27, 2012 at 12:22 PM

    Eric……less government, perhaps. The Galganovs, the Trudeaus and whoever else is involved want to ABOLISH FRENCH ALL TOGETHER…CAPISH??? Then you say we should “all be working together” Hmmmm!!!! Don’t tell me you haven’t read their pamphlets or visited their web site. Now tell me, do their ideas sound like a group who is trying to bring this country together….**s**

  16. Debbie Cameron   July 27, 2012 at 1:22 PM


    Again a friendly reminder NO ONE IS TRYING TO ABOLISH FRENCH…CAPISH!!!!
    The fact is CLF & LFA groups do not agree with forced bilingualism.
    LFA would like representation by population & fair hiring practices for ALL Canadians.
    The problem exists because of discriminatory government legislation like the FLSA.

    Please visit LFA’s website,it’s for ALL to share & learn.

  17. Eric   July 27, 2012 at 1:46 PM

    From what I see, ( and I have been following both sides for a year, and live and work with bilingual’s) the individuals you noted, have a pretty good idea of the language progression in Eastern Ontario and parts of New Brunswick. I don’t see how they want to abolish French all together, and there is nothing wrong with being pro fairness or pro English. We see people like Mr. Lecompte of the Promotion for Bilingualism ( an advisor with L’Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario) really only pushing French, we see 10’s of millions of taxpayer dollars going to organizations, to promote French. We have Bills in Ontario and federally calling for more power for the language commissioner and removing opportunity for unilingual Canadians to even apply for top level jobs.

    We have reached the fork in the road, and I choose the one that has unilingual French being forced to learn English the same way English are being forced right now to learn French. It will be quicker, cheaper and allow us to recover as a country. Now, if Quebec was forced to rescind their draconian language laws, I would reconsider my position.
    Some of you, feel free to begin the insults, inuendo and language that does not prove a point of view or give me food for thought to change an opinion.

  18. Patrick Boucher   July 27, 2012 at 1:46 PM

    debbie, your wrong. Howard galganov promotes it! he gave 5000 people a pamphlet that said to destroy the franco ontarien culture. How do the laws affect him…HE SPEAKS PERFECT FRENCH!!… Calling himself a franco phobe. He defend anglo rights in Québec. …yet promotes limiting franco rights in Ontario…and he’s a very vocal member of language fairyness for all.
    Bilingualism is here to stay…PERIOD

  19. Cory Cameron   July 27, 2012 at 1:56 PM

    What about me, Stella…

    With my meager earnings I try to edge out a living or perhaps existence is better a description. Working nights at a minimum wage sweatshop is not my idea of a career nor a good time. I can tell you because I have first hand experience in the matter that because I’m not considered ‘Bilingual enough’, I don’t have opportunities that someone pure laine would have.

    What about me, Stella…

    I can’t afford to feed a dog much less pay for vet bills once I pay all other bills. Can’t afford children. See a repeating pattern here.

    By the way. Education is supposed to be the great equalizer in society isn’t it? Not so in Canada. Knowledge of French is. Many of my peers including myself have had to move out of our hometowns in order to search for work…..and it isn’t always due to what has transpired because of lost jobs due to globalization.

    All for more languages, but not legislating one or others above any others and supporting them to the tune of billions each year as well as giving speakers of a language the best jobs. And still, after everything we’ve shown in regards to unfair hiring practices, unfair laws, you continue to deny that one segment of the population has a distinct advantage over all others.

    It takes the saying ‘blinded by faith’ to a whole different level. No wonder Chris states that bilingualism is seen as a new religion amongst it’s followers. But who are we kidding, right? Bilingualism is tantamount to speaking English when one only has to to serve the odd English speaking person who can’t get by in French.

    Like I’ve always said, this issue won’t be solved by us. We need an independent panel to bring fairness back. Hence the letter to the UN.

  20. Debbie Cameron   July 27, 2012 at 2:25 PM

    @ Patrick

    No, I’m not wrong.

    Clarification- CLF & LFA are against forced bilingualism & made absolutely no mention of Mr.Galganov. His views are his personal choice.

    I would ,also like to add, many French speaking,Bilingual & many other cultures support CLF & LFA.The issue is about fairness,something I guess you never learned at home growing up.

  21. Cory Cameron   July 27, 2012 at 2:33 PM

    Stella, Patrick and company,

    Go ahead and pretend that you have the solutions to my problems….what’s that I hear….I hear a whisper….anyone else….oh ya I think I hear it. “Cory you have to learn more French!”


