Coffey’s Coffee End of Season Sale 50% Off In Cornwall Ontario – CLICK for DETAILS while supplies last!

It’s Over? Oh No!

Once a year I get to put my coffee on sale. Normally I roast on demand and I don’t carry any roasted coffee in stock except during the farmer’s market. During market season I roast coffee on speculation that it will sell. I have to guess what kind of coffee my prospective customers will want and keep my shelf stocked. Now that the market is over I am marking the roasted coffee I had stocked down to half price. Yes, that’s 50% off.

Starting on Tuesday, October 9, you can get ½ lb bags of delicious Coffey’s Coffee for half my normal listed price, but only at the Island Ink Jet. Every ½ lb bag in the store will be half price for one week only. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

50% OFF – that’s right, half price!

So come on down to the Island Ink Jet at 8 Third St East before closing on Saturday, October 13 and buy a bag of your choice for half of the regular price.

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