Corus Radio Cornwall Cars Tire Slashed! Rock n Roll is Vicious game! August 13, 2012

CFN – The Cornwall Ontario radio station woke up to two vehicles with slashed tires this morning!

No word on whether a police report was filed.

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Rock and Roll is a vicious game.   Hopefully Cornwall Police catch the perps!




  1. This is not sport. Last Friday morning, Aug. 10, a neighbor of mine in the east end (Anthony St.) awoke to find his Jeep had a flat tire, and his wife’s car parked next to it had two flat tires.
    Cornwall Police came by and did a report and hopefully can do something about it. This is unheard of where I live… perhaps there is a link with the damage to the radio station cars.

  2. That’s the problem with being in that part of town wrong place to put a business in this city to many welfare cases druggies and to many that like to destroy property that doesn’t belong to them it was problem some teen hacked up on booze and drugs

  3. Sadly,

    Many refer to that area of town as “french harlem”….

    Cornwall leaders should have a better vision for development & social needs.

    Hence,having a beach would help improve waterfront!

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