McGuinty Punts on 2nd Down – Resigns, Prorogues – Challenge to Justin Trudeau or Slithering Away?

CFN –  Holy Gilles Latour!  Our Premier Dalton McGuinty threw a colossal hissy fit and tossed in the towel and has prorogued the Ontario legislature prompting many in the opposition to posit questions about the timing while others are stating that he’s done so to enter the Federal leadership race.

Dalton McGuinty in happier times with retired MPP Jim Brownell

Sixteen years ago, when I was elected leader of our Party, the Ontario Liberals had won exactly one election in fifty years.

We couldn’t do anything to help families because we couldn’t win an election.

That’s changed. 

We’ve won three elections in a row.

But more important is what those election wins have allowed us to do.

In every area that matters most to families – their schools, their health care, their environment and their economy — we’ve made huge progress.

We’ve gone from struggling schools to the best schools in the English-speaking world…

From Canada’s longest health-care wait times, to the shortest 

From dirty air to clean air 

And the toughest drinking water standards, anywhere.

When it comes to the economy:

We’ve made our workforce the strongest and our taxes very competitive.

We’re renewing our infrastructure. We keep creating jobs.

Ontario has recovered 13 per cent of our jobs lost in the recession.

In the U.S., it’s 49 per cent.

We’ve positioned Ontario for decades of success.

Our government hasn’t been perfect. 

But when it comes to the big things that families count on us to get right –schools, health care, the environment and the economy — we’ve gotten it right every time.

Just this afternoon, we updated Ontarians on the state of our finances.

We’re once again ahead of schedule with our plan to balance the budget…

We’ve beaten our budget forecasts in seven of the last nine years.

I feel very good about where we are as a party and a province. 

But as Liberals, we’re always driving forward.

The opposition’s political games are holding Ontario back.

They’ve told us they oppose our plan for a two-year pay freeze for government workers.

That means we can’t make it law. 

So, we need to go back to the drawing board.

We’re going to make a sincere and determined effort to negotiate a wage freeze agreement with our labour partners.

Like the agreements already reached with 80,000 public sector workers.

We’re also going to consult with the opposition about what they would support to freeze wages.

To this end, I’ve asked the Lieutenant Governor to prorogue the legislature to allow those discussions with our labour partners and the opposition to occur in an atmosphere that is free of the heightened rancour of politics in the legislature.

And when the legislature returns, we will either have negotiated agreements in hand or a firm sense of what the opposition will support.

As the party and government of relentless progress, we’re always looking for new ideas and ways to renew ourselves.

And I’ve concluded that this is the right time for Ontario’s next Liberal Premier and our next set of ideas to guide our province forward.

Earlier today, I asked Yasir Naqvi, our party president, to convene a leadership convention at the earliest possible time.

I will remain as Premier until that leadership convention. 

And it will be my honour to continue to serve as the MPP for Ottawa South until the next general election.

I know I’ve asked some hard things of you. 

But I’ve always been inspired by the ideal that the older generations work hard to build a bright future for the younger ones.

And they do this, always, with love and an unwavering commitment.

I saw that in my own mother and father.

It’s what Terri and I have tried to do for our children.

And I see it in the eyes and actions of Ontario families, every day.

I thank you for the honour of serving as your Leader and your Premier…

In Ontario, the greatest province in the best country in the world.


Blah blah – here’s a Farting Video

I feel bad for people like James Borer who are taking on the challenge of rebuilding the SDSG Provincial Liberal Riding Association.   He  sent in the following.



James Borer CD

“There is no greater calling than that of service to your fellow man.”


Premier Dalton McGuinty has made that calling his own for many years, the past sixteen as Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. The fact that he has again put the needs of Ontario ahead of his own comes as no surprise. Only a few weeks ago Premier McGuinty was affirmed as leader of the Liberal Party with the highest rating of any of the party leaders in Ontario. His announcement today demonstrates his absolute confidence in the Provincial Liberal Party of Ontario.


Ontario has made meaningful, positive gains since the Premier took office 9 years ago. With a period of prosperity and growth that is unparalleled and a resiliency through the recession that is nothing short of incredible. Our health care wait times are the lowest in the country, our education system is amongst the best in the world, our commitment to persons with disabilities steadfast. Even through the worst recession the world has seen since the Great Depression our economy continues to show positive growth with 134% of the jobs lost now recovered.

