Letter to the Editor – Harry Valentine of Cornwall Ontario – City Beach Redux Part 2 – August 2, 2012

Since the discussion about a possible beach along Cornwall’s waterfront began, numerous people have aired their veiwpoints that support and oppose a beach along Cornwall’s waterfront. The combination of a new boat ramp at the little inlet behind the RCAF building and the waterfowl situation may discourage the development of a beach at the little inlet. There are other possibilities for a beach location and citisens will ultimately have to voice their sentiments to either support or reject an alternate beach proposal.
Some citizens have suggested a possible swim area at the inlet along the east side of St Lawrence College. It is possible to use a sumerged water pipe to divert a small volume of water current from the St Lawrence River to continually exchange water in the little inlet. Given the close proximity of the inlet to St Lawrence College, perhaps the question needs to be asked as to whether the college athletics department would have any interest in managing an outdoor swim area located right next to the college.
With regard to building breakwaters along the North Channel of the St Lawrence River, a representative from the Environmental Department of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne has requested that the river flow characteristics remain unchanged. So a beach located downstream of a breakwater would not be an option.
Cornwall could examine a beach precedent in the southern area of Ottawa, at Mooney’s Bay on the Rideau River/Canal that was originally developed by Colonel John By. Parks Canada manages major sections of the Rideau Canal and River. The beach at Mooney’s Bay in Ottawa is right next to a navigation passage. We have a canal at Cornwall that is subject to management by the Federal Government. Every summer, groups of teenagers dive into the west section of the Cornwall Canal and swim there. Despite the absence of lifeguards, the teenagers who swim in and dive into the old canal have a good water safety record.
The canal is no longer navigable and water flow rate has been reduced just enough to sustain the brook and fish spawning area at the EcoPark near the RCAF building. Originally built to a depth of 9-feet, it was deepened to between 14 and 16-feet to transit larger vessels. Federal authorities willing, there may be scope to reduce water depth along a designated section of the Cornwall Canal, and convert it into an outdoor summer recreation area. The water current is gentle and the water quality may be sightly cleaner in terms of bacteria count, than the water at the beaches at Long Sault.
The excess choloform bacteria in the river may originally have originated from the Bird Sanctuary located west of Ingleside. The river current flows from the bird sanctuary to the beach at Ingleside, then to the beaches at Long Sault. When the current moves into Lake St Lawrence, the UVA solar spectrum shines on the river water and may actually kill off a percentage of that bacteria. Many water filtration plants also use UVA radiation of kill water-borne bacteria prior to the water being distributed to the population.
It may be technically possible to install UV technology in the the pipe through which water flows from Lake St Lawrence into the Cornwall Canal. to kill off bacteria. During summer, this would result in water in the Cornwall Canal actually being a little cleaner that the beach water at Long Sault and Ingleside. When the health authorities close the beaches at Ingleside and Long Sault due to high bacteria count, the water in the Cornwall Canal may actually have a low enough bacteria count to allow for swimming.
There will have to be further discussion in regard to developing a possible beach along a section of the old Cornwall Canal, where water depth has been reduced.

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  1. I thank Mr. Valentine for the wisdom expressed in his letter. This The idea of a beach/swimming area in Lamoureux Park interests me too, but it is not in the Waterfront Plan 2007 approved by city council and the public. The major project in this document is the redevelopment of the high city park with great views located just east of the marina. The plan is to make it user friendly like Blockhouse Island in Brockville, so even on a sunny January day people can drive up onto the site. They will be able to stay in their cars and enjoy a coffee and the river view, or stroll along a riverfront promenade.
    The city waterfront committee has pissed away two years of a four-year-mandate on a failed project on the parking lot east of the Civic Complex. It’s time to finish Lookout Point-Pointe Maligne Lookout east of the marina. Away donc! Let’s Go!

  2. Who was driving the school bus? Jamie?

  3. Author

    I know. It was the first beach photo I could find 🙂

  4. Please tell us that Fitz wasn’t trying to park the bus.

  5. Gerry Flaherty Your right and your wrong on our Public Park the 2011 W/F Com should have had a public meeting on that issue a year and a half ago, and yes Pointe Maligne (Look OUT Park) still remains an outstanding issue. It seems this group didn’t grasp what previous W/F Com. had envisioned to up grade our beautiful park. It appears this group in there rush to build a Condo Project pushed for (in error) parking lot east of Civic Center for a starter. Perhaps if that was successful Pointe maligne would be next on the radar screen. This 2011 W/F Com. after the defeat they received are effectively DEAD IN THE WATER (certainly gun shy) not wanting to meet the public especially on this issue that they don’t agree with. City Council would be required to force the issue upon them.

