Artists Gather at the Old Grist Mill in Martintown Ontario July 25, 2012

photo courtesy of Jacqueline Milner

CFN – Kudos to the folks working on restoring and revitalizing the Old Mill in Martintown Ontario.   Sunday was a gallery showing for some of my fave area artists including Judith Y whose work hangs in my own home.

Judith works out of Ingleside Ontario in South Stormont and is one of the most successful artists in our region.    She also is a shrewd user of social media to max out the impact and reach of her work.  FACEBOOK LINK

Brian Schofield of Blue Heron Wood Working makes some masterful pieces.  He’s pictured here wearing a hat made of a single piece of Cherrywood which was actually extremely light!  He’s also on the board of the Cornwall Regional Art Gallery.

I spoke with Bob Dawson about his groups activities and it’s exciting to see things happening out in Martintown!

For more info on this historic site from 1846 click HERE.


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  1. Thank you for the comments. 🙂 The organizers did a great job.:)

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