    Comprend ca?

  22. Lolochuck   July 27, 2012 at 2:42 PM

    Exactly right Debbie Cameron! Everyone has their own personal views, but bottom line is we are all fighting for fairness. When English and Bilingual(not advanced level) are not even being considered due to language in many jobs……there is a big problem! We call that DISCRIMINATION! Plain and simple!!!! Pick your planet **s**

  23. ferris   July 27, 2012 at 2:46 PM for office Cory. The UN is nothing but a symbol..thousands dying in Syria and the Middle East, Africa’s Congo..little acomplished. You are an intelligent young man with driven passion for your cause..use your with it man..use the language issue as your undercard..use your charm as the main ticket. Again, great posts from both sides..I enjoy reading all.

  24. Cory Cameron   July 27, 2012 at 2:59 PM


    Thanks for the vote of confidence…

    I don’t want to run for office but sometimes I fear that I may have to do so to make changes. I would like to be clear though in that if I ever do, I tried other ways first to elicit change other than through political means.

    It’s sad whenever things come down to that.


  25. Patrick Boucher   July 27, 2012 at 2:59 PM

    YOu married someone that is french speaking…
    You went to school for more then 12 years..and french was taught..
    You speak french 45 to 55 percent of the time still. Is language really the problem cory ? I doubt it. C’est qui l’imbécile maintenant ? je te montre le bon sens et tu joues la sourde oreille.
    Debbie then you obviously haven’t read the site…I just googled galgnov and lfa…and his name is on it.. Maybe his views are personal but LFA…supports it.

  26. Cory Cameron   July 27, 2012 at 3:55 PM

    Continuer Monsieur ‘Joe Connaissant’ aka Monsieur Boucher.

    Un autre ici qui fait rien!

    Passe un bon journee,

    Ton amis,

    Tete Carree

  27. Patrick Boucher   July 27, 2012 at 5:22 PM

    disons qu’avec des amis comme toi, je n’ai pas besoin d’ennemis. The truth hurts…but at least i’m telling it like it is.

  28. stellabystarlight   July 27, 2012 at 5:29 PM

    AS THE STOMACH TURNS!!!!! OMG……too funny!!!

    While watching the opening ceremonies for the summer olympic games, all announcements were in french 1st….then english. For those who are unaware the games are in LONDON. In case you did not get that, I will repeat “THE GAMES ARE HELD IN LONDON”!!!!……**smile** I think the Londoners should protest start a revolution or start up a group.

    Erique…….how much food for thought do you need man….LOL Do you even read the posts? What about Keade’s letter and all the other points that were brought up? Patrick, Les habitants, Le renard blue and many others have stumped you many times. We have no control over what penetrates that brain of yours but yet, you still bring up the same old arguments everyday.

    Cory……respecfully, if I could not feed a dog, I would find him a good home elsewhere **s**

    ferris……Use your language issue to run for politics……you must be kidding. The last guy that did that LOSS BIG TIME LOL

    Thinking if one wants to get involved in politics locally, one must be a “people person” which means one has to have an open mind, accepting of others and fair. Thinking also he can’t have a chip on his shoulder nor be biased……..and of course money **s**

    Patrick…….absolutely LFA supports Galganov……He is the ring leader and they are the lemmings…..

  29. Rosie   July 27, 2012 at 5:39 PM

    Patrick, did you really post “The fact that the president of lfa can speak french but says she choses not to”. Are you not the same Patrick Boucher who demands to be spoken to in French when shopping? Clearly you understand and speak English but obviously you chose not to when it doesn’t suit you. I pretty much suspect the reason LFA president choses not to is because she probably was turned away from many good jobs because it wasn’t good enough. There is a huge difference here Patrick.

  30. stellabystarlight   July 27, 2012 at 5:40 PM

    BTW Cory…….thinking you bring on your own problems.

    Everyone makes their own individual choices in life and many times we realize later that we made the wrong one. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE in life to pursue another path. It’s called determination and willpower. For every door that closes, another opens…… Crying in your beer (lack of a better expression) doesn’t solve a thing.

  31. Rosie   July 27, 2012 at 5:42 PM

    Renard Blue: You say if we knew you we would find that you are one of the quietest people on the face of the earth. I say Maybe So but your rudeness is very very loud.

  32. Cory Cameron   July 27, 2012 at 6:15 PM

    Hello everyone… of last evening I have sent a letter to the editors of 12 major Canadian newspapers on this issue of Official Bilingualism in Canada.

