NHL Hockey in Cornwall Ontario – Full House Gets their fill by Joseph Boyer – November 6, 2012

CFN -A group of current and former NHL players arrived at the Cornwall Civic Complex last night to play for the Cornwall chapter of the Max Keeping Foundation and the NHLPA First Assist Charity Classic.

Sens Captain Daniel Alfredsson

The teams consisted of players from around the league with local fan favorites Daniel Alfredsson, Chris Neil, Chris Philips and former (retired) Senator, Sean Donovan gathering the most cheers.

“I think it’s a nice opportunity for kids from Cornwall to come out and have a nice experience with NHL players.” Senator forward Chris Neil said.

“As far as I know right now, I’m planning to make it to all the games, a few more games of better tempo, as well as make to some towns that I’ve never been to before.” Senator Chris Philips said.  “Good hockey communities up north where they don’t get to see this caliber of hockey.” He added.

Ottawa Senators Chris Neil & Chris Phillips

Playing to over 4000 delighted fans, young and old alike were dazzled by the speed and skill of the NHL players. Checking the local feed from Facebook the town was buzzing after the game.

“NHL charity game was great.” J.T. Taillon posted to his wall. “Great cause and great hockey with some great friends, couldn’t have asked for better!” He added.


Organized by John Chabot, a former NHL player, First assist is a sports education-based program for First Nations children. It introduces children from the north to have opportunities in larger cities in Canada.    Also benefiting from the game was the Max Keeping Foundation (Cornwall Chapter) The foundation helps economically disadvantaged children and youth in Cornwall and area to access sports and recreational activities.

Joseph Boyer is a recent graduate of the St. Lawrence College Journalism program and looks to hone his writing and reporting skills in all aspects of the media.


He has a strong thirst for the “pursuit of truth” and brings an un-biased, both sides of the story approach to his articles.


He has operated and owned a small entertainment company since 2008, (Touch Bass DJ’s) and is involved with the musical community of Cornwall.

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  1. Welcome to CFN Joseph. I liked your coverage of the event, but your cameraman was a little chatty. 😉

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  4. I agree why Latour and his kids in the photo? sad when you always want to be a Bob Peters and be the center of the universe. No one cares what you do boys except for the old guys club and bare ass Bob himself. Time to get over yourselves boys and stop looking so stupid.

  5. @ Reg Coffe: Thanks for the warm welcome and yes, that camera guy can have a lot to say sometimes..lol

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