Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Simple Measures For a Better Future – August 30, 2012

CFN – Simple measures we can embrace for the children of tomorrow.

Ok so you’ve probably heard many of these pointers before.  If we can present just one point which prompts you into approaching one of your daily routines in a more earth respecting manner.  We all win.

REFUSE to use Styrofoam.  This material lasts a really, really, really, really long time…a conservative estimate: 500 years +. Think about the millions of hamburger packages, packing peanuts or that container that was just tossed into the garbage from your take-out lunch meal.  What can we do?  Choose a Diner that uses recyclable or compostable containers for your take-out meal.  Take your own reusable container to your favourite lunch spot for them to package your order. Yes earth friendly packaging is slightly more expensive.  Yes it might be 200 or 300% more expensive than the Styrofoam alternative.  As a business owner, if it cost 5 cents for the packaging as opposed to the 2 cents, isn’t the additional cost worthy of your consideration for the sake of our living earth?  Most households purchase eggs on a weekly basis.  Consider taking a vow to never, NEVER purchase eggs in a Styrofoam container again.

USE Cloth reusable grocery bags.  I see many plastic reusable bags taking the place of one use plastic bags.  This to me is like giving up drinking soda pop for diet pop.  They are both unhealthy choices.  Please use a natural material bag which will eventually biodegrade once it has outlived its usefulness.

IF you are not using it…please turn it off.  I have visited family members who will have televisions and lights turned on with nobody in the rooms.  It is time to wake up people.

USE a refillable water bottle.  This is one of the easiest things we can do to insure we have water to refresh our body and save the various resources which go into making and shipping the one-use plastic water bottle full of water to your local grocery or corner store.

PICK-up and recycle that pop can or plastic bottle at the side of the road.  Doesn’t matter where you live, work or play…you’re bound to find some garbage on the side of the road in your travels.  Please lend a hand, pick it up and insure it goes into a recycling bin.  Yes sometimes people toss things without thought and sometimes these things find their way to the roadside courtesy of high winds.  Whatever the reason, such finds give you the opportunity to make our world a little brighter by retrieving and recycling.

IDELING the car is a waste of energy and money.  If you are going to stop somewhere for more than one minute then it is more efficient to turn off the engine and restart when you are ready to depart.

LEAVE the car at home.  Walk or bike to the store or to your neighbours. The fresh air and exercise will refresh the spirit and the savings of fuel and wear and tear on your car will keep cash in your wallet.

DONATE those “still usable” items to a non-profit instead of kicking them out to the curb on garbage day.  It is advisable to contact your preferred non-profit before dropping your donations off to insure they need what you have.  If they do not have a need, they are many others that do.

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