  6. A beach is a great idea. Location and implementation just need to be ironed out but this idea is feasible and would only contribute to our waterfront!

    Kudos to you Mr. Valentine for stepping up! We should encourage ideas and discuss them more often! This is how we will start to grow!

    Yes we can! Not No we can’t because…………too easy to say no!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  7. I would like the people of Cornwall to see Mooney’s Bay and we go near there every day and so very beautiful indeed. I personally am not a beach person but I am one who loves to sit under a tree in the shade. I do like this idea for children especially and for adults who like that kind of thing and I would welcome it except that you are putting this in the wrong place. I remember way back as a child the old St. Lawrence Park where there are those cottages east of St. Lawrence College. I remember Mr. Flanigan who looked after that park. I remember a man who is now living in the west of Canada commenting about how he remembers that park back in the 50’s era and those were good memories. I remember the boat tours as well that took people out to see the seaway. Those were very good memories.

    I was in Cornwall today and so pretty and serene. I don’t want to see overbuilding to destroy the beauty. My husband commented on that and my own daughter came out with the words to me today: “Mom if only there were jobs in Cornwall it would be a nice place to live.” Keep Cornwall beautiful and be careful what you build and where you build it. If you overbuild in an area you ruin and even destroy the beauty. That waterfront is so beautiful and prescious and you don’t go and build along that area. You want those stupid condos go and build them on Water Street. You have a lot of nice scenery so don’t spoil it. I would like to see the beach down where those cottages are located (houses) where Mr. Flanagan used to look after that park.

    Today I saw a houseboat going by on the St. Lawrence River and it reminded me so much of Ottawa. You have so much potential and don’t destroy the beauty folks I mean that. Everybody that I met as tourists in Cornwall have praised the parks and the river. Keep it beautiful.

  8. I well agree with the ‘keep the parks beautiful. No question there, yet does that mean no change can ensue as long it enhances and compliments that beauty? A few reference Moodies Bay. Do you recall how beautiful it was before it’s creation? Change is never easy yet if one has a unified vision to the good of the community, change can happen. I still hold to the view that the ‘Inlet Beach’ idea is central to the enhancement of Lamoureaux Park, cental to the prim-most reason for a park.
    Ideas expressed here and elswhere avoid this ,central, focus.
    Some see out of the way swim holes such as the old canal whileothers spring board us back to the old St. Lawerence Park by the college. Neither are ‘central’ or today ,inviting, to the community overall. Neither are they inviting to a tourist attraction that would see an influx to the greater downtown region either.
    Just because an unintended ‘oversight’ in the approved 2007 Waterfront Plan by city council does not preclude that this ‘new’ drive has no merit. The committee of the day was not cognicent of such an idea to the extent this new drive has raised the issue.

    Focusing on one of the most central reasons for seting up a beach at the inlet point draws on the splash pad ‘high use’ success’s as would a beach tie in with that great idea. Washrooms are already in place whch would save considerable extra expense.

    Certainly brings challenge for change to a new meaning.

  9. The make up of the W/F Com’s prior to 2011 having a cross section of our taxpayers seriously considered what they thought to be in the best interest of our ratepayers.They certainly weren’t what is now refered to as the CONDO W/F COM. That group have displayed complete disregard for our Water Front Plan.They are a group stuck on themselves with thoughts only to look after their own Business interests or that of there friends. To bad but thats the way I see it.Credit must be given to Don Debank (a straight shooter)who brought forth the idea of expanded parking etc. behind the band shell, Don was member of a previous W/F COM. Watch who might wrongly try to take credit for that one.

  10. Geese perhaps are part of the shutting down of beachs, but not here because we have not had any kind of a officially sanctioned Cornwall beach since pre 1970’s or even befor pre Seaway/ Saunders Damn project in the 1950’s.

    As far as the W/F Committee’s recent condo motives, I see that as past mistakes and now we move on, by the people (incl. W/F Com.) for the good of all the people.

    I do NOT ascribe personally to alternate mediocre
    swimming ‘holes’ other than the ‘Inlet Beach’ Project idea. GO BIG OR GO HOME, anything ‘out of the way’ or ‘short sell’, ‘short sighted’ is out of the question with myself.

