Season Opener for St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage in Morrisburg Ontario by Reg Coffey – September 16, 2012

The Stage

CFN– It was the first performance of the season at the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage and it was a great way to start. The performers included Catherine MacLellan and Jadea Kelly. Now if you remember way back in January I interviewed Jadea after her performance on the Vinyl Café at the Upper Canada Playhouse and I was excited to actually see her perform. Once again I am going to steal a description from the program because I don’t have any better words to describe Jadea’s style.

“Singer/songwriter Jadea Kelly hails from Whitby, Ontario and has been described as possessing a “hushed Loretta Lynn-esque voice,” with the stage presence of Neko Case and Kathleen Edwards.”

After the break Catherine MacLellan took the stage with her guitarist Chris Gauthier. Catherine is a well recognized and highly awarded artist from Prince Edward Island. Her easy comfortable style, original songs, great voice and terrific guitar work by Chris made the second set such a treat for the audience that she set the bar rather high for the artists yet to come this year. To once again quote the program, “It is Catherine’s voice that strikes you first. Pure and haunting, it caresses softly, insinuating itself into your heart, and just won’t let go.”

Jadea and Catherine tour together and quite often Jadea provides backup vocals for Catherine. The following is just one example of their collaboration of voices.

Some of you may recognize the MacLellan name but not quite remember from where. Catherine is the daughter of Gene MacLellan who wrote the iconic song “Snowbird” that was made famous by Ann Murray. Catherine performed Snowbird as the last song in her set and I have to say that after hearing her version I will never be able to imagine Ann Murray performing it again. To me it sounded like her father wrote that song specifically for her to sing. My wife would like to add that Catherine’s performance of Snowbird almost made her cry.

Next month the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage performances will include Kevin Fox and David Simard so be sure to mark October 27 on your calendars. I hope to see you there.

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