Cornwall Ontario Police Constable Pascal Rossignol Charged with Invitation to Sexual Touch by Sûreté du Quebec

CFN  – Upon the conclusion of a two year investigation, the Sûreté du Québec has charged a member of the Cornwall Community Police Service with offences under the Criminal Code.  Constable Pascal Rossignol appeared in Québec Provincial Court in Valleyfield Qc. on October 12, 2012 charged with;  Invitation to sexual touching, Child luring on the internet, and 2 counts of Prostitution of a person under the age of 18.

On October 13 2010 an allegation was made to the Cornwall Community Police who referred the matter to the Special Investigations Unit (SIU). SIU determined that the alleged offences occurred in the Province of Québec and subsequently the investigation was referred to the Sûreté du Québec, Professional Standards Division.

Constable Rossignol has been a member of the Cornwall Community Police Service since May 22, 2007.  He was relieved of his duties October 13, 2010 and remains under suspension with pay.

Anyone with additional information about this investigation is asked to contact S/Sgt. Garry Derochie at (613) 933-5000 ext. 2411

Milena Cardinal


  1. Just makes it worse when someone paid to uphold the law turns around & breaks it…..should be off without pay!!!

  2. @ Mariah. Innocent until proven guilty. It’s too bad it takes so long for these cases to be investigated and tried.

  3. Ever hear of “Innocent until PROVEN guilty”? The laying of a charge by a french police force against an anglophone cop is NOT “proof” of guilt. It is suspicion.

  4. This is nothing new at all to me about Cornwall police and the “so called hyarchy” of Cornwall involved in sexual abuse and all kinds of corruption. I have known all of this and more since I was a child. Cornwall sure has a nice reputation indeed – it sure got to be mighty famous and put on the map.

  5. Suspended with pay? seriously, how on earth could that happen? I as much as fart or speak my mind and I am suspended without pay. So you see people not all city workers are treated the same. As for this officer you really are pathedic and dirt to this community.

  6. @jules, you sure seem to know a lot but I think I know what colour your eyes are…brown…because your full of crap.

  7. Holy Jumpin’ Doug Welsh. Are you seriously trying to turn this sad story into yet another French/English issue?

  8. @ cityBS. Yup. Lets hang ’em first and find them guilty (or not) later.

  9. Should be fired from the force they are there to protect the law and not take advantage of having a gun and badge!!!! My child was molested by her Step-Grandfather we as the people must put a stop to these ignorant things that happen to our children, where was the protection you ask yourself: the police bailed from the investigation because my child was threatened by the molestor and it scared her so she never wanted to talk to the police where the police should of still investigated:” the cops are no better than anyone else” is all i’m trying to say i guess!!!

  10. This is a very touching situation indeed! But I am not sure that it will not continue in secret from now on.

  11. Firing squad for all Cornwall police and firemen. Guilty by association. Perverts on patrol. French perverts and hockey players. Sweet XXXXXXX Jesus this is an awful story Jamie.

  12. MY MY!
    No story that comes out of Cornwall ceases to amaze me! For such a small town, the corruption that is going on is mind-boggling to say the least! All it takes is one to give others a bad name, but who the hell can you trust?!?!? Very scary for those with children. Cornwall has learned the hard way that priests and now cops are not 100% trustworthy.
    ……..feeling oh so secure here in Cornwall!!!!!!!!

  13. Our legal system is not “innocent until proven guilty”, it is quite the opposite. He was charged, fingerprinted, probably jailed and was required to post a large sum for bail, and this event has been publicized. He is branded forever. I don’t know him, nor am I sticking up for him. I just don’t buy our legal system’s claim of “innocent until proven guilty” bull shit. You are treated like you’re guilty right up until the verdict. He should get what he deserves, but if he doesn’t deserve any of this, what a shame.

  14. @ Todd. Are you crazy?? Let’s have you charged with something you may not have done, jail you, revoke your priviledges, brand you for life, and suspend you without pay before we hear a verdict!

  15. lolo…I suggest you move, you hate the hospital and never have anything good to say about their services. You never have anything good to say about Cornwall nor for the politicians…thnking perhaps you should find another place to reside, but even then, not sure you would be happier.

    Freddy absolutely….many think they can be judge and jury of anyone and everything that happens in this city. Yep let’s hang him at the corner of Pitt and Second before we even investigate. If he is guilty, justice will prevail. Period!!!

  16. how can he still be getting paid after being charged for something like that how are kids supposed to trust cops when there people like this around?

  17. What a joke. 2 years. If it were a member of the public the person would likely have been charged within 2 weeks, remanded and then have the courts decide.

  18. Stella wrote:

    “lolo…I suggest you move, you hate the hospital and never have anything good to say about their services. You never have anything good to say about Cornwall nor for the politicians…thnking perhaps you should find another place to reside, but even then, not sure you would be happier.”

    Well, Stella. Have you anything to say that is either good or bad? Seems to me your comments are reflective only of responding to someone else’s comments! I question whether you have ever come up with a thought of your own that’s not a retort to someone else’s?!