    We have the best spot of any right in the very center of our beautiful Lamoureaux Park. YES, THERE ARE PROS AND CONS. This is why we need to get together with work arounds for the problem issues turning them into oppoetunities,

    Marketing Cornwall with a safe, clean ‘large beach, will enhance the park and cornwall like no other project I can forsee at this time. It is inviting. It falls in sync with the splash pad. It invites opportunities to rent large sun shade umbrellas and other swimming and beach parfinalia. At the top end of the beach there is room for a volley ball court and other activity center venues. There already is a keyosk for lunchables, drinks etc. besides the RCAF Wing for the adults.

    NO, I will NOT take part in any other area proposals. After speaking and inquiring with at least 100 citizens I get a resounding positive response to this project. It’s about time, its so important to the city. So many other cities have done this with much success. Its the culmination of the waterfront, etc.
    Barrie did a project like this years ago and have had great succes with building its tourist trade as a result. It has become more of a ‘go to city’ than it was before AS WE WILL!


  11. Mr. Don Deebank is a very nice gentleman and we hired his company years ago to move us from Ottawa to Cornwall. He personally came to our apartment to take an estimate on how much stuff we had to haul back. His men and his daughter were great and we never forgot the very good service rendered to us.

    I would like to see a nice improvement in Lamoureux Park and it is good to have those little kiosques for snacks. We have that at one of the parks where we go on a daily basis but only in the summer. People cross country ski and do snow shooing in the winter here in Ottawa. Even at Mooney’s Bay they do these winter sports. Another nice place here in Ottawa is Dows Lake and when my husband’s nephew lived here and I finished work with the government he would take us in the car many times and so nice to see the boats go by.

    Beaches are closed a lot because of e-coli and there are geese here that inhabit the water but in my opinion it also has to do with the changing of the climate. Where we walk there is no water running and the water level is very low.

    Yesterday when we drove on Water Street a beautiful breeze blew and felt so good. We were impressed with Lamoureux Park but you need the people to go there and we didn’t see people while driving by. People should go and enjoy the beautiful park and scenery. There is a beautiful park that you have on Boundary Road as well and forget the name of it and that is a great place for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. You people are so lucky because Cornwall is very small and you can even walk to places unlike here in Ottawa which is too big.

    What people need are jobs but unfortunately the economy is very bad. My daughter will soon be finished of the job she has now and will be searching for another. She has to spend three hours on buses alone to get out to her job and it is way too far and even the staff members could hardly believe it.

    Here in Ottawa they use every inch of land just like in Toronto and all big cities and the land costs more than what your imagination can run with. They build and build and the place becomes ugly looking because of over building.

    I can assure you that young people left because they had to work and it still continues to happen. My husband comes from a big city and he loves Cornwall best. My husband keeps telling us here that Cornwall may be connected to Ottawa within ten years and if that happens WOW there would go the taxes, etc. beyond belief. I sure don’t want to see that happen to Cornwall.

  12. Dukers1 Unable to get on board as you suggest as I believe you to be all wet on this one.By the way previous W/F Coms talked about a beach. Suggest you do as you offered to others take your idea and go home, and I’am not shouting at you. This plan will never come about.

  13. You are right Duckers1 the more I thought about it the more sense it sounds to have the beach at Lamoureux Park. Yes the old St. Lawrence Park would be a bit out of the way.

    Someone posted the map where Mooneys Bay is and I also saw where I live here in Ottawa. We go out to the Mooneys Bay area every day but we have another park where we go and walk and it is owned by the NCC and very clean and beautiful. The park where we go is right near Mooney’s Bay. It is far enough from where we live – have to go by car or bus. Cornwall is small and people can walk to Lamoureux and all over the place. We don’t have that kind of luck here in Ottawa – way too big.

    If you have a little shack where people can get chips, drinks, etc. that would be good. That is what they have in the park where we walk everyday rain or shine, snow, etc. Cornwall needs a mixture of everything for everyone. People were in Mooneys Bay today and are always in the park where we go and people here enjoy the parks. People here in Ottawa are always out running, jogging, walking, cross country skiing, and snow shoeing. I say to everyone get out and enjoy yourselves – it is a healthy lifestyle.

    Yes the washrooms are already built at Lamoureux Park and part of the plan is already in place.