    Let’s hope we receive some responses.

    And thanks, ‘Press Corps’. If at the very least you don’t agree, you’ve still said something, rather than nothing at all. Silence is the absolute worst thing.

    Tete Carre

  33. Cory Cameron   July 27, 2012 at 6:17 PM

    Stella wrote,

    “BTW Cory…….thinking you bring on your own problems.”

    bahahahahahahah If that’s the case Stella, then you certainly are the first to jump on them, aren’t you!

    There is no good in you.


  34. Cory Cameron   July 27, 2012 at 6:35 PM

    Stella wrote:

    “Just a reminder……..This is Ontario and not Quebec……..for those of you who seem confused **s**”

    C’est vrai! L’Ontario est le Nouveau Quebec maintenant! Donne deux ans et la Province de L’Ontario va etre le pays de Quebec!

    N’oubliez pas le coup d’etat dans les pays mon Stella.

    Peut etre un coup d’etat socialisme?

    Il y a beaucoup de monde qui pense qu’on a besoin une revolution de classe ouvrière.

  35. Patrick Boucher   July 27, 2012 at 6:44 PM

    You should probably read my post more clearly rosie. If I am a customer, yes I might demand to be spoken to in french. I figure if its my money..If the services is there..good. I have the choice to go to costco, wallmart or burger king..and I have the choice not to go if i’m dis satisfied with the service. Kinda makes me wish i was in russell, at least the signs would be bilingual.

    – But rozie, if she choses not to speak french when she can, and if she was turned down for a job because she choses not to…well you got the answer right there. When it comes to hospital workers or any government employee, especially is they deal with regions that have large population of french speaking canadians..they should be bilingual. Where numbers warrant it.. 5000 people plus..well i wont quote the language service act..

  36. ferris   July 27, 2012 at 10:58 PM

    ..language issue as undercard..I realize it will not win him an election before jumping.

  37. Julie Bouchard Cameron   July 28, 2012 at 4:44 PM

    Stella once again you wrote:

    “Everyone makes their own individual choices in life and many times we realize later that we made the wrong one. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE in life to pursue another path. It’s called determination and willpower. For every door that closes, another opens…… Crying in your beer (lack of a better expression) doesn’t solve a thing.”

    Again you are dictating that someone should change there career goals. If a person wants to be in a specific field and has gone to school in this field there should be a position available out there; despite if this person cannot speak, read or write a language. How would you feel if I told you you couldn’t work at your employment because you spoke French and not English? It would not be fair and you would CRY foul play. It works both ways my dear. Would you change your career path? Would you?

  38. Le Renard bleu   July 28, 2012 at 7:43 PM

    Julie, the situation that you’ve described right there would have sounded to me like the exception rather than the rule ‘‘in my time’’. I learned that quite quickly and early on when I was an adolescent – in the first half of the 1990’s – and, therefore, I would do my best not to be too naïve about my employment prospects. Those were the hard times, when a recession that could not seem to end and an economic recovery that appeared to be all too slow at best would cause most people of my generation to be grateful for any chance to earn a decent living at all and we were nearly certain… that uncertainty would characterise our future.

    Have you any clue as to how many times I’ve had to change my career path? Not just once, not merely twice, but at least three times. I already had a fair number of qualifications but those, somehow, would never be enough. As things, at long last, quite recently, finally settled in my life, which has allowed me to find a really good job, start a real professional career and earn a proper living, I look back to those harder days in my life. That’s how I truly realise that I made a number of mistakes in various respects, was quite unlucky at times and found some luck at other points. I admit that, in some cases, after being denied an employment opportunity, I’d consider the situation quite unfair, but, eventually, I’d understand what the greater scheme of things was and that, really, I wasn’t quite fit to be hired here or there.

    Suffice it to say – if you still haven’t got my drift – that I, for one, never actually believed that I was entitled to an employment opportunity in any specific field only because I really wanted to be in that particular field and would have studied in it. I knew that it wouldn’t be automatic by any means. I can’t believe that anyone could even hint at the opposite now. And I take nothing for granted.

    Life in this economy of ours is not exactly cosy. My grandfather, who was born a few years before the beginning of the First World War and lived to be exactly a hundred years old, admitted himself that he wouldn’t wish to be in a situation where he would have to find employment as I was, considering the way that things were then as opposed to the way that they’d been in his time. That’s how difficult it is for everyone – bilingual or not – and, believe me, those who have got excellent jobs partly due to their being fluent in two or more languages have worked hard to be where they are. They definitely deserve the positions that they’ve got. If I may make so bold, I am a living proof of that.

