Open Mike by Mike Bedard – Poor Leadership on Full Display in Cornwall Ontario!

In Politics, Business and even during our home lives there are a few basic components of successful LEADERSHIP!  Cornwall, Ontario’s lack of progressive political leadership is not only clearly evident, but is also seriously failing us in many basic functions!

Lack of Communication

Transparency is the hottest word passed around City Hall now of days and so it should be.  Meetings have been mishandled by both Councillors and the Mayor and publicly displayed due to the abuse of one Councillor.  More than one discussion was allowed to go off topic during Closed Door Meetings which led to the loss of one Councillor and the degradation of another senior politician.


Mayor Kilger has been recently accused of stopping mail from getting to Councillors and although extremely unethical this type of micromanagement has become almost expected from those operating at City Hall!
Get along or Get Out!

Unclear Expectations

Where does Cornwall City Council want to be in the future… one knows!  Why?  Is it simply due to a lack of foresight and general knowledge………….or maybe because this group was elected without any platform to be held too?

My theory is that many are losing their edge due to age and have lost the energy that once pushed them into the political light!


Unfortunately, this is too common amongst not only those on Council but certain members of the community who support the Kilger camp.  Such actions as an unjust and completely biased advertising ban on the Cornwall Free News for allowing articles such as this.


Intimidation stems from Mayor to Council, Council to Council, Administration to staff and those in the community who do the mayors dirty work posing as concerned citizens.


My opinion is that the failed “Code of Ethics” was just a starting point to hire an “Integrity Commissioner” to further intimidate and quite all of those councillors and committee members with a mind of their own!


Poor People Skills

Our highly recruited Human Resources Manager was let go without cause and paid out handsomely due to a previous councils error; a council who contained many of those re-elected for the current term. Many employees prior to his employment where mistreated and the City was the first to be charged under the whistleblower act for their handling of an employee trying to protect a senior citizen at the Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge.


Helping those in Need

The Agape has been struggling and this is a clear sign of declining middle class.  Increased financial support and the lack of growth has finally started show its ugly head in the form of a decrease in support for the Agape and the Fall Home and Spring Show!

In Summary, I would love to see some more positive growth and for all of those who think the Target Distribution Centre will grow our community I simply have one question for you…………………………..

How much has our community grown since the opening of SCM, Shoppers Drug Mart Distribution, Star Tek and Teleperformance?


Don’t Believe the Hype………Believe the Facts!  Cornwall needs better Leaders!


Thank You,
Mike Bedard


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  1. Not at all. With the loss of goverment employees and the hiring of the majority of outside personnel hiring, the large amount of employees at StarTek being let go, left very little has changed. if any.
    Have a nice day.

  2. LOL LOL. Check on the video of Mr. Pat Finnerty and he said everything best. He said that the population of Cornwall hasn’t changed since he arrived in 1956 and as a boomer I can vouch for that. All the educated and intelligent people left Cornwall since things were mishandled back then but today it is a real scream of what is going on. I can’t stress it enough that people are going hungry and not clothed and the rich people are sitting idle not helping. The rich will never see heaven at all and it is much easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to heaven.

    I encourage people out there who quilt to take apart old clothes and make quilts for the needy. I took apart old clothes and I am making quilts for my adult children in my household and doing everything by hand even with my arthritis. I have a sewing machine but prefer to do things by hand and that way it keeps my old tired out system oiled up and going.

    People need to do more for themselves. Learn life skills. Canning is something for people to learn as well. Grow gardens people who have houses. I grow things on my balcony and it is a balcony that is closed in. I use pots from the dollar store and grow some things that I want. Next year I may make it even better. I have seen where people in the far east even took those plastic pop bottles, cored the inner out and put ground and grew their veggies in them. There is no excuse people. If you use your intelligence you can do wonders. Learn to sew and cook and be productive. People in the great depression of the 30’s got by and my parents had hardship but worked hard to get by.