  14. Believe Me, I respect your right to hold a position. All wet is what we 4200.0want to be, with the best proposal possible. ONE of the key ingredients to the Inlet Beach idea was that we already have in place three parking lots with ease of access with short walks that would be all that is needed initially. As use improves over time so would parking considerations. Each thought and step suggested would evolve over time as needs would require. Changing locations are also a part of the equation as are washrooms, lifeguards and regular beach and fauna maintenance.
    Combined (storm) sewer overflows (CSO’s) do not appear an issue in the Inlet Beach area but may in the othe two areas considered to the east and west, sediments and approvals as well as a location building will need to be considered and costed out. These would be less practical in the somewhat secluded locations suggested in previous studies (1993 and previous) since the Saunders project, and in wishful, nostalgic thinking (ie. St. Lawerence Park idea).
    For example a building such as needed for a beach project to house a facilities area for lifeguard services, male and female washrooms and change rooms as well perhaps as a family room could be accommodated on the west edge facilitated with plumbing and electrical drawn from the RCAF Wing and could possibly have an extended deck on its roof extended from its current deck. My initial personal but not confirmed estimate for this facility would be approx. $200.0. to $300.0.
    I think we are looking at a completed site costs as envisioned as $1,000.0.plus $50.0 to $60.0 per year. Before you choke, I would also tentatively estimate the spinoff rewards
    For market development sin offs and the overall Cornwall area and physical health of the community as 10 fold to priceless.
    The geese will move on with much people traffic to interfere, as well as the sand not being as accommodating as the grasses for them. The flew and other UV strategies will keep a regular water replacement flow for clearing e-coli concerns as well as regular health board water inspections/reporting will assure the public of our water clarity. The top end of the beach area also offers a neighbour hood watch with regular biking, walker/runner, lounger, viewing points, of the lower beach as an added natural security lookout measure that would not be there for other considered beach locations. This in turn would help lower policing costs.
    I am impressed and amazed with the number of us who show real interest in a beach project. Would you kindly validate, as I have been trying to do, your cost/facilitation thoughts on alternate areas similar to that which I have done. No question about it, all of this and more would have to measure up to the W/F committee securitization, the Planning and Recreation Department and more important, the approval/acceptance of the permits needed and the three levels of government, in particular our own city council.
    Protocols are important and appropriate here for measures and community desires to be set in place. We are looking at a few years of volunteer and professional solutions.
    On a walk through the park just today I came across 8 couples. One pair were from Cornwall, worked here and just loved the idea. The other six were from Vancouver, Montreal (bikers on their way to Toronto, yes, Toronto), Pennsylvania, Ottawa and Brockville. All could not understand why we did not have a beach off such a beautiful park.
    It is past time to focus my friends, central to all amenities.

  15. Jules added that this idea appears sound to her. As for a snack shake, we do have one by the splash pond. I’m not sure of the contract restraints however, a moble unit as in use for many construction sites may also desire to come to the beach area as well.
    Thank you.
    Dave Windsor

  16. There are geese in the Mooneys Bay area here in Ottawa and we rarely have them in the NCC park where we walk. There are people who do rafting and small boating in that area of Mooneys Bay and the geese are generally around the small boats. We see the odd malards as well nearby. Every now and then Mooneys Bay gets closed because of e-coli and so do other beaches. This is good for families and a good idea to put through. Lamoureux Park is a lovely place to go and when we are in Cornwall we go there. We will be back next month in Cornwall.

  17. Harry Valentine for councilor, I like his can do mind set

  18. Dukers1 It appears you have put a great deal of thought to this inlet beach project. Your comments refer to 3 parking lots already in place that your group can just take over for beach parking how nice of your group. I would suggest to you that idea won’t sit very well with those persons who need and use those parking spots already. I was at the Wing recently and 30 geese came up that inlet and then up the bank they went to feed on the grass how would you propose to solve that problem? Still believe this project to be a no brainer at any rate have a nice day.

  19. Believe Me, Did you read all of Dukers1 letter, Remove the grass, turn it to sand, the geese will eat grass at another location up stream. The area in question is a very short walk from the complex. The parking lot is vacant most days. Keep the ideas coming folks. Some people just can’t see past their nose.

  20. There are plenty of geese here in Ottawa but the small places like Cornwall bears the brunt of it all. If I were in the city of Cornwall as a mayor or above I would enquire to Ottawa how to control the geese population. These birds are an infestation everywhere. I had a good laugh one time when someone posted a picture down in the state of Georgia when they had a bad neighbor and in that yard of that neighbor was a gaggle of geese to add to the problem. Something has to be done that is for sure. It is like “tiptoeing through the tulips” on the bike path and the lawn. A few days ago when we were down in Cornwall at the back of the Civic Complex was “doggy doo doo” so between the geese and the dogs there will be plenty of problems. I love dogs and all animals but I sure do see quite a problem. So many people have no consideration even here in Ottawa you see people like that. We have to look at every step we take because you don’t know when you will come across that.