These things have not been achieved by only one person, but by a team under phenomenal leadership.  A Leader who has continuously put his mission of making Ontario the best Province in the Best Country of the entire World. Premier Dalton McGuinty is a humble man. He has now chosen to succeed through demonstrating humility once again. He has chosen to put the needs of the province ahead of his own. 

He has done this by asking for the party to chose a new leader in the belief that this will best serve the province and move us forward together.   For me the best commentary on how I personally perceive Premier McGuinty was captured by another great Leader, Theodore Roosevelt in his address known as the “Man in the Arena”, which is quoted below.

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”


To the Premier, I salute you and all that you have done in service for your fellow man.

James Borer C.D.
SDSG Provincial Liberal Riding Association

And that’s the issue for many; that by pulling a Baumgartner with Harper like topping, Mr. McGuinty leaves the party faithful in a very ponderous  position that most likely will see them slip in the next election as this move gives the opposition; especially Ms Horvath a ripe path to run up the middle via.

As for a challenge to Justin Trudeau?   Well blowing a majority government to finish one seat out; then missing a by-election sneak move and then punting on 2nd down surely will not endear him to Federal Liberals compared to the juggernaut that Justin Trudeau’s Red Run has started?

Maybe Mr. McGuinty just wants off the political hamster wheel?  Maybe the issues he’s ducking by doing this were truly damaging.   All this scribbler knows is that he can’t take a night off without some Premier ruining it!   🙂

So my fellow Canadians; what dost thou think of these turbulent times?  Doest posteth dost comments yonder below!

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  1. Could be that McGuinty simply had enough of the BS. Time to relax and make some serious money before he gets too old.

  2. The Globe and Mail this morning, like CFN, hints that McGuinty may run for the leadership of the federal Liberal Party. As an MP, he could sit next to Bob Rae in the Commons and they could share stories about running Ontario into the ground. God help Canada!

  3. Good riddance,

    He has no testicular fortitude to deal now with the multiple issues such as the e-heath now 2 billion and growing -for little .

    Now its the gas fired electrical plants as some say will cost Ontarian’s 1 billion dollars for cancellation -for what 2 riding’s wow so now it costs 500 million per riding to buy votes?

    We cant forget the air ambulance (Orange scandal) we will never know the total cost of that,will we?

    What about the windmills and solar reimbursement scheme of which Ontario will never recoup those cost ,hey some like myself believe in green energy but when it has no return on investment ,how many countless billions spent there ?

    James Borer said,

    “He has chosen to put the needs of the province ahead of his own.

    Sorry James, Dalton’s just doing this to save whats left of his political hide and most certainly trying to save a dying party !
    Bring on the vote and see it will be another 50 years after the damage YOUR party has done to Ontario to see another lieberal in leading Ontario.

    My great,Great,Great Grandchildren will be paying for this mess with their taxes.

    Lets hope Ontarian’s not have a short memory on these things next Election.

  4. I understand how the party faithful and any man would want to present a positive glow. The hundreds of millions of dollars for over priced under used gas plants to gain byelection votes may just be the latest proof against him doing what is right for the province first, and 1.5 billion for full day kindergarten that we were told would be 500 million during a recession is just as criminal.

    Hope his advisors get the axe and move away.

  5. Goodbye jerk! Ontario can only get better now without you around!!!!

  6. How, when a difficult situation occurs, does Prorogation differ from civil or public servants going on strike whne government doesn’t want to negotiate? How could they pass a bill telinng other not to do exactly what they are doing?
    People in pariliament will still get paid yet provide no service. How is that right?

    Maybe government isn’t a necessary service??

    All in all its good Mc Guity quit. His party has screwed Ontario long enough buying his security.

    Now again the till runs dry and the liberals tune tail to leave another to fix the problem.

  7. Dalton McGuinty knows the real truth about how bad the economy of Ontario as well as the entire country is into. Only the “stupid sheeple” believe those government figures when the real thing is at least double to triple the figure. The head of the IMF warned Canada about the debt and people’s personal debt is higher than that of the US. I said to someone before here on the blogs that people will not be able to feed and clothe their families and I am right. Next year (2013) there will be a lot of famine and not only in third world countries but right here in Canada and the US – we are not better than anyone else and even Harper admitted that.

