Cornwall Ontario Mayor Bob Kilger Confirms US Soil His Choice as Replacement for Temporary CBSA Entry Point

CFN – Mayor Bob Kilger of Cornwall Ontario today confirmed exclusively to CFN that his choice for the new CBSA office would be on US soil.

Responding to whether the official nod had been given out of Ottawa yet he categorically stated that he had not been contacted with any confirmation of a decision.  The mayor spent 16 years as MP of the Eastern Ontario gateway city to the US.

With a new northern low level bridge replacing the current mess and the border issues revolving around CBSA leaving their former station in Akwesasne the exact and final decision as to where to replace the temporary crossing has been under discussion.

MP Guy Lauzon did not respond before press time to this story.

What do you think?  Should a Canadian border crossing not be on Canadian soil?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. So, we would pay rent to the US? Need to use US steel, workers and lumber to make the installation? Need special consideration for a section of land to be deemed Canadian? Ease of entry for the customs workers?

  2. I believe that the CBSA when set up back to back with the American customs on U.S. lands, will effectively be on Canadian soil just as a Canadian Embassy is on Canadian soil no matter where it is located in the U.S. or any other country in the world.

  3. Mr. kilger’s opinion certainly isn’t shared by those people who would really consider the issue . As a matter of fact many persons in town have lost faith in him as our Mayor making his opinion irrevelant . Many persons believe old Dom Tar (paper mill) would be best site for CBSA plenty of room for a good facility there . Suggesting to build on the US side makes no sence unless your are in favor of smuggling . Cornwall Island can be stocked by boat which would be then clear of any obstructions to our city for those runners in the trade of smuggling . Mayor Bob give your head a shake & rethink your opinion .

  4. A Canadian citizen cannot legally be prevented from entering Canada.

    Allow me to be the first to simply blow through this ludicrous outpost.

  5. Bravo Mayor Kilger! Compliments to Harry Valentine of Cornwall who first floated this idea in a letter to the editor, MP Guy Lauzon, and the Democratic Congressman for the long riverfront district which includes Massena who have all spoken in favor of this.

  6. Congressman Bill Owens, Democrat, 23 District, New York, is from Plattsburgh and represents the largest federal district in New York State. It runs westward over to Watertown near Lake Ontario and southward to the suburbs of Syracuse. Polls on North Country Public Radio (89.5 FM Canton) show he will win reelection in November and the Democrats will win the state. Owens supports
    the Canada Border Services Agency station being on the U.S. mainland next to the south span of the bridge.

  7. To believe me, I believe that you are right,wish that I had thought of that,what a great & better idea to have CBSA on old Domtar site, I have no faith what so ever in Kilger or Lauzon for that matter….both must go!!!

  8. It’s pretty doubtful that Kilger, Valentine or Owens are anything more than commentators on what was already agreed to years ago.

    That monstrous structure, that is the new U.S. Customs building, was put up to house more than just their own agency.

    It’s certainly wasn’t needed deal with the Akwesasne residents (the largest user) making their average 2-4 trips a day, along with casino traffic.

    And it’s not likely needed to handle increased commercial traffic, since the new bridge is a bit dinky and Brookdale is a mess…

    Unless it’s more than rumour that Power Dam will be widened and linked to a new thoroughfare through the old Domtar property for trucking to and from the States.

  9. Look people we lose focus on why the CBSA is in the situation. The Natives wanted them off their land over guards being armed. Rather than work to resolve, except of course now wanting the toll booth back, this is what the outcome was, as for the smuggling blaim the government along with our other photo opp KING Mr. Lauzon. TAXES, lower the taxes on smokes and booze, smuggling will drop drastically, want too keep our people on this side of the boarder? lower TAXES on other items such as gas, lower retail taxes, stop waistful spending. Goodness, the majority of folfs can not be blamed for wanting to save money. Be smart and do these things and more revenue will be left in Canada not outside this country. Have your say Mr. Lauzon I would give a left nut to hear your excuses on this one.

  10. Last Thursday eve at the RCAF building, Seaway Bridge General Manager Rick Saaltink gave a presentation about the new north span causeway (bridge) between Cornwall and Cornwall Island. It will line up north-south with Brookdale Avenue, with a T-intersection with Water Street. Present plans call for a toll booth on the north side of the river. The present plans provide no provision for a customs building near the future intersection of the causeway, Brookdale Ave and Water Street.

  11. Hi CityBS
    Your left nut should be safe for a long while yet. Don’t expect any comment from Guy Lauzon about high taxes. These high taxes fund his OAP, his CPP, his civil service pension, his $150,000+ per year MP’s salary (plus expenses), and his eventual gold-plated MP’s pension.
    He’s doing even better than our former MP.

  12. Conservatives lower taxes – Lieberals and NDP raise them. Everyone know that, Richard, including you. It’ your irrational lefty hate for everything the Conservatives do that cloud your mind.

  13. The bridge should not be on Native land at all and then a lot of the smuggling can come to a hault. I have always said that when you lower taxes then it stops people from doing what is illegal. The government wants to strangle all of us with high taxes and keeps those leeches like Lauzon and others living high on the hog while others are going hungry and not properly clothed, etc. The mayor is another lost cause and should go PRONTO and I have been saying that for a very long time now so much so that I sound like a broken record but it is the truth. If the customs office is on Yankee land then so be it because they are much better at handling a lot of smuggling of different kinds but in my opinion they need two places: One on Yankee side and the other on Cornwall’s side because of the Native Island where so much crime goes on. I think that it should be on both sides. The customs officials should toughen up and I think that hiring people who are not from Cornwall is best so that way they wouldn’t be doing favors.

  14. @ Paul

    I seem to remember a Conservative government raising the price of gasoline 18 cents overnight. I seem to remember another Conservative government imposing a 7% GST. I also remember taxes going up when Ralph Klein became Premier of Alberta.

    But yes, you are right Paul. Conservatives do lower taxes. Individual Canadian taxpayers now support large multinational and Chinese corporations, who enjoy the lowest corporate taxes on record.

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