The Murder of Wicca The Dog Never Had to Happen – EXCLUSIVE Video Interview with Owner Chris Papakostas & Elaine Rosenberg

CFN – Elaine Rosenberg was in court doing what she does best; deal with big business issues when she overheard the anguish that Chris Papkostas was enduring while fighting for the life of his beloved dog who was to be put to death for scratching a woman in a moment of fear.

The quick pen strokes of Benoit Lacroix, a city of Montreal bureaucrat ( ) spelled the death sentence of his five year old Staffordshire Bull terrier with the white streak on her head.

It got weirder from broken promises to what felt like “tricking” Mr. Papakostas to bring Wicca to court where was forced to let her go with no option.

Chris says that Wicca saved his life a few months ago and that he failed to save hers.  It’s a story that has grabbed over 25,000 people including Ceasar Milan who offered the City of Montreal to adopt Wicca and take her from Quebec.

That offer and all other options were refused.   Why?  Only Mr. Lacroix and City of Montreal Officials can answer that.

There was a protest downtown Saturday night in front of City Hall where people from all over were able to vent some of their anger and fear for their own animals at Montreal.

Saturday I had a chance to talk with Chris and Ms Rosenberg about their experience.

Imagine your dog jumping up and scratching someone and have almost no options?  Ms Rosenberg has donated over $20,000 in legal services which still did not yield results and Chris still has three tickets from the city on top of his dog being murdered.  Imagine if those tickets are shot down that there are simply no options to rectify this horrible tragedy.

Right now Montreal simply is not a safe place to own a dog.

Chris interview part 2

We will be updating this story as it evolves .     What do you think about the actions of the City of Montreal?  Should they be held accountable?  Should there be muzzle laws or simply better laws about incidents with dogs.  Does anyone think a Shitzhu would be put down if it jumped up and scratched someone?


Here are some contact numbers in Montreal.  If you love dogs, no matter where you are we have to make it safe for them in Montreal.

Contact details for various members of the council are at the top left of this page:,,,,

You can post your comments below.

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  1. Justice for Wicca? There is no justice where totalitarian rule exists. That’s the way it is! People need to wake up before it’s too late and the City Council bans all pets in Montreal. It’s a sign of the times.

  2. On Fri 27 July 2012, afetr I read on FB that Wicca was PTS, I just call Mayor Tremblay office in Montreal from the Netherlands (where i’m from) at this office number 001-514-872-3101, to speak about my horror about the killing of Wicca. I have been told that Wicca was a very aggresive dog and the decision to PTS Wicca become final because she bitten the testicles of one of the 3 examiners assigned to evaluate her aggressiveness. Obviously, I burst out laughing, and I ended the conversation with a message for the Mayor Tremblay that from Holland in the coming months there was going to be many vacations in Montreal canceled, for to protest against the killing of Wicca.The lady that talk to me on the phone was sayng that in total Wicca attack 3 persons, a lady, a paramedic, and a dog examiner. I believe that che City Council in Montreal they have to be investigated and punish for what they have done to Wicca.

  3. JUSTICE FOR WICCA…This was/is so wrong. This dog jumped up on someone and scratched her and they put her down. OMG…I don’t know how many people that I have accidentally scratched just reaching to give them something or take something from them…would they MURDER me as well? Did this woman startle the dog, did Wicca think she was going to hurt her master? Maybe Wicca wanted to make a new friend…ACCIDENTS HAPPEN…Good Grief. I’m so sorry for your loss Chris…R.I.P. Wicca

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. She was condemned as soon as they looked at her – breedism – that’s what it is – They did the same to people because they are Jewish or black or handicapped – ill – etc.
    They did not even evaluate her temperament before condemning her. This is not justice. All pit bull parents better be very careful – this could be just the beginning… SAD


  6. “Muzzle law?” What good will that do in the event of a dog jumping on someone and scratching them? Will City of Montreal enforce a “Mitten law” too? Would this be an issue if it had been a poodle? I have a 5 pound Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix who suffers from “LDS” (Little Dog Syndrome). He will bite anyone, especially children. He is never off leash outside our home but I continually have to pull him up short because people think since he’s small they can just walk right up to him and pet him. I have to tell them he will bite and not to touch him. Small does not equal safe any more than large equals danger! I love all dogs, including Pit and Pit mix!

