Team Cornwall Prez Gilles Latour to Tax Heart of the City for $10,629.72 For Cornwall Club Building

CFN – Holy Gilles Latour!   The poobah of Latour Wealth Mangement looks to be getting some quick cash from the  Heart of the City CIP & Brownfield Funding Applications program.   Team Cornwall prez and Long Sault resident Gilles Latour needs your money!

The scholastically handicapped money man for Mayor Kilger in his last mayoralty campaign looks to be cashing in $10,629.72 for The Cornwall Club building that he purchased as home for his empire.

Council votes on the recommendation of the PAC Report from September 17, 2012 at this Tuesday nights meeting of council at City Hall – Fun starts at 7 PM!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if he donated an equal amount to the Agape Centre?

And of course it would also beg the question as to why someone as wealthy and successful as Mr. Latour has to hit up taxpayers when those dollars could be used for more deserving clique members      businesses?

Another project to be voted on was the big make over of the Big Brothers & Big Sisters building on 3rd.

(c)File HOTC#2012-15 – 101 Third St W, Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Cornwall & District applicant
That HOTC#2012-15 – 101 Third St W request be approved as follows:
Program 2- Building Restoration & Improvement Program – $6,000
Program 3- Project Design Grant-$600
Program 4- Facade Improvement & Sign Grant-$6,000
Program 5- Municipal Planning/Development Fees Grant – actual

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  1. Re: Latour Wealth; the better part of $11 Thousand of taxpayer money do what with, exactly?

  2. Wait a minute. Didn’t Latour Wealth make a big splash by donating Thousands of $ to the Max Keeping cause cause in 2012; and isn’t Latour in charge of managing all that money raised through charitable donations?

  3. Holy Gilles Latour is right! Where is Robin Hood when we need him to take from the rich and give to the poor. These jerks are something else and if you don’t do something about them now they will walk all over you. You all better get ready to move someplace else because you won’t be able to afford to live in Cornwall soon. Don’t tell me that I didn’t tell you so.

  4. Latour, you donated what? some 20g’s to the Max Keeping Foundation and have the nerve to pull this, wow you really are something else. The City likes to name streets after people who cheat and BS their way, so my thinking was the entrance to the City dump could be named after you. Photo opp that with your good buddy Peters.

  5. Is anyone actually leading a charge to determine how and why these types of situations occur?

    I think someone should start a advocacy group and act on behalf of the citizens as a whole. The main and only reasons people such as Latour can achieve his goals is due to our reluctance or complacency and accepting it as the norm.

    The freenews starts the fire burning but it quickly shoulders. This is unfortunate as it discredits the news item as being potentially false and lets the elite run free on the labor of the general population

  6. Holy Traci Trottier! This “All Show, No Dough” is a SOB if he takes money for a property that had an exterior in good repair and not at all brownfield. Playing with other peoples money in Cornwall always ends in fun like The Gumbolini Restaurant fiasco which stole millions from investors and was orchestrated by a flash in the pan Cornwall “wealth manager” now hiding in Florida.

  7. 1. Mr. Latour’s building is within the Community Improvement Policy Area.

    2. HOTC’s Building Restoration and Improvement Program includes “…funding of interior renovations to non-residential properties to promote functional improvements, change of use as permitted under zoning…”.

    3. There are no restrictions on a person’s personal or business wealth that would preclude him/her from requesting funding from HOTC.

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