4.2 Earthquake Near Cornwall Ontario – Will Bare Ass Bob Kilger Follow Montreal Mayor & Resign? November 6, 2012

CFN– A 4.2 earthquake hit Eastern Ontario & Quebec at 4:05 EST this morning.   Rumblings that Councilor Bernadette Clement was practicing one of her inquisitive ponderings have not been confirmed, but in light of the Mayor of Montreal, Gerald Tremblay resigning .

Tremblay; a long time politician like Mayor Kilger was tripped up by the corruption commission in Montreal and Quebec.  Media reports that the Laval mayor is next.

Is it time for the ombudsman of Ontario to initiate a similar commission in Cornwall?   Election fraud, a wonky city clerk who is being propped up by the mayor and a group of councilors that seem set on covering up the antics of retiring CAO Paul Fitzpatrick while jacking up city taxes to pay for it.

There’s already a fuzzy investigation headed up by one Judith Allen, but it’s been going on for awhile and the public and taxpayers most likely will never learn about its results or process.  For example were all witnesses compelled to speak?     If you don’t investigate everyone related to an issue how can your results be true?

Of course the mayor is not big on results as he sat through a Waterfront Committee meeting recently where it was agreed that even though the numbers of a report were off by as much as 7% the report and its recommendations would still be submitted to council.

Corruption is not unique to Cornwall, Montreal, or any city.  It can even some times be a good thing, but when it holds back growth and hurts a community because of petty ignorance and vanity it’s time to tilt things back.

No, it’s time that the City of Cornwall do a proper housecleaning and break the back of its “Old Boys” way of doing things even if it means telling some not sitting old boys to back off.

The only way to move forward sometimes is to rip something down and start from scratch and what’s happened here in Cornwall is something that all of Council at this point have to be held accountable for.  Silence is guilt.   To knowingly see chicanery and sit in silence doesn’t equate to innocence….  it just equates to selfish cowardice.

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  1. I for one would like to see an investigation by outside forces into the Cornwall corruption by mayor Kilger & councillors plus previous & present lords of this city.Taxes are higher here than other larger cities & Cornwall is tired of having to pay for all the lawsuits & tired of the lies & cover-ups,project truth for one ,Whistle blowers need to be free to come forward without being run out of town & branded just to save their own asses!!!

  2. Anyone checked out the shit show at our local fire department ?

  3. What’s all this dumbassery about an M4 quake anyhow?

    My buddies on Haida Gwaii have giggled at more than *50* quakes bigger than that in the past 10 days, and the big one they had 10 days ago was 2500 (yep, two thousand five hundred) times as big as you guys just “survived”.

    Get over yourselves, you pussies.

  4. Kilger and company are just waiting their chance to go out with a big bang by stealing more money from the public. The emperor has no clothes. These people are the biggest crooks to the hilt. They lie like what Clinton did as well as Obama saying “you know I told you the truth” Clinton “no I didn’t have sex with that woman.” LOL LOL. They are all puppets of the elites. Listen to George Carlin on everything including: Politics – Garbage In and Garbage Out. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  5. get rid of bare ass bob hes no good for this city we need fresh ideas and new blood for this city too bloom the way it should bob heres my advice hand ib you resgnation

  6. I feel very bad for Willy and like I said in the rag of SF we went to school together. I knew Willy only for a very short while and found that he had a good sense of humor but never have I thought that he would go in the wrong direction. He is a very intelligent person and could have succeeded but every lawyer today has tons of competition and even Johnny Cochrane was begging for work before he died. Willy got in with the wrong people and the smell of money and power made him weak and something in his brain flipped. He didn’t see the important things of life like having a family and living a good ordinary life. It hurts when I think of it and hope that he is learning his lesson well. Only he was sent to prison for life to pay for the mistakes. I hope that Willy gets good with God and regrets what he did. When I first heard about that I laughed myself to pieces knowing that comedian from school. I then became depressed wondering why in the hell did he do that. He lived in a nice home, had a family and why go and disgrace his family and himself. Greed, sin and the wrong company will make anyone fall. Nobody else took the fall with him did they and each and everyone in who had anything to do with Willy is as guilty as he is and should be behind bars as well.

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