Ken Hall of Enbridge Pipelines Drops $16,000 on EMS & Fire Department in Cornwall Ontario

CFN–  A busy day for Ken Hall of Enbridge Pipelines as he doled out not one, but two cheques in Cornwall Ontario.  To our EMS services and fire department as part of Enbridge’s Helping Keep Communities Safe program where I caught up with acting Mayor Andre Rivette and our fire chief receiving $10,000.


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  1. I am very happy to see André Rivette as acting mayor and I truly think that this fine gentleman deserves the real and final role that he deserves and worked so hard for to be the Mayor of Cornwall. Congratulations André and you are the hardest worker around that council table. I am proud of you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Embridge is spreading some money around these days in an attempt to polish their soiled image. Their pipelines seem to be leaking like soaker-hoses lately, causing unbelievable environmental damage. The strategy has been proven to work, so it makes perfect sense for them to toss a few Gs out here and there.

  3. Not long ago some monies were also donated to The Raisin Region Conservation Authority. I am most greateful to Enbridge for their generous donations to these community organizations that lovingly serve the local population. Thank you, thank you, thank you. All that being said, a blind eye will not be turned if Enbridge decides to run tar sands through the pipelines in our area. I have come to learn that Enbridge has submitted a request to reverse the direction of the substance that presently runs through a particular pipeline. If this request is given the green light, they could potentally run tar sands through these pipelines without having to get approval. I impress upon you to read up about the consequences which would result from a tar sands leak.

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