Wedding Belles By Carine Sturgeon – We bought a house! July 29, 2012

CFN – I was supposed to write this a month ago.  I have sat down almost every day to write about my wedding dress shopping experience. It’s really hard to write about wedding dress shopping when you are changing your whole life. Part of getting married is learning to adapt to things. My fiancée works for an engineering firm in Manotick Ontario. When we got engaged he gave up his way nicer than mine apartment in Manotick to move with me in Ottawa.  That was fine but we soon realized my small one bedroom was not enough for two people.

I like living in my neighbourhood.  The Alta vista ward feels like a small community outside of Ottawa. Near downtown but far enough away that I am nestled by trees and nature and a 30 second walk to my job at a community center.

Unfortunately it’s a long commute with traffic for my finance.  We figured we would buy a house after we were married and thought it out in the small apartment and he would handle the long commute. Like I said at the beginning getting married is learning to adapt to things. What started out as a late night search to compare the price of real estate ended up with a visit to Chesterville Ontario. Next thing I knew I’m contacting a friend who’s a relator and she’s showing us a house.  This was July 6th and by 24th we were the proud owners of a 4 bedroom single detached home.

When I moved to Ottawa almost 3 years ago it was on a whim. A friend called with a dilemma about an empty room in an apartment she had just rented. 2 weeks later my things where packed a job lined up and I was moving to Ottawa.

It has been a great experience and I have met some amazing people but I am ready to come home to SD&G. It will be nice to be near family and friends again. Far enough to come visit far enough to not have the dreaded pop in and it will certainly make wedding planning easier.


Luckily Ottawa is not a far drive and I know I will be visiting often.  I can’t wait to meet the people of Chesterville who so far when I’ve been down have been very welcoming and friendly. I’m not surprised as all of you know the people of SD&G are hospitable and welcoming.


I promise once things calm down to write about my wedding dress shopping experience.  I was lucky to say yes to the dress. For now I’ll go back to packing Wish me luck!

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Carine Sturgeon is a Cornwall native who lives and works in Ottawa Ontario. She is a graduate of Ecole Secondair La Citadelle and St Lawrence college. A Educational Assistant by trade she is now The program Coordinator of After School Programs with the City of Ottawa. 

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