NDP Pull Up the Rear to Snatch Kitchener Waterloo – Is Hudak toast? McGuinty Gets No Majority

CFN – Dalton McGuinty’s hope of getting his majority via by-election crashed and burned as the riding of Kitchener Waterloo, previously a Conservative riding, turned Orange in surprise results Thursday.

NDP Catherine Fife replaces Elizabeth Witmer who snatched the high paying gig with Workplace & Safety for the Province.   The defeat could spell the end of Tim Hudak’s leadership of the PC Party Provincially who were expected to keep the seat.

Politics, the best reality TV going!

What do you think awesome viewers of  CFN?  Will the election of the NDP candidate impact party leadership?

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  1. Some of us who are active in the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party locally (Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry) feel that enough is enough, and it is time for Tim Hudak to ride off into the sunset. We did not do well enough against the incompetent McGuinty Liberals in the last election, and now this disgraceful byelection loss in Kitchener-Waterloo. Tim, from Fort Erie, has been around for a long time; he got rolling as a youthful minister of tourism in the PC government of Mike Harris which is ages ago. He has had his chance as leader which he wanted, but has failed. See ya later!

  2. With all of the possible ammunition from the current government, the conservatives should do better. Unions and liberals know how to campaign though.

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