  3. Cornwall needs better electors.

  4. @Jules
    With all due respect, life in Cornwall is not as bad as the recent post you paint. I and many others are so tired of reading your rants. Take apart old clothes and make quilts or canning and growing gardens, this is your advice to some of the problems? (don’t respond please as I can only imagine) Things at City Hall are in an extreme mess, yes, politics and the clique play a huge part in favortism where as it’s who you know you gets the pot of gold but please stop your rants, your obviously living in another city so stick to the goings on there and leave us alone please what you write is not helping in any light for Cornwall. Mike Bedard another great article written, many facts stated dead on. Mr. Mayor, Council read this article 3 times maybe then your eyes and ears will open up to the truth.

  5. Another article about old news. Go clean a pool!

  6. City BS I know all too well about favoritism and the clique in Cornwall and I have seen and experienced it with my own eyes. I know about the dirty politics and I left because there was nothing left. Things are not going to improve as long as those same people are there like the ones that are on a list who will be the councellors. They brought back most of who were already there before. There are no new people and many cops left Cornwall because they wouldn’t put up with the BS going around town. I know – I know full well what is going on.

  7. Is Mike laying ground for his nest? I am sure he would take a good care of his franco tribe so that even all doctors would have to be bilingual at the CCH. Since Ontario produces mostly Anglo doctors, he would import them from Quebec, as CCH does with nurses now. In short, displacing local Anglos.

  8. The population of cornwall hasn’t changed because, every time a girl gets pregnant a guy leaves town.

  9. (“An endless saga of debt and inaction”) with questions. I believe that with those questions you communicated extreme frustration and a sense that you do not know what to recommend. I do not believe our elected officials and those employed by government would follow what would be common sense recommendations anyway — that is, slash spending and stop expanding government services and programs. Everyone knows that we do not have the money for this stuff. They will not do what is necessary because it is against their self interests.

    What I believe is that this negative economic spiral will end on its own. The Cornwall will run out of cash and the province will not be able to borrow (either because no one will lend it any more money or the lenders will raise interest rates so high that the state will not be able to afford to borrow). The state will then start to default on its obligations. We will have in effect a bankruptcy of Cornwall. How long before a default? It could be next year, in three years or 10. I do not know when, but what I am confident of is that it will happen.

    I feel terrible to be so negative about Cornwall’ financial future. What a bummer it is to feel pessimistic. This is a wonderful City. Its taxpayers deserve much better leadership and government.

  10. @ Tom

    Cornwall absolutely needs new leaders, but I for one won’t support Mikey if he decided to run for council.

    His true colors have been displayed;I’m surprised he doesn’t fly a franco flag on his lawn…

  11. Tom give your head a shake……Mike’s column has nothing to do with language. Got that?

  12. Nice story Mike!

    Not new but it’s still good to see people speak their mind!

    I doubt however Kilger has the ability to accomplish the things you say. It is much deeper than him. Bob is a nice guy, but what has he ever accomplished?
    He played hockey, managed a fast food restaurant…was elected as MP …was elected mayor, but does he have any tangible evidence of accomplishments?

    I think what we need to do before the next election is to ask for a resume. What have you done to deserve our trust?

    It is no different than what they would expect from you or me if we applied for a position with the city.

  13. CC2… should be ashamed. You and your cohorts are fighting for free speach and democracy and you condemn a man for being french and sharing his views. I only have two words for you: GROW UP!!!!! You have shown your true colors by those comments and let me tell you, it’s not impressive.

  14. Thank You to all of those with who discussed the topic!

    Regarding Tom and Concerned Citizen 2:

    Just to clarify I am not a Francophone nor am I part of any “Francophone Group”!

    My mother’s father is from England and I have deeper Anglophone roots than French roots. My father’s family is from Alexandria, one of many Francophone communities close to the Quebec border, but thank you for ASSuming I am French due to my last name!

    I have voiced my concerns with the way the LFA has conducted their protests and for this I must be a FRANCOPHONE or maybe, just maybe, I love the fact that we live in an OFFICIALLY BILINGUAL COUNTRY!

    However, from what I have read (which doesn’t give much detail), I support the concept being presented to South Stormont this Wednesday! It is a fair and a just request and even though I do not like Mr. Galganov, who I consider a flat out liar, (which I will re-post the lie for the fourth time; if requested) I do believe that this would be an improvement and protect small business from being forced to serve in languages they do not speak!

