Partisan Labour Day Event Somber in Cornwall Ontario & Does Elaine MacDonald Bleed Orange or Blue?

CFN – Today is Labour Day; one of my favorite holidays and the gateway for me to Fall, my favorite time of the year.

However here in Cornwall Labour Day seems to  have been hijacked by Elaine MacDonald and her  friends; a small group of people that seem more dedicated to her and Brian Lynch than what the NDP actually stands for.

Ms MacDonald’s last foray at the ballot booth ended in a third place finish behind MPP Jim McDonell and Liberal Mark A MacDonald.  A crushing defeat as many of her team thought the election was in the bag.

Ms MacDonald share’s her version of Freedom of the Press for example at the 2:15 mark of the video below.

“Freedom of the press is based on objectivity.

It actually isn’t.   It’s based on Freedom of the press and not every media outlet loves every candidate.  Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech do mean that sometimes we have to support the Freedom of people who simply do not agree with us.   Something that Ms MacDonald and her tiny clique simply refuse to grasp.

 Ms MacDonald further during the election was asked if she’d support the homeless by doing the five day dietary challenge to which she replied her campaign was more important and would not.   Advance to the 6:45 mark of the video below.

The NDP to this scribbler have traditionally stood as Canada’s Social Conscience.   No Tommy Douglas and the NDP and you have no Medicare.   For some reason though some NDP get awfully confused and seem to think they’re Conservatives like Ms MacDonald who also was the deciding vote to allow the conversion of the Glengarry Apartment complex in the heart of Cornwall into Condos.  Now that certainly doesn’t seem very Socially responsible?

Jobs? Ms MacDonald on Loblaws killing unionized jobs in Quebec to open a non-union shop in Cornwall?  The video below shows her position which clearly doesn’t ring of SOLIDARITY.

Nowadays we have less and less unionized labour; especially in this region.   It seems that certain holidays get hijacked by certain political parties; Labour Day and Canada Day coming to mind.

The problem with groups Hijacking public events or holidays is that it diminishes them and then we all lose.   It chases people away as  the event at Lamoureux Park did.

People of all Political stripes work for a living.  Not all of them are unionized and judging from voter turnouts in this riding very few that work here support the NDP so how do people who aren’t interested in watching a single party event support and celebrate it?   Do they have to go to other cities to lend their support?

So dear viewers of CFN.  Should public events and holidays be allowed to be tied to one group or interest and if not how do we change this?  Cannot people get along and have non-partisan holidays and events?

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  1. I have to listen to this Jamie but one thing I can make clear and consice is that there is no real freedom of the press. Everything is scrutinized. Every newspaper everywhere is controlled as well as the journalists on radio and TV. They put these bimbos on the news to attract men and pretend that what they say is the truth but a lot of the news is disinformation. You have to really know how to decifer one from the other.

    If you go and listen to former President Kennedy part of his speach is about wanting to tell the truth in the news. He knew that it was all controlled.

    In Cornwall things are highly controlled and things have not changed at all just like Mr. Pat Finnerty said. I kept playing him quite a few times and said how right this man is indeed. Year after year after year makes no difference. If you think that another year is going to make a change then you are dreaming. People have to come forward to be mayor and councellors and do away with 10 and make it not more than 5 or 7 at most.

    Canada and the US are behind other people in the world for Labor Day when other countries celebrate it on May 1 which is known as a communist holiday.

    Now I will listen to the BS here on the videos.

  2. I just finished the videos and $525./month will not get anyone anywhere at all no matter where they live. You couldn’t even rent a room here in Ottawa anywhere for $525./month nor even buy food. Every time I shop it is a nightmare and that is only groceries not counting other things.

    Social housing is a must and I mean a must. Yes this type of housing does pose many problems because a lot of crime comes from this type of system. I know because we have plenty of this kinds of housing here and so much crime comes out of them. People have to be able to have pride and be given jobs and be able to support themselves and their families. Jobs are moving overseas because of globalization – another word for socialism or communism.

    Many people no longer have any pride and have to accept jobs way below their professions or skills in order to survive. What is coming Jamie is just that – slavery – something just for an existance or less.

    Anybody who was ever forced to live like this knows the pain involved. People who have never been poor in any way have no idea at all how anybody can live in such a manner. The old saying about “you have to walk in someone elses shoes” to know what it is like is all true.

    It has been 8 years since I lived in Cornwall and the only homesless people that I saw were transients going through Cornwall from other cities. There are plenty of people on social assistance in Cornwall and that has been increasing over the years. The problems are getting worse and it isn’t going to improve as I have stated so many times before. Wait until people get their tax bills. Many homeowners cannot even sell their homes because a lot of people cannot afford to buy them. This is going to be everywhere soon when the big economic crash hits and then what are people going to do when the government can only do so much.

    Like the song of Cher that Pat Finnerty was singing is so mighty true indeed and it states everything to a “T”. People with fat pockets do not know what other people go through.

    My daughter was thinking about going back to college and changed her mind. My husband just came in to tell me about a girl from Iroquois (near Cornwall) travelling every day to Ottawa to work in a real estate office for minimum wage and she has a degree and college as well. This girl cannot afford to pay back her loans.

    Jamie I proved myself to be right on what I say in your columns. I am glad that my daughter had the good sense not to go back to college. She was in a business program and left it after the first year and saw that you need a degree of university in this area and still no work. I worked in the government with people with degrees working as meesly clerks and that was well over twenty years ago and even more. They all saw that university was a waste for them.

    Look at the situation in the US. One lady in the US sent me pictures of people living in tents and trailors. One lady who was living in her car was a real estate agent and everything went bust and then a friend of hers saw her on TV and took her into her home. There are plenty of mighty sad stories out there. This isn’t even the beginning of sorrows to come. Just wait – give it a little time and I will prove myself to be right on.

  3. Have the privileged forgotten? Did they ever know, or even care?

    Elaine Mac’s response (to the question about freedom of the press) is alarming and depressing. Without freedom of the press, she wouldn’t be able to vote. She wouldn’t be in politics. And wearing pants and short hair? Forget it. She wouldn’t even be able to quote poetry, because without freedom of the press, she wouldn’t be allowed to learn to read.

    C’mon Elaine. Weren’t you shocked (and glad) that journalists recently exposed US, GOP Senate candidate Todd Aiken over his “legitimate rape” comments? Was it objective enough for you?

    Weren’t you at one point giddy over his humiliation but in a cold sweat about the misogyny that still stalks women?

    Have you forgotten the beheading of Daniel Pearl, the brutal torture and death of Iranian-Canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi and thousands of other victims of governments that do not embrace freedom of the press?

  4. If you do not have freedom of the press then you are living under tyranny. You might as well be jailed away and not heard from and this is starting to happen in the US. If they manage to take away the freedoms of the US they are going to go after every country on earth and everyone will be living under slavery. This is what this New World Order – One World Government is all about. What they want to do is to kill the majority of the world’s people. Is that what you want Elaine. People like you do not know about tyranny since you have never lived in such a system. When it comes believe me people are going to be on their knees praying for God’s help and this time is coming. I can see by Elaine’s expressions and by the others that they will not want to live on no $525./month and don’t know how to live without their big bucks.

    If people had to live the way that poor people live believe me they would rather die than to live like that. The poor are trampled upon by these rich dirt bags. I have another word but cannot priint it here.

  5. More on press freedom…today’s Globe and Mail

    Anabel Hernández, a Mexican journalist who has put her own life at risk by exposing close ties between drug cartels and government and business, has won the 2012 Golden Pen of Freedom award.

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