  21. willie 191 Perhaps I do have a long nose but I’am still able to see clearly that which some of you out there are reluctant to see or understand. It isn’t just the Geese that are ruining our Beautiful park It’s inconsiderate dog owners who refuse to pick up that which their dogs leave behind. It seems to me your group aren’t at all respectful of the RCAF wing as they recently installed dock facilities at the very spot in question . The big boat dock & ramp are without question the very best in this area & if it’s to remain the best parking must be left alone it’s just not reasonable to expect the City of Cornwall to bow to this suggestion of a beach there. Have a nice day.

  22. “Believe Me” even here in Ottawa at the NCC park just next to Mooney’s Bay people are inconsiderate but not all. There are very hefty fines for people who do not pick up after their pets. Everything is posted. They even have posted “no electric or powered scooters or powered bikes” and I did see a few at first but after didn’t see anymore. During the winter months is when you see dog droppings the most. There is a company here that looks after those parks along with the government buildings and none of the employees are unionized. They make $16./hour according to what one man told us a few years ago. The work is done superbly and without people grumbling about unions. Unionized workers do not do such a good job like the city workers who just stand around looking stupid with one doing all the work. There is one young man who is studying horticulture and doing this job as well and he looks after trees and plants, etc. Everything is in its proper place. They have hired people to make up a better retaining wall in some places where it was drastically necessary. Hiring privately is the way to go.

    The problem in Cornwall is that there are no real by-laws and it is a joke when it comes to this. Tougher laws are needed to have discipline among the people. Cornwall is a good place to raise a family and quiet. Even my daughter said yesterday coming back from getting stuff for her lunches “Ottawa has so much stress with the traffic and Cornwall is a lot more calm.”

    Cornwall has a lot of potential and that is the truth and it is situated in the right place where it is near major cities and the US for trade. The thing that I stress here is that Cornwall needs a much better mayor, administration and council for improvement to happen. As long as it stays as a “good ole boyz club” it will never change. People who run for these jobs have to have very good vision, a very good ability to listen to his team members and be able to be honest with the public and seak their approval or disapproval and not throw something on that people cannot handle or done improperly like that polluted “tax mahal” you call a Benson Centre and with illegal funds. A complete overhall of the city has to be done and there are no buts or maybes but all this has to be done for the good of the city.

    Yes Cornwall is beautiful and the people who live there cannot see the same thing as people who live elsewhere and go to see it. Here it is hustle and bustle and traffic that would drive anybody nuts.

    Cornwall needs jobs desparately and people have to learn to be good drawing cards to the community. It is the people who make up the community.

  23. Believe Me, I respect and understand your POV, Addressing the dog issue does pose a problem. However, it is a problem that can be solved by park attendants, be it a volunteer or paid position. The boat ramp, if necessary, could also be re-located. However, further study would be required.
    The RCAF Wing has been a topic in our local media due to lack of members/customers. With a beach in their back yard, this will increase their sustainability to prosper.
    Note: I am not a member of this Waterfront Committee or any other committee. Only politically connected people are appointed to the committees.

  24. There is one more thing that I wanted to add. Someone here said about the parking lot not being used half of the time. We were in that parking lot on Thursday and not many cars there. The complex itself was completely empty. That complex brings good memories where I used to go and watch hockey games when my children were teenagers and now they are adults. The complex is a great place to go and it should be utilized by the public. The complex is situated in the right place and has a swimming pool attached. Here in Ottawa you have to go far to get somewhere and you people are lucky that everything is close by. We used to go to the Clifford Bowey pool here in Ottawa on Kitchener Street which was a school for disabled children and still is but is no longer a pool for the public. Take advantage of what you have people and you are lucky to be able to get around and that is something that we don’t have here in Ottawa is the easy access to get around without spending long hours on buses and cars that they drive like the Autoban in Germany but get into daily collisions. Take advantage of your beautiful facilities and be respectful of them as well.

  25. jules Gosh really sorry your on to unions now do agree however that city union employees ( some of ) don’t know the meaning of work let alone do do much of it .Union talk for another day perhaps. Moving the excellent facility ( boat ramp & dock ) just to look after a parking solution for a proposed beach is insane. Please have a good weekend or whats left of it.