    It truly is an infringement of free speech to force business owners into posting their business signs in any specific language other than their choice!

    Just because I do not support a group or person does not mean I do not support any credible recommendations!

    Your comments only prove why I would never want to be associated with such a group who in the end acts exactly like the “clique”! Only shallow people enjoy misleading their peers into believing lies for personal gain or revenge!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  15. @Mike

    Will be interesting to see tonight then Mike…….what is more important to you, your pools or FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION?

  16. Jaime I am giving you a site that you can look at what is going on with the economy of Canada, the US and the world and you can take it off this post. I just want you to have it. Here it is:

    On that site you will get the truth and it has an archive as well where you can go back and listen to things. I thought that you might like to see it.

  17. What’s a matter jules, are you afraid to show the site to the rest of the world?
    Have a nice day.

  18. Regarding Lolochuck and Awakened Anglo,

    Again spreading rumours! What did I say in my very last post?

    “Just to clarify I am not a Francophone nor am I part of any “Francophone Group”! ”

    You are clearly ignorant fools and I will not waste too much of my time fighting ghosts! How do I know your not a member of the LFA if you won’t state your name?

    Lolochuck, I manage Laurier Optical as well as own and operate a swimming pool business but I bet you didn’t know that?

    Actually, I bet you don’t know much about me!

    Even though you have been ignorant and unsuprisingly abusive to someone voicing the opposite opinion of your group! I wish you all the best of luck and hope you have a good night!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  19. Mike = Agree with most of your letter . Request that you reprint
    Mr Galganov as you agreed to . Our City is in a sad state of affairs & as a result were going to pay & pay dearly for the mismanagment that has occured . Those responsible don’t have a worry in the world it’s just taxpayers money . Kilger his camp supporters & most of city Coun who are in his stable have been and are doing a real job on us .
    They should hang their heads in shame

  20. Concerned Tax Payer… is the post below…….Highlander is Howard Galganov and signs his name at the bottom of his comments!

    Re: Highlander,

    YOU ARE A LIAR! Here is proof as per admin’s request:

    Highlander stated on August 25, 2012 at 12:45 pm:

    “Does your English clientele understand that you believe in bill 101 and as well Government discrimination?”

    Mike Bedard stated on August 15, 2012 at 10:35 am:

    “I do not believe in Bill 101 (a Parti Quebecoise – seperatist bill). I do not believe that government should dictate which language I should do business in!”


    Again, I still support South Stormonts stance because it is just!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  21. I,m laughing like hell at Mikey because again he tell lies,I know who highlander is & you obviously do not

  22. Hi Mary Bray,

    I know you do not like my point of views due to my opinions of the LFA; in which you are a member!

    If Highlander truely isn’t Mr. Galganov than please tell me why this was posted and who in their right mind would think otherwise…………….unless they were an LFA member trying to protect a flat out liar with a lie!

    Keep building your credibility with such false statements! You are doing a wonerful job!

    ……………….and to think I just gave my support publicly and then was called a liar after being right……hhhhmmmmm!

    So, who really is spreading false information?

    Read Highlanders post:

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  23. To avoid confusion it is the post title!

    August 20, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  24. Mike said,

    Hi Mary Bray,

    I know you do not like my point of views due to my opinions of the LFA; in which you are a member!

    If Highlander truely isn’t Mr. Galganov than please tell me why this was posted and who in their right mind would think otherwise…………….unless they were an LFA member trying to protect a flat out liar with a lie!

    Keep building your credibility with such false statements! You are doing a wonerful job!

    ……………….and to think I just gave my support publicly and then was called a liar after being right……hhhhmmmmm!

    So, who really is spreading false information?

    Read Highlanders post:

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

    I have one thing to say to you Mike;

  25. CC2, for the hell of me I cannot understand why are you publicizing your opponent’s BS. Ignore him! He is not worth your time and effort, unless he says something intelligent.

  26. @ Mike

    To finish my statement;

    I have one thing to say to you Mike;

    “COPY & PASTE”

    @ Pat

    Thanks for the advice, you are absolutely correct!