    Whoever replaces McGuinty will have no other choice but to make mighty deep cuts like what Mike Harris (aka Harrass) did and people made fun of him when he said things even before he took office. Yes they sounded rediculous but he had no other choice. Now things are a great deal worse than ever before and the cuts have to happen. The cuts will be mighty deep and many will suffer but there is no other way around it except to do just that.

  8. Hailey u do realize eddie lumley is a liberal…he would be hurt by you blasting his party…jezz he might even refuse to hold another gabfest for charity featuring his relative claude mcintosh who’s friday column got 12 comments….while jamies site gets hundreds…guess gluton free news is doing something right…like bringing cornwall issues to his own “glorious” style

  9. Time for a good old fashioned Common Sense Revolution again. Can’t trust Liberals. They will not run this province again in many people’s lifetimes. ASXXOLES!
    Hudak better get campaigning with some fight in him this time.

  10. Author

    Wow! Tim Hudak is worse than pointless. Your party is going nowhere as long as he’s at the head. Conservatives don’t even like the guy!

  11. Rightwing
    Ed is retired and quite successful as CEO of many boards, something I do not see any other local former politicians doing. I doubt he would mind my commenting on a party that has lost its way.

    I would hope you seen more in my post other than these strange aspirations of your unconscious

    Admin , I agree with you whole heartedly. Tim appeared as a lost as a ship in a storm with no engine.
    Some of the things he said last night in the news did nothing for the conservative party.

    Could that be the Conservative mandate? Play the fool, or in Tim’s case let the fool play? It is a good way to keep either the liberals or NDP in power during these economic times (which is another ruse but for another discussion).

    What better way to win favor then one who rises up out of the ashes created by others?
    Yes a bit speculative, but this is politics and who really knows what lurks in the empty recesses of the political mind

  12. Agree totally with admin re Hudak. The smirking wonder-boy is completely unelectable as Premier. He should have won the last election by a landslide, but every time he opened his mouth people started to gag…even Conservatives. Now is the time for him to step aside and get a capable leader in there while the Libs do the same thing.

  13. Ed Lumley is a good man indeed and was good during the Trudeau years and is a good business man. Times have changed and are much worse than ever and it will take tough action to do away with the debt and it won’t happen over night but it will take many decades to get back in the black. Like someone said it will go all the way to his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to pay for if they are lucky to see it paid.

  14. Some credit must be given to the Liberal election campaign machines, and people (voters / unions) who are on the public purse in some way. Very few people would want to bite the hand that feeds them.

  15. Tim Hudak is not the answer at all for Ontario. He is a cousin (a blood related cousin) of Dalton McGuinty. Both are dumb as a box of rocks. It is going to have to have someone as tough as Mike Harris (aka Harrass) unfortunately but true. Dalton is more of a teacher of grade school than being a lawyer or a politician – he chose the wrong path.

    Young Justin has a long way to go but has good intentions. The Liberal party has to come out of the ashes. Both Dalton and Bob Rae are losers and they both wrecked Ontario so badly that now Ontario is a have not province.

  16. Jules
    Well stated on Mc Guinty and Hudak.

    I believe Trudeau is nothing but a liberal failing grasp at sentiment. They hope we remember the days of his father. Though some will disagree he did bring about some pretty unique change to both politics and the country in itself. His biggest fubar was the charter of rights and freedoms. That was merely a well-planned system to ensure he could find work as a lawyer should and when he lost in politics. Too remember Pierre was in power during economic growth and prosperity. Electing his son in these times, would only bring further discredit to the family name. But he would receive a great pension just like his dad did.

    Trudeau as a leader would be a travesty. He is nothing more then a youthful inexperienced man with a family. I wish him well but I need more then qualification like that to take the helm of our country.

    I see the Freenews is not a huge fan of Harper and the conservative, you have to admit considering the times we now face he is doing a pretty good job. Canada is one of the leaders in surviving the hyperinflation and sentiment fears in the economy

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