  26. An earlier suggestion for paving over perfectly good parkland went like this;
    “people can drive up onto the site. They will be able to stay in their cars and enjoy a coffee and the river view”

    Frankly a lot of suggestions are in the same vein.

    Wouldn’t it be better to just hold on to what is already free to be walked on and enjoyed, and or revitalize the areas that are in need of rehabilitation from their industrial days?

    Because if one looks at a Google map of Cornwall there is a huge green swath of green along our shoreline outside of Lamoureux Park (and Pte. Maligne). But that land isn’t under our control yet. That should be first and foremost for the citizens of Cornwall… get title to that land.

    Light a fire under our comfortable MP, and have him move Transport Canada, and the Seaway, and any other government agency to put what already belongs to us under our control.

    That what to aim at developing… so lets go ahead and stop talking about carving up and paving little Lamoureux Park — let’s get hold of that abused land (that we as Canadians already own) and put it right.

    By the way… the general lack of interest shown up until now, is costing us about 50 acres of available land next to the river, being taken up by the new bridge approaches and intersection construction — and it’s as good as official (just ask Kilger; and I just may call him on it if he lies) — Canada Border Services is moving to the old Domtar site. It will be announced as temporary, then followed with permanent construction.

  27. If the old Domtar site is in fact going to be home for CBS as Simon is suggesting I believe that would be great news for Corn. Your other point appears to be about POINTE MALIGNE on that I’ll get back to later.

  28. Correction: 15 acres not 50 acres

  29. A lot of input has come our way both positive and welcomed opportunities for addressing concerns. Believe Me, I can understand your concerns. The RCAF Wing is a hoghly respected and involved group in our Community. Witness their fortunate location a hihe end high focus position within Lamoureaux Park. The boat ramp and the parking as well of course their recent inlet docking are proof positive of all of who they are and who they represent. They represent the good citizens of Cornwall. Though I have not yet read their Mission Statement believe me it is to show and tell all they have invested in great meals and a ‘home’ to be shared by its participants and our citizen. No one,
    least of all me would declare or upstage their good works. All said in this blog is said for discussion purposes, non specific as we ebb and flow with all ideas, yes, even my own.
    Right now Cornwall does not have a beach area. Lamoureaux Parks premise is for non intrusive public access. That is no more obstructive structures blocking the pristine beauty of our waterfront.

    A beach on the other hand flows with all of the above needs and can only enhance each and every need for our citizens as an almost overdue and expected facility. Expected is a key completion culminating in possibly the best and last facility we can all enjoy.

    The geese will move on once sand and people infiltrate the area. Another ‘quickly launched tirade to me personally was ‘you NOT suggesting we cut down any trees are you?’ We all love trees for their natural beauty and enhancement of our park, so do the geese and ducks for shade. More trees could be planted in the area to accommodate replacement and if it can be determined that a beach project can move forward without this exchange idea then we would accommodate.

    I roughly measured off 330 feet of beach on the north side and possibly, as Mr. Harry Valentines drawing above would indicate another 200 or so feet on the south shore of the inlet.

    The Inlet Beach itself will need some minor dredging for clean up as well as the above rendition shows some shoreline work will need to be done. All of this will no doubt be a cost out if forwarded to the Planning and Recreation Department with consideration of using city public works men and equipment relative to contracting all or parts of this project. Then comes the fund raising fun time looking for grant monies as well as donations.


    As far as parking concerns, thank you all for your input. Current parking at the RCAF Wing is in itself inadequate for what I am proposing yet for now and until this can physically be shown I would not change any of the parking facilities for now. So much of the Civic complex is spotty in its consistency of fullness and timing is not necessarily day time for when most beach activity would take place. Like anything else there are pros and cons and your continued inputs are welcomed.

    I plan on submitting this site too the Waterfront Committee as well as to council. No doubt council will defer to the Waterfront Committee for a more formal review and if deemed appropriate, submission themselves to city council for further approvals.

    There is of course through out it all the possibility of total intransient road blocks or as I would call the ‘spoiler adhoc committees’ that as usual abhor any change’ out of their fears of a different day is stressful and upsetting. We shall see as time and effort continue.

    Thank you Mr. Harry Valentine for you vast knowledge of the St. Lawrence River and input in both this second entry and your first a few weeks ago. Thank you to all the bloggers for your concerns and additional ideas. Those in particular written in by Gerry Flaherty, Believe Me, Mike Bedard, jules, Eric, willie191 and Simon.