  7. I am ashamed to be a Quebecer right now….. this employee of the City of Montreal should be made to resign !!

  8. I concur with Marilyse… can this be???? Ignorance and pure hate!!! So, So sorry for Wicca and his owner.

  9. Montreal use to be a very socially responsible city when I lived and worked there. I fear that it is now an elitist and smug enclave for dictators in city hall.These public servants have allowed power to go to their heads. Viva le chien libre!

  10. This is no joke! It is a sad injustice!! There are so many people that are uneducated and ignorant towards “pit bulls”. They are not a Bad Breed if not made that way by their owners! I used to have one that was my best friend! Yes, he would protect me if need be. And, for that I was grateful, I always felt safe with him by my side. Chris, I feel so sad for you. Nothing anyone can say or do can take away the pain of loosing your best friend in the manner that she was taken from you. My heart hurts for you.
    People please wake up and get a grip!! Your killing God’s innocent animals without any sense of compassion or dignity! God doesn’t like UGLY and Karma’s a Bitch! You will one day stand before Your Creator and answer for your actions!!!
    Rest In Peace Precious Wicca<3

  11. I have 5 dogs that range from a Lab to a Maltese mix. I do own a Pit and a Pit mix. None are vicious in my eyes, but are protective of my house, property and me. My Lab has scratched me jumping on me just playing. The city of Montreal lie well. What kind of a “Dog” examiner would put himself in a position to have his testicles bitten off? Why were the adoption offers not accepted? So to recap, the City murdered the dog, didn’t consider offers of adoption, and lied about Wicca”s transgressions. What else have they lied about? I would like to hear from the 3 people that were alledgelly attacked. Are all governments headed toward genocide for breeds they dont like?

  12. I have said from the beginning of this fiasco of “justice” that if it had been a Beagle or maybe a Poodle, NOTHING would have happened! I have to assume the crazy lady who caused all of this to begin, was prejudiced against Pitts, and therefore, Chris’s poor friend ended up murdered by officials who had NO evidence to back up their decision. Those people need to be OUT of jobs where they can destroy lives at their whim. Outrageous is what this is!

  13. This is just sensless “MURDER”. The “pit bull” brred gets such a bar rap. They are NOT vicious animals, it’s inappropriate owners that make them vicious. Wicca was NOT vicious. I saw by the pictures the people were scratched, NOT bitten! Trust me, I’m an ex-pit bull owner, You would CLEARLY KNOW if a Pit Bull bit you!! They have a “lock jaw”, you would have some SERIOUS Injuries!! This is just wrong putting Wicca down!!! Chris, my heart hurts for you. I know there are no amount of words that can take your pain away from loosing your best friend in the manner you did. I am so sorry.
    For the man that put this order on Wicca and Murdered her: God doesn’t like ugly! One day you will stand before your Creator and answer for this! Karma’s a Bitch!!
    Rest In Peace Wicca<3

  14. I have a female german shepherd and she is very protective with my husband and me. She has NEVER bit anyone but I know what happened to Chris could happen to us, easily. The laws have to change where this killing a dog because of it’s breed are. If you get a big dog you really should go to puppy school and learn your ENERGY, it’s very important. If you are a nervous high strung dog owner, your dog will feed off of you and become a nervous high strung dog. You have to be calm and assertive and your dog should be calm submissive. Please people listen to Chris, he’s right. Don’t get a big dog if you have no clue on how to train and raise it, the dog will pay with it’s life in the end.

  15. First off Chris I am so very heartbroken about your loss. That being said BSL is one of the most ignorant things the government has ever devised. I have had Pitt bulls before and have NEVER had an issue with them biting. My sister, however, owns a daschund that has bitten several times. It shouldn’t matter the size of a dog with it comes to laws, much as it doesn’t matter the size of people,big ,little, hairy,bald it should all be the same. To me this is the same as executing a person for getting a speeding ticket or some other minor infraction.There should be set things that happen should a dog cause an injury to a person or even another dog. Do humans get a death sentence for scratching an animal or a person? Then why should the dog? According to the logic of the City of Montreal if one child scratches another that child should die. Seems kinda silly when you put it in those terms doesn’t it? Especially when you consider that to some people their animals are the only children they will ever have.