    Concerned Citizen

  27. Poor mikey does not like being wrong ***smile***

  28. As per your inability to “CLICK AND READ”

    Here is the post “COPY AND PASTE”

    Highlander August 20, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    Dearest Stella,

    A little bedtime story for you to read-you can read,can’t you????

    This is a TRUE story about a wonderful man named Howard Galganov for ALL to read & see the TRUTH,not the propaganda like Miss Smille likes to spew!!!!



    The Power Of Demagoguery And Misleading Media have shaped my views by turning them around 180 degrees. I used to be a LIBERAL.

    Demonizing your opponent is a demagoguery that is used by people who otherwise have no legitimate argument. Regrettably, it is a tactic that is far too often successful.

    By making an opponent look like a clown, an extremist, obstructionist and worse of all – A RACIST, one hopes that the legitimate argument is swept away.

    This is a dangerous path used by vocal minorities who want Something-For-Nothing. And want to get into your life by telling you and yours how to live. These are folks who are literally always propped-up with public funds who also depend near exclusively upon the owners of businesses for everything from jobs to welfare.

    For example, to ethnocentric French-Speaking Nationalists in Quebec and Ontario, I’ve been called a linguistic racist and a Francophobe. Neither are true.

    To those appeasing-Anglos who either accept laws that diminish English speakers, or who are too timid to oppose them, I’ve been called a hardliner, an extremist and an Angryphone. All of which are true.

    But none of them on either side have EVER been able to debate me on the REAL issues: NOT ONE OF THEM. Instead, they run and hide behind platitudes and demagoguery.

    Even in Wikipedia, which is a very IFFY Web search engine created by the so-called public at large on “GOOD FAITH”, I’m made out to be some kind of almost-ran who tilts at wind mills.

    So, if you want to know the truth about who I am, and what I stand for, in spite of what the demagogues and a LEFTIST search engine like Wikipedia has to say, here it is in my own words:

    Some Of My Background:

    I was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on February 12, 1950.

    My parents were financially poor and family rich.

    Both of them served in uniform during WWII. My dad was a highly decorated soldier who fought throughout Europe, starting with the invasion of Sicily. He was wounded several times during the war, including being wounded at the Battle of Monte Cassino, where he fought on nonetheless. He saw action in Italy, France, the Netherlands (decorated by Queen Wilhelmina), Belgium and Germany.

    My parents were both born in Montreal from Eastern European Immigrants who came to Canada in the second decade of the 1900’s.

    I’ve worked full-time since I was 12 years old. I finished High School in the evening. I attended university (Sir George Williams University – Montreal) at night, until I dropped-out knowing that I would never become a professional.

    I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life, owning businesses and employing individuals since I’ve been 18 years old.

    I am the founder of a North American Advertising Agency (since 1978) that has been 100% owned and operated by my beautiful wife Anne since 1996, when I decided to become fully engaged as a CONSERVATIVE RIGHTS ADVOCATE.

    Anne and I have been married since 1973. We have no children other than our dog, cat and horses, all of whom we consider to be beloved family.

    We live on an Equestrian Center in South Eastern Ontario, 20 minutes from the US Border, which we cross frequently for shopping, dining and specific medical care we cannot get in a timely fashion in Ontario where we live.

    As a CONSERVATIVE RIGHTS ACTIVIST, I have also contributed as best I can to everything from feeding hungry school children, to housing homeless people, and defending abused animals.

    In the mid 1980’s, I created a multimillion dollar campaign in defense of Battered Women within Quebec.

    Highly Listened To Radio Talk-Show Host:

    I was a radio talk-show host in Montreal (1997-1999) on CIQC AM600, where I took on all-comers, especially the Elitists, the Government and the Something-For-Nothing Bunch.

    When I first went on-air for CIQC AM600, they were averaging about 7,000 listeners per every quarter hour tuned during my time slot. By the time I went off-air, that number was over 30,000 and growing.

    The reason I am no longer on the air had everything to do with a sweetheart deal the CRTC (FCC Canadian equivalent) gave to the station owners if they changed their format from Talk, to ALL NEWS with no Talk. This was in fact a ‘gutless’ way to silence my voice in Montreal.