    Sérieux, Julie, à part ça, je ne vois vraiment pas de quoi tu causes. Tes propos, là, n’ont guère de sens.

    Seriously, Julie, besides, I really don’t know what you’re talking about. What you’ve just said hardly makes sense.

  39. Cory Cameron   July 30, 2012 at 10:41 AM

    Well folks some good news today as the letter was included in the Standard Freeholder. Link

  40. jos m   July 30, 2012 at 10:13 PM


    Le simple fait que tes seules citations pour toute ta lettre proviennent de Wikipédia, et qu’elles mêmes ne sont pas appuyées (“citation needed”) démontre que tu ne possèdes pas de crédibilité. Bref, tout ton texte ne vaut rien. Zéro.

    Et à dire que tu l’a envoyée à des journaux et à l’ONU… une honte pour notre ville.

  41. Eric   July 31, 2012 at 7:07 AM

    “Just because your own quotes for all your letters are from Wikipedia, and they themselves are not supported (“citation needed”) demonstrates that you do not have credibility. In short, all your text is worth nothing. Zero.
    And say you sent it to newspapers and the UN … a disgrace to our city”

    Standing up for what you believe, never goes out of fashion. That he had to complain in the first place is a disgrace.

  42. stellabystarlight   July 31, 2012 at 7:47 AM

    Le Renard Bleu……merci!!! You can answer JBC’s questions a thousand times….it just doesn’t sink in, then one is accused of not answering the question.

    Credentials don’t guarantee anyone a job in their field. Besides there are many other factors that play into one’s chances of advancement or even employment. Nor should anyone think that because they have been working for many years in their field that they are entitled to promotions. Many other factors are involved.

    Sitting back complaining and blaming the system is a cop out. Take the initiative like many had to do and get out there and make it happen……Capish?? It’s called determination!!

    jos m. tu l’as dit….une vrai honte……mais Cory se pense un hero **s**

  43. stellabystarlight   July 31, 2012 at 8:47 AM

    Eric……He chose to complain, no one forced him. It’s his sense of entitlement that made him do it **s**

  44. Highlander   July 31, 2012 at 8:55 AM

    Now stella -Would you have that GOV job of yours if you were not classified as bilingual ? Think not!
    You are tainted goods you already said your …in nice terms that you don’t like Muslims -does you Gov supervisor agree to your bias .
    You as well indicated that in NY you felt very uncomfortable in the surroundings of THE multicultural city …wow How ETHNOCENTRIC-
    french first right?
    I am always Canadian first!
    Hard stella to have ETHNOCENTRISM in a multicultural environment ,that would explain why you moved back to Canada EH?

    Cory you did a service to you community to stand up and try to make it a better place …feel no wrong in so as these ETHNOCENTRIC people will never agree if it does not benefit their culture ONLY!

  45. stellabystarlight   July 31, 2012 at 2:09 PM

    Highlander while you are playing “Danny Boy” on your bagpipes…..try to focus once again for the 510th time to what I am saying **s**

    First of all……for the record, your acccusations once again are false… that……not true. Assuming to know someone’s thoughts doesn’t make your statements factual. **s** I am more tolerant then you are of the french speaking people in your own country and city. When mentioning Sharia Law and how it could become law in our country is far from indicating a hatred towards another culture. Do you even know what Sharia Law entails….do yourself a favor and read up on it **s**

    As for my special assignement in NYC….even though I feel it is none of your business, I will comment……otherwise you will continue to falsely accuse me. First of all, I never had to move back to Canada as it was a temporary assignment…..never gave up my French roots …………..**smile**

    Wondering how many would feel comfortable alone in a big city like New York City, living on your own and when shopping, no one is speaking english or a language one could understand? Now tell me Mr. Piper how you can deduce and declare that I am not accepting of other cultures? How does feeling uncomfortable equate to being prejudiced?

    Know what? You guys are so desperate that you would say anything to try and prove a point………..which most times are inaccurate **s** But let me say this: The only point you are making is that you dislike the french and would do anything to bring them down. Another observation is that at least 20 times a week, the story changes which in itself is a joke to many. It’s language, then it’s not, then it’s discrimination minus the language then it’s not, it’s just discrimination….then a week later it’s policy. Perhaps when you have your BIG BIG BBQ you should get together with the head cook and bottle washer……Galganov and Trudeau and try to come to an understanding…….see, I am willing to help you all ….again **smile** Going out now for chicken and ribs because I know they will not be serving that at the BBQ **s**

  46. stellabystarlight   July 31, 2012 at 2:12 PM

    Oh BTW for those who are confused…..Muslim is a religion and not a culture per say **s**

  47. silent majority 2   July 31, 2012 at 5:07 PM

    Back to work stella we don’t pay gov workers to spread propaganda.