  16. I believe the people of the city of Montreal should get together and ask all involved in the killing of Wicca to resign. Take action, soon it will be your dog.

  17. Author

    Lilian if there’s any justice in this world Mr. Benoit Lacroix will lose his job for this brutal murder.

  18. Chirs I am sorry for your loss. I am from NC I have been following your story and I want you to know I support you and what you are doing. I have pits my self people tryed to say they would fight or eat my dashhounds and I proved them worng.Plus I have a terrie mix, a boxer. I have to say my dashhound fight and will bit worst than any big dog i know. But I love them all and wouldnt give anything for them and I would fight for them as you are. prayer and wish you the best Chirs.

  19. RIP Wicca <3 This is a cruel murder and these mad killers should be brought to justice. They are a danger for society and for all living beings.

  20. Who is this woman that called the paramedics #1. While she may have had a reason to worry if she was bitten badly but not if the dog had been vaccinated for rabies.Apparently it was only a scratch!!!!!!!!!!! Is she somehow connected to the official who made the final decision to murder this dog? You know..wealthy resident with influences in his riding. I think we all know how gov. in Quebec works 🙁 .

    My sympathies to Chris and may WICCA not die in vain!

    Thank-you to Elaine Rosenberg for donating her valuable time! I hope others hire you because of your obvious compassion and willingness to right a situation. You clearly have a heart and my deep admiration!

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been scratched by dogs ,just jumping on me showing love .


  21. When a dog hurts a human, purposefully, that dog should be put down. Accidental injuries require a more thoughtful approach. I am a life long dog owner and lover and don’t make distinctions between breeds. Whether it is a pit bull, a chihuahua, or a lab mix (like my current dog), a willful act of aggression against humans, especially one that results in injury, warrants execution because it’s not appropriate to risk the health and safety of humans to protect an animal that has proven to be dangerous and which could harm a human again. Get a new dog, train him well, and there should be no problems. But if there are, repeat.

    As for the arguments along the lines of “I have scratched someone, should I be executed?”, may I suggest that you read this list of logical fallacies so that you can acquaint yourselves with why this argument holds no water?

  22. Im so sorry. Im at a loss for words. We were all hoping that this could be the one dog that might get a happy ending, but of course not…. not with the corrupt government we have now. I am so SICK of seeing our family members getting ripped out of our homes and sentenced to death!! And for what?!?! There is no reason for it! I agree, I think when it comes to having ‘court’ and ‘dogs’ in the same sentence, no JUDGE should have the right to make the decision on his/her life. It should be up to someone that has experience with dogs and like they said, someone thats not breed prejudice… Im sorry Wicca I hope that with all of the plublicity yours and lennoxs death will not have been in vein. Something good will come of this, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  23. What a travesty! This Bernard whats his name should be fired, fined and then euthanized! Without a chance to appeal!!

  24. What they did to Chris and Wicca was horrific. Wicca did not deserve to be killed and should be at home with Chris. Someone should be held accountable! What they did was to murder Wicca and Chris was not allowed to defend her life. I cannot imagine anything worse than to lose your best friend and not be able to save her. It breaks my heart and I want to see someone held accountable for their actions. The sooner the better!!

  25. NO dog should be put down for scratching someone, that is the most absolutely ridiculous like I have ever heard! I think the city of Montreal murdered Wicca without giving the owner a chance to put up a defense and that is such a gross injustice! They should be held accountable for their actions and should not be in such positions of power when they cannot act fairly or justly! This woman that got scratched by Wicca is some sort of crazy person in and of herself! I mean really, you need your husband and the police and ambulance for a few scratches . . .seems like she is quite the attention seeker! I think the laws in Montreal do need to be changed, but I also think there needs to be someone in charge with some common sense! A scratch won’t kill you! All dogs laws need to be the same for every breed and people need to remember who is really to blame is at the other end of the leash! Dogs do not teach themselves how to act!

