Growing Roots Locally – Word of Mouth by Doreen South – August 17, 2012

“Life is a journey…not a destination.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

CFN – This month’s journey has directed me to the local Food Co-op.  A friend living in Rattlesnake Harbour, Ontario many, many, many years ago, introduced the food co-op concept to me.

In the kitchen of her home, (once a local train station transplanted out into the country) are gallon jars of basmati rice, plump raisins and more.   While sitting at the large harvest style table enjoying herbal tea, I listened to her stories of volunteering at the co-op and the benefits.  Benefits?!  All I know was that my palate was benefiting from her amazing cooking skills while my ears were absorbing her stories.  Little did I know that two decades ago, my Spirit was being made aware of an event that would manifest in the Now.

A couple weeks ago, as I sat in my hair stylist’s chair talking with the same type of comfort that comes with being friends, we began chatting about one of our favourite topics…healthy eating.  After a serious de-cluttering of my home, there are changes in my consciousness.  I digress.  But, it is relevant.   Because without the de-cluttering being completed, would I really have heard what the stylist said about organic foods at the local food co-op?  To answer my own question!  “Probably not.”    Due to her ‘word of mouth’, I found myself exploring the unfamiliar one way downtown streets in search of the place and concept called a food co-op.

The few people attending shop were warm, quiet and unobtrusive.  There was not much in the way of fresh produce because delivery was the next day,  I mused about the store letting my eyes take in as much detail as possible.  What did the labels on the dry goods say?  What is ice syrup and where was it made?  My eyes were like a computer programmed to seek out all this important information and more.  Mostly, what my senses took in was the atmosphere.  I felt at home and comfortable.

With this sensation tucked inside my new suitcase of experiences, I decided to inquire about membership.  This is something I recall from the friend in Rattlesnake Harbour.  You need to have a membership to get the benefits.  Hmmmm…okay than!  A membership purchased.  Voila…a benefit!  Four percent off my purchase.

Feeling rather proud of my ability to breathe past the fear of exploring new one way streets and finding the store, I now added a membership with benefits into my new journey luggage.  (sigh)  I see it now.   The planting of the seed all those years ago in Southwestern Ontario and the roots are being grown locally, here in the Near North.

The Dots of Life are consistently being created and connected by word of mouth.   I am enjoying tracing the dots with the finger of my mind and heart.

Next month … What is the next part of the journey?  Volunteering?!

You are invited to comment or ask questions about food co-ops by writing to  (Angel Whispers Consulting website and webmail are undergoing a transformation.  Doreen’s Spirit is like a bridge that supports people into their greater degrees of wellness, relationships and Life choices.)

Doreen South, Traditional/Holistic Worker aka Food Co-op Member & Volunteer



  1. Doreen you write so fluid, going from one thought into the next. You are a gifted writer.

  2. You paint a vivid picture with your words Doreen. Beautiful writing.

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