    Thank you all.

  30. All my thank yous overlooked ‘Admin.’ Without this site we would have been at a lose. Thank you too Fitz and Jamie.
    Cornwall Free News (CFL) is definitely proving an extremely valuable site for citizens input.

  31. Simon Pointe Maligne ( that beautiful property east of the Marina & south of Bergeron dr.) . It was never an intention to pave over this property the idea was to make a proper roadway up to that site which would up grade that park & make it more user friendly similar to the Block Island Park in Brockville. Many points of historic importance have occured there. Sir john johnson’s survey party arrived there in1784 to map out the town site. Dr.Darby Bergin was on that site attending to those persons with Cholera as was Roderick Macdonald together they cured 182 & 52 died there.Dr. Bergin was a Col. of the 59th Infantry battalion for 17yrs. This man also was appointed the 1st Surgeon General of Can Army. I believe we owe it to them & ourselves to honor them by finishing this park

  32. Putting that piece of parkland back into a state that more closely resembles the time and events being memorialized would be a most honourable endeavour.

    Paving up to, or into a site like our waterfront is quite unnecessary.

    And please no more paving over parkland and calling it a parking opportunity. That is a despicable spin on destroying our greenspace …shame on you K.

  33. Simon A good part of the thought re Pointe Maligne ( a road way up & parking etc ) was because we have an aging population & they wouldn’t be able to enjoy otherwise. A good deal of roadway allowance could & should be compensated by using material to widen the park. It should be noted that 30 thousand dollars has been spent so far on this park up grade plan that was stopped cold by 2011 W/F com. This plan was to go next to a meeting for public input only. That didn’t happen & W/F Com Wanted to build a Condo east of the civic center on the parking lot. It should be understood that this project could proceed without the City having ownership of the land. This begs the question why is this proposed plan being held up.

  34. Pointe Maligne is a worthwhile concern too. It would probably be better served if you develop it with in its own separate letter to the editor. I would be happy to include input at that point (pun intended) but we must stay on topic with the beach issues here as not to maligne those interested in the Inlet Beach.
    Perhaps it is time for Admin to pull this block inout to this cause for now as well.

  35. To “Believe Me”, I do not understand the last part of your blog above, states a question as to why is this proposed plan being is being held up?
    Am I in the understanding that you would like to see the condo being built there?
    Have a nice day.

  36. A beach at Lamoureux Park is very feasible
    The area that is west of the boat launch could be changed into a beach instead of a wet land for water fowl
    The area is fed by the Cornwall Canal (water from above the dam)
    This would insure the safety of all users at this beach
    Swimmers would not have worry about the currents of the river or overflows of sewage or debris coming from the hydro dam

  37. Educate me folks. Is Pointe Maligne the spot where the old police club was located and also where it is near the baseball grounds. I remember that property where the old police club was and that is a mighty beautiful piece of property. We felt sad when the club left. That is a prime piece of land indeed. I do not want any trees ripped out at all. Here in Ottawa they are planting trees all over town. Like I said before I am one who loves to sit under a tree on a bench but I also like to see a beach for people and to encourage tourism and also for families to have instead of having to go out of town. This is a good idea indeed.

  38. Jamie, please allow this spell corrected note to replace my former one….Thank you Sir:

    bigfellow, I am getting the feeling that Believe Me is out to malign the beach proposal as his concern about the Pointe Maligne bike path is sage old pre the current Waterfront committee and has nothing in common with the discussions of this particular blog.

    It would be nice to have him/her participate with the current Waterfront Committee or even a run for a council seat He does appear sure of his own directions. It would also be nice to see specific and appropriate thinking from this intelligent yet maligned, for some reason, ideas regarding a beach. Even if they were negative specific reasoning wouldbe greatly appreciated.

    I also wonder what play Akwasasne may have in this process as well as the fathers of our RCAF Wing. I have heard that some people here were maligned with this idea. Lets hear from these good folks too. The pollution of the inlet by boaters is a question that has been raise to me, especially while there are turtles living here. Turtles could ultimately be moved to the Rotary eco gardens if a beach does ensue. The entire beach could encompase three sides in a horseshoe effect as well, sanded throughout.

    A concern about the trees brings up another enhancement to fit in an architectural plan. At least thre tree sets on the north side can be surrounded by a semi circle of decking with sitting areas under the shade of the trees, as well at least at one point on the south side.