  26. Author

    That’s the scratch that deemed Wicca should be put down.

  27. Wow, that is an absolutely huge scratch…NOT. I agree with admin…this scratch was what someone’s dog was put down for? You are a pathetic piece of ….. I believe in karma and what goes around comes around.

  28. From the look of that scratch I would assume she is recovering from a small bowel transplant as we speak.

    Mayor Trembly I am currently targeting a very wealthy and dog loving Japanese group who is so going to to boycott your city. And all those jobs you lose in tourism will be on your head you sanctimonious asshat.

  29. Seriously? This is the “bite” that caused Wicca’s death?! You gotta be kidding me. I have four (yes, 4) German Shepherds that love to jump on me (so they can kiss me) and have inadvertently given me worse scratches than that! Shame on the woman that told her stories of lies. Shame on the City of Montreal for being so discriminating. Elaine, PLEASE have Chris’s tickets dismissed so he can go after the city for the wrongful death of his innocent baby. Chris, we support you!! Viva Lennox and Wicca. We WILL see justice for you both, and for other BSL victims!!!

  30. To Chris; my most sincere and deepest condolences. Losing a beloved member of your family, your child… is HEARTBREAKING!!

    My husband and I have been following this story from the moment it broke out. We are DEVASTATED by the outcome, and that’s an understatement.
    We have been actively sharing links, information etc all over facebook to educate folks regarding this travesty. Many have only seen the CTV news report (which was a FARCE because they didn’t do their homework and ‘investigate’ the story… NOT impressed) and so we’ve been pointing out to many that they have been ill informed.

    My family is lucky to be graced by two beautiful and loving dogs: Triquee (Husky/Rottweiler/Doberman-Cross) and Willow (Boxer/labrador-cross, a bully breed) who are well trained and sociable dogs. They are socialized with other dogs and people and children on a regular basis (we are also the proud parents of two young girls). We socialize our dogs with other ‘rescue’ dogs that have been abandoned and awaiting their “Fur-ever” homes.

    Even at that, accidents happen. On many occasions my husband, children and myself have ALL been scratched by dogs that are overexcited and jumpy. I can say with confidence: those ‘wounds’ on the woman’s abdomen were NOT bites, but scratches. The patterning is NOT consistent with bites but VERY consistent with scratches.

    We now are living in fear…. afraid to let anyone approach our dogs ‘in case’ they get enthusiastic about greeting someone and they jump up on them. No, not fear. TERROR would be more accurate.

    Our opinion is that this case has set an EXCEPTIONALLY DANGEROUS precedent for future incidents.
    In addition, it’s going to create a more dangerous atmosphere for people. WHY????
    Because if dog owners are afraid to socialize their dogs, the dogs will then a) pick up on the owner’s tension if they’re introduced to someone and become anxious and unpredictable themselves b)unsocialized dogs are easily spooked and accidents happen.

    The City of Montreal is creating a DANGER for the public with this horrendous crime that they have commit, in MURDERING Wicca.

    As for BSL… these are my thoughts and an analogy I use frequently to educate others on the ‘wrongness’ of their judgements against Pitts.
    1 out of 2 women are assaulted/molested/raped/beaten during their lifetime. This leads you to conclude that most men are dangerous and that women are in peril. If we were to copy the BSL in this situation, and enact a “HMSL” (Human Male Specific Legislation) because HEY, in the interest of “Public safety” we must protect our womenfolk…. should we then ban men or muzzle them or euthanize them because they are a danger to women????

    On that note, Chris; my family’s thoughts are with you. You have our support. Little consolation in light of things. But we swear by Wicca, we won’t let this rest and this trajedy will not be in vain. Wicca will live forever in the hearts of many as she champions dogs everywhere for better dog-safety laws that protect EVERYONE (INCLUDING the dogs!!)

    Giant Hugs!!

  31. I am appalled and disturbed sufficiently to boycot any future visits to a city I used to love and frequent. I will urge family, friends and business associates to do the same.