    Wow language is a religion for you ?
    Protect no matter what?
    French first right?

    Back to work I don’t pay my taxes for you to protect your rights as a francophone.

  48. stellabystarlight   August 1, 2012 at 4:55 PM

    jos m.

    While going through the blogs, I read your post again and couldn’t believe what I was seeing that suddenly caught my eye.

    That Cory’s big letter to the editors….come from Wikipedia……OMG…..ROFLMAO~…………Now that is truly funny.

    T’as raison……ca vaut UN GRAND ZERO!!!! LOL Lui qui faisait semblant de l’avoir ecris lui meme. Il se prenait comme un heros. LMAO…..

  49. Cory Cameron   August 2, 2012 at 7:04 AM

    Hello everyone. I haven’t posted in several days now. I can only say I haven’t done so because I feel there is nothing good to be said anyways. This back and forth nonsense is very tiring for me and I feel my time can be better used in other aspects of life. Having said so, I’ve been called out once again by Stella. (See Stella’s comment to a one jos m. on August 1, 2012 at 4:55pm.

    I’ve taken the liberty here of providing a small cross-section of remarks made by her and have made appropriate comments to them. I’ve noticed the following remarks made by her as of late and have included them in quotations:

    “Now tell me…… can one hate a province, want them to seperate and be proud of them at the same time????? **smile**”

    Well, we don’t hate a province, Stella. But we can hate the leadership and those who support laws that clearly discriminate against English speaking and minority folk, i.e: Bill 101. By the way, where are all the freedom loving Quebecois who should be speaking out to oppose such one-sided laws? Is this lack of conscience tantamount to one-sided freedom?

    “Tammy love all Canadians……LOL oh ok **s** wondering if that includes Quebec and all the french speaking people in Ontario. If the answer is affirmative……many would have never guessed it…….”

    Why don’t you take your hatred somewhere else, Stella. This statement is clearly a call to arms for you isn’t it? Inviting Tammy out to war? What childishness. Why don’t you call out another politician like Lauzon and make reference to his pro-French support?

    “The nay sayers have nothing good to say about this country and never will!!!”

    Who exactly are these nay sayers, Stella? The FLQ? No, I was kidding. Of course I fully realize you’re referring to members/supporters of Language Fairness for All. I guess a group trying to call out unfair laws/hiring practices makes one or others, ‘nay sayers having [sic] nothing good to say about this country and never will!!!”. Such propaganda! Who are you trying to convince Stella?

    I have intentionally left out your negative comments made to me to prove my point. I was attempting here to show how your’re a hate monger and I felt no need to show my personal experience with you but instead to show your experience with others. My conclusion of you is that you must be on several Boards of Directors for French Services in and around the Cornwall and area. I can think of no other reason for you to have such stringent support of such blatantly unfair laws and hiring practices and to spend so much time here defending your views. I’ve noticed that your irate ways have continued here minus myself making any comments. You can continue in this forum to say things such as: I love my culture and my language but let me tell you Stella you’re fooling no one. We all love our languages and cultures. I would bet you that any international court (outside of Canada) would deem the OLA, FLSA and Quebec’s Bill 101 and other laws completely unfair and would dispose of them. It’s really too bad that the international community isn’t taking a more proactive approach to these problems, despite our calls to do so…

    I guess in this world, violence is the only action that dictates change.

    The right of the might.

    It’s too bad, really.

  50. Julie Bouchard Cameron   August 2, 2012 at 7:41 AM


    The sad thing I realized by reading your last post on both Back of the Bus and the UN Letter is that you have been laughing at everyone that supports this cause. To you it might be amusing but to us it shows the disrespect you have for everyone that supports this cause. The Ontario government and Canadian Government has set these barriers and we are working to have language fairness for all. It is not right for the government to determine where you could live and what you could do as a Career. And people who are Pro-French push the subject too far. I hope that you realize how you have belittled some people and I hope you realize that it is not right. This is a place to discuss opinions and not laugh at each other. I have one more thing to say about one of your posts. My husband is a very intelligent man and his writing comes from the heart. It does not come from Wikipedia!

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