Will Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Resign Over Conflict of Interest Scandal?

CFN – I know.  It’s going to take some Herculean magic for Mayor Rob Ford to continue in Toronto.  Another case of another arrogant politician making up the rules as he goes and sees fit.

There are so many Rob Ford’isms it’s astonishing to realize that Toronto in its wisdom actually elected this gentleman in spite of his antics.

It’s almost as though he was playing by Cornwall Rulz.

The Mayor had an out in his case.  He had a chance be further sunk his boat by actually voting on an issue of conflict of interest he was involved in.

Imagine?   I’d love to see video tape of that meeting!

As the Municipal act states: LINK

So what do you think?  Will Mayor Ford find a loophole to save the day?  Even if he does do you think he still deserves the confidence of the electorate of Toronto?

Do you think the Municipal Act needs to be cleaned up so that Mayors and Council can be held accountable for their antics without having to wait for the next election?

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  1. Best Mayor Ever!

  2. Ford won’t resign, but he might be removed from office if the court finds him guilty.

  3. Far from being a fan. If it is proven he profited financially from a decision he made… YES he should be ousted. But it looks as though it was just an oversight …so as much as it pains me to say, I think he should stay on…and be defeated legally. …

  4. Seems to me Jamie that the Municipal Act Should be changed to get some teeth in it . An example (here in our town) W/F com member Roy Perkins after stating his business would benefit if condos were built on waterfront land 1st made a motion seconded by his Land Lord to persue that objective & continued pushing to achieve that goal while Glen Grant & Thibeau (both self appointed W/F members & city councilors ) sat on their duffs along with the rest of the W/F Com followers . Seems they have no shame none of them what a pity . This is clearly Conflict of Interest as I see it is it not ?

  5. ..Ford help raise $3000 for a childrens soccer team by using City of Toronto letterhead when he was a councillor in T.O. ….you think he should be fired? yippee skippee! Why don’t we hang him? Maybe we should parade him through the streets and throw rotten tomatoes at him..heaven forbid he doesn’t do something like this again..lol.

  6. Author

    Ferris I don’t think you get it. You’re Led Zepping this very serious issue. Conflict of interest and abuse of power which is certainly not unique to Mr. Ford and Toronto.

  7. ..one issue at a time admin..are we speaking of this indiscretion or past indiscretions?..has he been charged before for his abuse of power in the past? yes? no?..give me a serious issue Jamie..not a $3000 donation given to a children’s football foundation..again was Mayor Ford ever charged for his conflict of interest and abuse of power? Has he or not? Has he been charged for this issue yet? Until he’s charged, I do believe I “get it”..question is.. do you?

  8. Author

    I get it Ferris 🙂 And yes, this situation is akin to Al Capone getting nailed for tax invasion, but geez if any politician ever deserved a spanking for being Rob Ford it’s Rob Ford.

  9. ..agreed admin..I don’t care for Ford’s stance on gay issues..in fact, it ticks me off..sure, he deserves a spanking..that’s all..now if an issue comes to light that big bucks were stolen or huge $$$ transactions being exchanged under the table…nail him! ..until then I see a guy trying to lead a city the best way he sees fit..and yes, if there were an election for the mayor of T.O. tommorrow..Ford would be the man.

  10. Author

    Ferris this isn’t about $3100. This is about blatant disregard of the rules of Conflict of interest. Every official is provided with the rules which are quite clear and toothless. For Mayor Ford to be in this position shows not only either a total disregard for the rules or someone that didn’t bother to inform themselves.

    The bigger question is how many more of these issues haven’t come to light?

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