    Undoubtedly the Mayor and his bureaucratic henchmen would be wasting their time to attempt to defend their position now…..their deed is done.

    If there were to be anything (aside from a draconian by-law) to justify their position, I would urge there to be an independent public enquiry to ascertain the truth in this matter.

  32. I am just disgusted!!!! I am from Montreal and I have a pit/boston terrier mix and i love him with all my heart!!!!!!i am obsessed with this story. i have been following it since it came to my attention threw FB. Chris these clowns in a shirt and tie are murders!! Pointe Finale!!!!! Makes me angry. I was so choked up when i read your status that she was put down. What a crying shame!!!!!! Keep up the good fight!! Dinamia!!!!!

  33. Let’s euthanize their kids and families for being ugly and see how they like it.

  34. Mr.Lacroix, is a killer. i dont care if he doesnt even own a gun, his gun is a pen, and he is no better than a serial killer.. he must have been a very deprived child, every night i go to bed wishing him the worlds most painfull and deadly diseases! HEY Lacroix! ROTT IN HELL A$@Hole!!!

  35. Plain & simple you were railroaded Chris! And Benoit lecroix you are a murderer, & Gerald Tremblay you are an arrogant a** and will definately not be voted mayor next time!!!! So sad that Wicca had to lose her life, & Chris had to be put through this. like he said do you think he would have brought her to court that day!!!!Not!! she would be in hiding with some sane person because we all know she was innocent! RIP WICCA! Blless you Chris!

  36. Chris, I know some might find it disturbing that you smile and even laugh sometimes. Noone who has not experienced such a situation themselves will truly understand. I can see in your expressions and your eyes that you are like in a shock situation at the moment. I myself have been smiling while being in similarly bad situations, not because I was happy, but because I tried not to cry.

    I can see how you keep moving around on your chair, all helpless and not knowing how to go on in life.

    Big injustice has happened in the city of Montreal and even bigger injustice is to come by the automatic euthanazy of dogs within 24 hours who injured humans in any kind, no matter it the person was bitten, scratched or just licked till it hurt.

    I am from Germany and I have been with you through over all the weeks, signing petitions, writing e-amils and calling the city council and the mayor for pardon Wicca.

    When I read she was dead I couldn’t stop crying for hours… all desperate.

    I am not sure if it helps you in anyway to know, that people all over the world have fought and suffered with you. But even if the pain can’t be taken off you, please be sure that we are desperatly looking for a way to change the laws. I hope it makes you at least feel a little bit better if you know, that the whole case is not staying unseen to the world. My Name is Natalie Pongracz. I am 27 years old from Germany. I am fighting BSL.

  37. Spread your wings and FLY little Wicca and get the hell out of Montreal where you can be safe! My sincere condolences to: Wicca and Chris 🙁 One word…….SAD 🙁

  38. The elements of common law MURDER are:

    1. Unlawful
    2. killing
    3. of a HUMAN
    4. by another human
    5. with malice aforethought.

    And… we’re talking about a dog here, right?

    If you want to do something “humane” head down Louisa Street, Prince Arthur or any social assistance ghetto in Cornwall and kick the asses of parents feeding their damned mastiffs, dobermans et al, premium dog food — while their children eat Agape handouts and run around in ratty shoes and Value Village clothes.

  39. To those commenting about how small the scratch is, I am appalled. It doesn’t matter how small the scratch is – had this been my daughter, I would have done everything in my power to make sure your dog was euthanized. Deep and lasting psychological injuries result from dog attacks. You may not like humans as much as your dogs, but that doesn’t mean that dogs are more important than humans. It’s just not true.

    Dogs and humans co-exist and co-habitate exclusively at the whim of their human masters.

  40. Maybe I’ve got my inner Judge Judy on but the man admits on video that he felt the need to muzzle his dog before the incident. That suggests must have had some near-miss or actual incidents before the infamous scratch. Thus it appears to be an owner issue not a dog issue – no matter the breed. Mr. P is a bit of a putz my opinion. And never mind breed prejudice, they guy’s gender prejudice, suggesting female dogs are called bitches for a reason. The City should have consulted an animal behaviour specialist to test the owner’s ability to properly train and socialize a dog. Maybe Mr. P shouldn’t be getting another one.

