The Search Begins to Replace Cornwall Ontario’s $1.4 Million Dollar CAO Paul Fitzpatrick – Council Buzz for August 13, 2012

CFN – Council is back tonight in Cornwall Ontario after their summer break and front and centre is a report for the process to replace Paul Fitzpatrick, the $1.4 Million Dollar man and subject of secret city investigation over his alleged conduct with another City Manager amongst other things….

Oddly enough the city is proposing that the personnel committee team (Councilors Thibault (the proven liar),  Grant & Carr) up with Councilor Elaine MacDonald and the new Human Resources manager.

That’s a scary recipe for a messy decision.   Because of the tentacles of guilt with most of Council supporting the CAO.   The choice of adding MacDonald seems an out and out conflict of interest as she’s the President of the Labour Council.    Would the loyalty of her decision perhaps be shaded towards a more labour friendly CAO candidate?   Not that that would be an entirely bad thing, but shouldn’t there be a true attempt to move forward and away from the scandals that have embattled this council?

With the millions wasted a sounder concept would be hiring an outside agency.  Of course last time the city did that for the CAO they didn’t really listen to the advice did they?

Bottom line is that if Cornwall is to erase the stink of Mr. Fitzpatrick’s mishaps they need to truly break from the corruption and secrecy and have the integrity, judgement, and ability that has sorely been lacking at City Hall.

Anything short of a home run could spell the end of Mayor Kilger’s service as Mayor.

In other council buzz for tonight’s meeting the City will be covering a report on a Code of Conduct.  Again is this code about what’s been going on behind closed doors or just a muzzle for councilors that bring things to light as Councilor Rivette has?   LINK

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  1. Well,well,well, council is back from holidays. I sure hope they are well rested, there is is a big agenda awaiting for them and a lot of eyes and ears are waiting for what’s to come. Hope they like working into the twilight time.LOL.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Well, well, well they put a bunch of liars and stooges looking after finding another crook to add to the lying bunch of crooks as is. They will find someone as crooked as themselves. Birds of a feather flock together. “People are like tea bags you get to know who they are when you put them in hot water.”

  3. I’ve done business with the city’s manager of parks and recreation, Stephen Alexander, who has been with the city for years as a manager. He is a good man who could fill the CAO post without a $50,000 headhunter search (paid by us ratepayers). Fitzpatrick was CAO and was not an MBA or chartered accountant or anything fancy in terms of education, just a political guy who got going in Ottawa. Stephen would never need a city front-end loader to pull his car out of a ditch after too many cold ones… I assure you.

  4. Sorry, should the city hire another dud to sit in the CAO’s chair Mr Mayor will not feel the heat. He is made of teflon and walks on water as far as most Cornwalites are concerned.
    Not since the Cornwall aces deal have we tossed away so much money on nonsense yet if there were an election tomorrow he would win in a landslide.
    If you got the Freeholder on your side your in good shape in this town.

  5. Lets just hope that the new CAO will have a decent set of snow-tires on his car. It should be written into the contract.

  6. Stephen Alexander is probably the most dedicated, knowledgeable, tactful and intelligent individual working for the corporation. He is an excellent fit for the vacant position and hopefully he will get full backing from council. The city should forgo the expenditure of hiring a headhunter to fill the vacant position when the already have the right man….

  7. Rumour has it around city hall that things may be changing in another area also, first off nice to see Steve as Acting CAO and now with an HR Manager on board it looks like possibly a Health and Safety Person too? Rumours are Tom Sauve the Municipal Works Safety Supervisor is being looked at for Diane Shays old job as Corporate Health and Safety. Maybe our concerns were heard after all, time will tell.

  8. As I said, “Times are a changing” and so is the city pers. Now if only those people who swear by the head honcho, in thier voting practices, have a change of mind (see the light), this city will be on the verge of expansion of beautiful things to come, if not, this city will not reach it’s full value .
    Have a nice day.

  9. titan= Once knew a man who walked on water somewhat like our guy kilger then one day while so trying he got his ass wet and I suggest kilgers day may be fast approaching . The personnel Com two of them ( Grant & Thibault ) both w/f/c members sat on their duffs while a member of that com who admitted his bus would benefit if water front dev took place ( roy perkins ) having no regard for an obvious Conflict of Interest violation he just kept pushing for CONDOiS & those two remained silent . Seems Integrity has gone astray here with all three of them . Also with kilger .

  10. Lets hope next election people get off their duffs and contribute and VOTE -for that is your democratic rights -that others died for !

    Voter apathy benefits no-one -if they are put in by vote they can be removed by vote.

    People it is your decision -you do matter!

  11. HIGHLANDER,,,,, very true & accurate comments regarding the next election. I truly hope the citizens of our fair City, would at least consider the “BIG FLUSH MOVEMENT”, we have one aim, one purpose & one mandate in the upcomming municipal election and that is to flush all of out existing elected officials, out of Office. We do not advocate any candidate, other than they are not incumbants. We can’t do any worse ? What do you think ?

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