    Your comments are always something to the effect of, “Yes, Habitant, Patrick or Richard I agree with you,” or something like, “Highlander, go play your bagpipes.”

    It’s not so much Stella that we mind what you say but you need once in while to garner some original thoughts of your own.

    Perhaps although not possessing genius yourself, you are at the very least able to bring it out of others.

    I believe Lolo as well as tens of others, take issue with the way in which Cornwall is run. And to be perfectly honest with you, I cannot help but agree with Lolo. I hope that Hazard County (aka Cornwall & area) is one day able to raise itself out of the Primordial ooze and becomes a respectful border town.


  19. First of all cory from timmins….I really don’t care what you think… that? Your opinion means nothing to me….I hope you get that too.

    Let me say this, I don’t get off on people that have nothing good to say about the city. People who degrade the hospital every chance they get and and try everything in their power to stop their growth to me is disgusting. It is this type of negativity that prevents the city from growing and gives it a bad name. If one sees nothing good about where they live……move is all I was saying, nothing so terrible about that statement.

    As for you… only see what you want to see. If one doesn’t agree with your radical views you resort to character assasination. Like you told me many times, my comment wasn’t directed to you, why did you interject? Get off your soap box and quit trying to come across as the good guy who is going to save this country.

    I honestly wish you would follow through with with what you keep saying you are going to do and never done it….that is about not debating about language.

  20. Stella, I’m not ‘from’ Timmins but was born and raised in Cornwall. I currently reside in Timmins but spent the first 25 years of my life in Cornwall with a few years spent in Ottawa where I attended university there.

    Dear Lady Starlight, were you born and raised in Cornwall?

    If you accept things for what they are Stella, (such as the immoral and perhaps even illegal activities associated with Cornwall) then there is no room for growth. That is, personal growth or otherwise. I don’t know how old you are Stella, but unfortunately no matter how intelligent one is, true wisdom is only garnered through age and experience.

    “The good guy who is going to save the country Stella?” My dear Lord, even I don’t feel my ego is this large, but if you insist…..

    Remember this and always: That the knowledge of he who doesn’t forget his people; will not by his people be forgotten.

    I guess Napoleon made that mistake, right Stella? He abandoned New France for his European empire overseas. Ponder this, what may occur in our time…..If Quebec separates from Canada, will Quebec financially support the Franco Ontario cause? Something tells me that when Quebec leaves – the Canadian government may no longer feel obliged/pressured to support a minority population in Ontario. It will be time, Stella, for some growing up to do. Which means financial independence on behalf of the Franco-Ontario cause.

    So you see, this isn’t about language, right? It’s about a taxation without representation.

    My last comment didn’t include any comments about language though Stella. Did you think that by me supporting Lolo’s stance about Cornwall’s municipal politics I was debating language?

    Stella, where did you go for your post-secondary education?

    Conversing using the following: Got that, Capish, I really don’t care what you think, Your opinion means nothing to me, I hope you get that too, etc….

    Come on Stella, not only is the above language insulting, but it is beneath you. You see Lady Starlight, I deem everyone I come across in this world and every situation I encounter as an opportunity to learn something from; if only it provides me with a passing glimpse into the hatred, one-sidedness of a dark and lonely personality…

    The question is – do I have anything to learn from you?

    I suppose it keeps my writing skills sharpened.

    Thanks Stella,


  21. Cory cory cory……I do not pretend to be something I am not. Not my style. Like everyone else here, I have a right

    There you go again…..character assasination, put downs and arrogance. That speaks volumes about who you really are.

    Language was brought up because, since the language debate started you haven’t had anything good to say about anyone who’s views differed from your’s.

    Like I said before, what you think, means absolutely nothing to me. I do not want this to become a personal affront, nor do I want to get into verbal confrontations with you, not the place for it so please….move on.

  22. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, dear Stella. Funny your double standards!

  23. Stella,

    You’re a bad judge of character. I’ve (believe it or not) given you a few thumbs up for a couple of points at one time or another that you’ve made in rebuttal; but like you say, what I think means nothing to you. And I think most people on here mean nothing to you as well. i.e: Highlander, bella-b, Helga, Chris & Deb, Lolo, edudyorlik,

    Again though, I do care what people think of me. I do believe we all have something to offer one-another. I can tell your’re a woman in her twenty-somethings just by your viewpoints – it’s telling in and of itself.

  24. Cory,

    First of all, this article is about a constable and not about you and I.

    Secondly…..contrary to what you think, I am an excellent judge of character, it is part of my work. If I didn’t have that capability, I would not be considered qualified for the position.

    In one breath you say my posts are always a retalliation of someone else’s comments, which by the way is not true, however, in the above post you state you have agreed to some of my comments……hmm kind of confusing.

    Let’s agree to disagree and MOVE ON. If the only way you feel you can win a debate is by character assasination and put downs, like I said before, it’s speaks volumes of who you really are. Perhaps this may help you understand why your posts become meaningless to me and others.

  25. Cornwall pays a lot of people a lot of money to stay home… a world of pervabilities.

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