  41. Dear Jesse.

    So, hypothetically – your child is walking through a forest and brushes against a tree branch, which scratches her. What are you going to do? Cut the tree down? Burn it to the ground? This is your argument….sounds pretty stupid, doesn’t it?

    Don’t play psychologist. “Deep and lasting psychological injuries” result from MANY things. Why not hang the parents of children who are abused throughout their lives? Or destroy the car that slid out of control during a winter storm? How about the elevator that got stuck, trapping 9 people in it for 4 hours? You don’t think any of these have psychological effects? You’re arguing on a ridiculously steep slippery slope.

    And you’re absolutely right. Dogs are not humans, and thank god for that!

  42. @ Jesse
    Hi Jesse, hope you’ll teach your daughter how to approach a dog. It’s a better way to co-exist, co-habltate and avoid psychological injuries… That what I do with my kids and everything is fine! If your child felt from is bike do you throw away the bike and never let her have a ride again…. At my point of view that will cause psychological injuries.

    Dog will never be more important than human being but he’s man best friend for a thousand years ago. You may not like dogs but accident happen even when you play…. So human being are smart enough to judge if a dog are dangerous or not. Like we already do with criminals.

  43. It was a murder !!! the City of Montreal should be held accountable for this murder !

  44. Bravo bravo “K” on a well put comment. I couldn’t agree more!!!

    To Jesse, I have two children and, yes, they are now adults even though they had been “scratched” by overzealous dogs on numerous occasions in the past. I never even thought of having any of the dogs put down. That’s the difference between you and a lot of us. I feel sorry for any dog you own (or will own) in your life because as soon as it scratches someone you will have it put down. No wonder I love animals so much more than people…they are definitely not as pathetic!!

  45. Benoit Lacroix you will rot in Hell…..count on it!

  46. I feel very sorry for this Lady’s loss of her dog. With that said I also feel very sorry for the man who supposedly had a bight from this dog at the location of his family’s jewels I can’t imagine the pain that would be like, and perhaps the loss of normal use he may have suffered as a result. l

  47. I own 2 shafford shire Pittbulls just like Wicca …I wont explain what great dogs they are cause I already know.. To start Id like to say ppl should get educated on how to approch dogs that they dont know I have a 9 year old that we told the story too and what happend she broke down in tears, Her question was ” r they going to to this to my dogs too ” and I said HELL NO !!!
    Id like MR Benoit to explain THAT TO HER HIM SELF ! I could just imagin his respond..” Wicca jumped an scrathed someone so I killed her ‘???? way to go . show the futur generation how cruel and wrong you are. I have to say ppl are closed minded when it comes to pittbulls I argue with it least 1 or 2 ppl just by me walking with them cause they move away so fast and have a face like OMG …seriously ??? I find im always explain to idiots that its not the breed its how you raise the dog , but regardless I still get the look.
    And I think Wicca was a case of RACISM personly , its no diffrent …. This has to stop and we will do anything so that changes. Wicca you are with the mother of my dogs PUMA witch is also a pittbull may u rest in peace and hope your in a better place.And hopefully your death will bring some justice to futur Pitts out there xxxxx

  48. We have 4 dogs and lots of scratches, sometimes dogs jump up to give kisses but leave marks, big deal!
    Anyone who slaughters an animal because of the breed needs an education and a few slaps upside their head!
    All staffordshire owners know exactly how loving and affectionate the breed is. Fear of this breed is completely irrational.

  49. Dogs get such a bad rap, especially pit bulls. Meanwhile………….. NOT criminally responsible………… that doctor named Turcotte in Prevost Qc. He violently murdered his two young kids by stabbing them to death and it’s just a matter of time before he gets out, could even practice mediclne again!! This dog SCRATCHED someone and gets the death sentence? NO!!!! These assholes were hell bent on killing this dog or else why on earth would they not let Cesar take it. The woman who started this…… is a bleepen fool!

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