7,730,910 Reasons For you to be Seen on The Cornwall Free News – Numbers for August 13, 2012

CFN – We all want to stand out like that Princess Pug above.  In today’s age it’s not enough to have a website, facebook page, twitter account and advertise in traditional media.   If you’re not online streaming your clients to your business or service where are you?

Tired of paying outrageous amounts for Radio, Print, or traditional Television?    Call The Cornwall Free News at 613 361 1755 and find out how far your limited ad & marketing budget can go!

Page Views for 2012

7,730,910 !!

January 789,853

February 803,798

March 1,042,456

April 1,219,729

May 1,229,294

June 1,373,750

July 1,272,030

Are you spending over $500 for a one shot in a freebie paper sent out to 36,000 doors that’s seldom read?  Do you know if your ad is even being seen?

Consumable ads on radio?  How many of those do you have to buy to make that work?

Print ads in broadsheets with less than 10,000 subscribers?   If you truly want to be seen you need visibility and you need to know that you’ve been seen.

You need creative focused ads that target your clients before your competitors get to them.

Call the Cornwall Free News at 613 361 1755 if you’re in Cornwall, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Brockville, Kingston, Morrisburg, Massena, Valleyfield, and just about all parts in between and find out what CFN can do for you!

Canadian Alexa Rankings for Eastern Ontario

1) Cornwall Free News (ranked #7 overall of all websites for the City of Cornwall! )

2) thewhig.com (Kingston)

3) Standard-freeholder.com

4) recorder.ca (Brockville)

5) Cornwalldaily.com (corus radio Cornwall)

6) thelocalseeker.com

7) Cornwallseawaynews.com ( Trans Con)

Our Top 20 Cities for the Last 30 Days!

1) Cornwall

2) Ottawa

3) Toronto

4) Montreal

5) Kingston

6) Presscott

7) Vankleek Hill

8.) Don Mills

9) NYC

10) Morrisburg

11) Carlton Place

12) Hawksbury

13) Edmonton

14) Vancouver

15) Brockville

16) Calgary

17) Hull

18) Carp

19) Hamilton

20) London, ON

Over 85% of our Top 20 traffic comes from Ontario – Can you get any more INTENSELY LOCAL?

Call the Cornwall Free News for your Banner Ad, TV Commercial, or other creative ways to get your message out to Ontario!

Call us at 613 361 1755

or call Don Smith at 613 932 8952



  1. If I had a business, this would be the first place that I would do my advertising. Can’t beat those view numbers! Way to go Free News!!!!!

  2. Author

    Thanks Lolochuck. Believe it or not because of the boycotts there are businesses we offered an ad to for only $1 that refused. One claimed that Cornwall is a small town. Could you imagine? Do they think that I or anyone that knows about this would buy a car in this small town from them? Another biz claims to push the “Buy Local” theme while refusing to actually do that themselves? They actually advertise the “Buy Local” on non local radio! Again, not a crime, and we continue to grow and build in this community. Thank you so much for your continued support.

  3. Hi Jamie,

    Congratulations on the views when will it hit 8,000,000 ?
    What is with NEW YORK being #9 on TOP 20 cities?

    #1 in Eastern Ontario
    #7 local Cornwall .

    Its a passion for you !
    Thanks to the amount of public commitment and loss of sleep on your part ,we have and independent voice for the people .

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