Jeff Brunet & Alkaline Entertainment CASH in at The Port Theatre in Cornwall Ontario – August 6, 2012

CFN – It was a balmy night in Cornwall Ontario that saw the venerable old Port Theater host its first live event in over 60 years as Jeff Brunet of Alkaline Entertainment delivered Ring of Fire – A Johnny Cash Experience.

Over 350 people lined Montreal Road as they attended the concert which was licensed thanks to Remington’s.

It was double trouble for Brunet as he packed up the band and delivered them to Lancaster Park where they played to an even larger house the next night!

He’s loving Andy Vickers (Johnny Cash) and his band so much that he’s now repping the band!

It was awesome!  I’m blown away at how great The Port was as a venue and I’m hoping to bring more shows this year!  Cornwall Rocks!

Brunet also singled out Councilor Maurice Dupelle for attending and supporting the Venue.      And that’s what it all was about as many in Cornwall are hoping to save the old Theatre and revitalize it.   Already the roof has been fixed; ceiling repaired.

I want to see it painted and that Marquee light up again!

You have to hand it to everyone that made the event a total success and brightened up a Friday night in Cornwall Ontario!

Pictures and files from Jacqueline Milner of .

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  1. I was very happy to support the efforts to restore the Port while enjoying the evening out with my mother who is a Johnny Cash fan and the show was excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job Jeff Cornwall needs more entertainment shows like this one.

  2. The Standard Freeholder Hits NEW LOW

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    Why do I always have to find out the real details at the Cornwall
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    Freeholder Try digging a little harder of course they close comments on all stories as of 7.30pm today..
    Ottawa police are investigating possible Cornwall victims in a fraud case that involves a man alleged to have posed as a lawyer.

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    Shah, also known as Deep Singh Shah, represented at least two different clients.

    But investigators believe there may be other victims, including in the Cornwall area, according to Ottawa Police Det. Tracy Turpin.

    “Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of information,” she said.

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