    Without question fully 90% of persons I have talked too like this Inlet Beach very much. I believe that if council were to run on this in the next election rather than trying to get voters to back up more condos they would get very high percentage of the voters supporting the beach…..public input, public assess and usage, family orientated, participatory, marketable, etc, etc.

  39. I just read a piece of history that I never knew about Cornwall that “Believe Me” wrote. Yes I think that something must be done with Pointe Maligne in honor of that Dr. Bergin and the other man who did the survey. No wonder the street called Bergin Avenue. Thanks Believe Me for bringing that one forward.

    The Waterfront Committee can put their condos in areas where there are no parks. Parks are no place for a condo. Another thing is to build low rise condos like what Mr. Markell built on Water Street and that is the way to go. In case of emergency senior citizens could not make it out on time let alone young people.

  40. AUG 6 2012 of “Believe Me” blog of which I was referring to, “Dukers1”, I asked a question to “Believe Me”, so where is my answer from “Believe Me”?
    My question was ” Am I in the understanding that you would like to see the condo being built there?
    Have a nice day.

  41. Big Fellow – No condo’s Pointe Maligne . Jules- Yes Pointe Maligne is the location where the Old Police Club once stood. Dukers- Not able to go with separate letter (I D). Not really trying to malign the Beach proposals only giving my thoughts regarding them. Further as Pointe Maligne remains an outstanding issue with W/F Com. & City council ( past two years ) I’d like to get them moving SAP. I see beach proposals as a diversion to that objective . RE JAMIE As a taxpayer I feel ashamed that mayor kilger & some councilors & through their friends are cutting you off of advertising dollars that you deserve to be getting.Shame on them. Some Irish History tomorrow .

  42. Thank you ‘Believe Me’/bigfellow and jules. I will step asside for now with the Inlet Beach as we have exhausted most points. More follow up to come later.

    I do see unfinished business with Pointe Maligne or with respect, arrogance of oversight on the part of Mayor and or W.F. Comimttee. These two groups work well together for the most part and may simply be re educated abou what the ‘people’ not the corporations want to develope in/on these ‘public’ (our joint) park lands. On your behalf I give over to your need to express. Perhaps these two groups , counc/w/f/c have foreseen it as finished. Still like to hear your historic review and direction of your ideas there. What I have heard you say does sounds as a need to add dignity to Pointe Maligne if funds can be raised.

    Take care and again, thank you for your input up to now for thoughs you and others have given re ‘Inlet Beach’ ideas too.


  43. Daniel Bergin second gen. Roman Catholic Irishman area M/P (Conservative) for many yrs, a bachelor, very much involved in horse racing listed as being one of the top men in that field , as was his brother a local lawyer. Bergin Lake was so named to honor him as was a local street.The lake( Now underwater) was in Mille Roche across from Provincial Paper Mill there . Daniel Bergin was held in such high esteem that when he passed on in 1896 a funeral service for him took place at St.Columbans Church between 7 & 8 thousand persons either attended or were part of the Funeral Procession to Flanagans Point for burial .(Glen Walter) A very impressive grave marker can be seen there .When Pointe Maligne Look Out park comes to be, recognition to this man should be made

  44. “Believe me” I am not for moving the boat docks at all for a parking facility. There is plenty of excellent parking right where it is. The parking all over at the complex and the RCAF wing is empty a lot of the times. People who are in wheelchairs can just take out their chair and wheel towards the beach area.

    I would like to see trees planted as well – that is my thing and enjoy watching people swim and boats going by. Picnic spots are another idea. A lot of people stopped BBQuing here on their own even though people bbq in the NCC park because of the weather this year – so mighty dry.

    We just came back from our friends who live in a house nearby and they have grapes growing and no grapes this summer because of the very dry season. People have to be mighty careful about fires.

  45. Limited to no interference with the boat docks is a must. The only one that may need revision either for a beach or for the turtles being poluted with the gas engines of boates using the inlet. Bad plan.
    If and that is a big if at this point folks as nothing is cast yet, if the Inlet Beach becomes the most encouraging option then the turtles would have to be moved to the Eco-Gardens pond.

    Absolutly no car parking will be allowed where the boaters place their trailers and trucks while fishing. That much is a no brainer unless someone comes up with a switch-erou by enlarging to the other side where cars are alowed in order to have cars near the beach. FAR TO SOON TO GO THAT FAR with our thinking caps.

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