    Canada does not have a Broadcast Fairness Doctrine. Instead, we have a very politically correct LEFTIST CRTC that controls content by renewals of Broadcast license permits.


    In 1996, just after the 1995 Quebec Referendum to separate Quebec from Canada, I formed the Quebec Political Action Committee (QPAC), with which to take on Quebec’s Ethnocentric Nationalists who have made the UNRESTRICTED use of the English Language ILLEGAL.

    QPAC drove the Quebec government to distraction, effectively ending any opportunity for Quebec to hold another referendum to secede from Canada.

    For my troubles, Anne and I lived with armed bodyguards 24/7 for months at a time between 1996 and 1998.

    I‘ve been written-up in Time Magazine, The Economist and far too many other prominent news magazines and newspapers worldwide to count, including active participation on a CBS 60-Minutes feature on the language wars in Quebec.

    In 1996, I was included amongst Canada’s News Makers Of The Year.


    I am a BEST SELLING political author and an author of several books that have sold well throughout Canada and the United States.

    My favorite book that I’ve written is Champion Kharma, a true love story between my wife and her first horse Kharma. I’m presently working on a series of books about our horse family. The first installment of $50 For Grenadier is available as an E-BOOK on along with Champion Kharma & “And The Truth Shall Set You Free.


    The problems with demonizing people like me, not only sends the wrong message and information to people who would rather know the truth, but it comes back to bite the demagogues in the ass BIG TIME.

    People like me will NEVER be beaten down. We will NEVER surrender. We will NEVER be co-opted. And we will NEVER stop.

    More than that . . . people like me do what we do because it is in our DNA. We couldn’t do otherwise even if we wanted to. Get rid of me – and another one just like me will take my place.


    As for my interest in the USA – As America goes . . . so goes the world.

    Also, it is incredibly painful for me to watch a member of our North American Family that has been so good to Canada and the rest of the world take such a beating at the hands of the LEFTIST Something-For-Nothing Bunch, that I can’t just sit back and watch it without trying to do something.

    I will not hesitate to use my voice and writings if they can make a difference, because it’s the least one Member of a Family can do for another.

    Thank you for your interest in the things I write and speak about. And thank you for your comments.

    Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

  29. To Mary Bray,

    I am not saying you nor I are wrong but I did notice there is both a Highlander and a highlander! Maybe we are both wrong….who knows but after reading the post from Highlander above; would you not think that Highlander is Galganov?

    I have called and made mention to this post several time and never was it disputed until now!

    If this person truly isn’t Galganov then I truely apoligize to Mr. Galganov but the this makes Highlander not only a liar for my comments above but also a huge coward for never correcting me nor stating that they are not Galganov!

    Either way, Galganov is a shady character and Highlander either proves this further or points out a member of the LFA who is a flat out liar!

    AWWWWWW…bored of the LFA and my column has nothing to do nor did I mention such group because I really do not see any point in discussing their agenda since you obviously are uninterested in any professional support or help other than gaining some more sign holders!

  30. mary bray……are you still laughing your head off? Thinking Mike had the last laugh when proving you wrong. Yep Mike is absolutely correct. Highlander signed galganov at the end of his long winded post. How does it feel being wrong and have someone prove it?

    CC2 I think you owe Mike an apology. Own up to your false statements.

  31. I would assume that due to the lack responses, that no one will can argue that Highlander seems to be Galganov from the post above!

    Mary Bray and Concerned Citizen 2 an apology is not needed!
    You may think that may show a weakness where most would see it as showing class!

    So which group of people do think would see it as classy? The classy or the trashy?

  32. You don’t learn do you Highlander is not Galganov you are still wrong Mary & C C 2 are right,you owe them another apology

  33. Wow mike I believe you owe cc and Mary an apology,
    For I am not Howard Galganov .

  34. Plus mike …..Howard signs his full name to all posts

  35. Please explain your above post!….or provide your real name!

    Then I would be happy to apologize!

    I have proven Highlander to be a flat out liar already and would not be surprised if this is just another cover up!

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