Cornwall Ontario Mom Julie Bilotta Released from Jail to be with Newborn Son – BREAKING



CFN –  Cornwall Ontario mom Julie Bilotta was released from prison today to be with her son in a court hearing.  Ms Bilotta made National news after giving birth to her son Gionni while in prison in Ottawa.

Her pleas for help were ignored as she gave birth without assistance.  A breach birth which could be dangerous.

She will be released to the Elizabeth Fry Society.



  1. Breach births are very dangerous. This is a very sad and shameful story.

  2. I agree Soc. The good thing is that this story is in every paper across Canada. It probably won’t happen again any time soon.

  3. I hope she SUES their butts off.

    Dogs are treated better then this woman was !!!

  4. Its a horrible thing what this woman had to endure. no woman should have to deliver her child on a jail cell floor with no medical help. its simply barbaric. But, does that mean she should be set free because of it? I think not. It shouldn’t excuse her from her sentence for frauding people. how would you feel if someone who frauded you got out scott free? Like i said, its horrible she went through this, but i see no reason for her to be released.

  5. kare bear. Nobody is saying that she shouldn’t face the charges. It’s all about how medical care was denied to a person in custody.

  6. I agree with kare bear…do the crime to the time. Too many women get away with murder almost because they have children and gawd forbid you should take her away from her kids. Men on the other hand can have kids do the same crime and get tons of time for it. My sympathies lie with the child and no one else.

  7. Bilotta is a drain on society. She is known to pull stunts like this. For all that know her they will agree. Ya, lets show some sympathy for the (MODERATED). The person who can’t follow simple release conditions, or the person who while she was pregnant was (MODERATED). Lets put her on the front of every paper. The pictures are glamour pictures of her.. Taking her time in the spotlight – On a one sided story. No one knows the other side of the story, but we are so quick to blame the jail. 2 nurses assessed her, so they didn’t just leave her with no attention. I hope Julie Bilotta gets her time in jail for her crimes.. No media stunt will change that when the time comes!

  8. Why is everyone quick to assume she was released due to the recent birth? Also… I don’t care what a drain on society she is; that is no reason to ignore her cries for help, and to ignore an innocent, unborn child. Inexcusable. Please publish the names of the officers who allowed this to happen.

  9. TF202. Giving birth unassisted in a jail cell is a hell of a stunt. You can’t be serious.

  10. @ Ed & Freddy, Completely agree

  11. I’m with TF202. If a condition of her bail is no guns or trips to Awkawsasne she’s a drain. Take the baby away and toss her back in. Don’t give it to the father though or the Children’s Treatment Centre will have one more of a large group of a certain race of kids not living in Cornwall for treatment in a few years. If you know what I mean, Son.

  12. Sue – you can only assume the birth was unassisted. This is only on the word of a person charged with deceitful offenses. How can you believe anything she says. Just read her Facebook pages and you will see what kind of person she is. There has been no proof from anywhere that any of the allegations are true.
    I would never want anything to happen to anyone’s baby. From my experience Bilotta doesn’t know what the truth is, it could be a made up story, and I would not put that past her!

  13. Whatever crimes, deceit, or injustices Ms. Bilotta may be guilty of, two truths stand tall above all else : that we have the right to due process — including access to bail under reasonable conditions, a fair trial in a court of law rather than one of public opinion, and, on the other side of the coin, to victim impact statements once a conviction has been secured — and that we have the right to humane treatment while in the custody of the Crown. It is as clear as it is shameful that many of you are hellbent on denying her the former and not outraged that she has been denied the latter.

    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

  14. Anonymous is eloquent as she-or-he is right.

    Was a little more than shocked at Claude McIntosh’s coverage of Ms. Bilotta’s experience. Today’s lead reads: “The stories have been filed and the news hounds are off chasing another front-page yarn.”

    I don’t know about you but the whole piece, its mood and use of the word yarn infers fictitious, sporting, entertaining.

    Mr. McIntosh should do a little soul searching

  15. oh please, she will totally sue them,, its what she does,, how do u think she paid for her boob job,, she “fell” outside a store then sued them and made tons,, i feel bad for the poor baby but not at all for the trash mom, she should stay in jail and maybe learn a lesson,, (she probably wont tho)

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