Freaky Friday, Words Can Sting, Shop in Cornwall for Christmas, Freeholders Tony Muma to Join CFN, & other musings.

CFN –  So I was standing in the Port Theatre fighting off a case of Agoraphobia; ie fear of crowds and confinement.

It was a sold out house.     What was special about that moment other than the buzz was that this was something that in its own special Cornwall way came together because people in the community came together.

It wasn’t magical or perfect, but it was example that it for the most part could happen.   Were there blips; sure, like one of the media sponsors playing the fool and not showing the whole poster for the event and cutting off some of the other sponsors.

But over all it showed that if people really pull together great stuff can happen.  Watching the make up of the crowd and talking to them really was interesting.

I’m not sure what the future of the Port is.  I do know I’d like to see it stay standing and stay as a theatre.    These musical events are awesome and can help keep the Port a part of the community; but it needs a lot of love and support still to be saved.

And it was a great cap to a freaky week or weirdness, madness ,and oatmeal cookies.

It was also a lesson, and I’m hoping not just for me, of the impact of words, deeds, and actions.

A week or so ago I had some fun with my yearly April Fools jokes for the clique and dumb people with comprehension or reading difficulties.    It was a blast  and one gentleman who’d never met me took it upon himself to take a shot at me on Facebook.

Now I’m used to taking shots.  I never take them personally; but as was explained to me once:

If you throw a lump of pooh into someone’s yard don’t be upset if they throw it back, and they just might throw harder and have better aim.

People, or at least some people don’t get that I don’t “Take Shots” at people.   There are no innocent victims at the hands of my keyboard.

So when this fine young man took his shot I took mine back and having some wit and talent it was a beauty.    So much so that people facebooked me that this young man was hunting for me so he could “punch me out”.

So at the Port this young man and another fine woman cornered me at the Port.    But what could have been ugly turned out to be kind of awesome.

After some general nastiness I realized and congratulated both of them for doing something so few truly do in this world and that’s to stand up for someone they care about.   Now the fact that who they were standing up for is NO FREAKING ANGEL should have some bearing on the picture.   And of course if handsome hadn’t taken a cheap shot out of the blue at me there’d be no barb coming his way.

In other words if you pick a fight how can you complain about being smacked?

But it was awesome that we could actually shake hands at the end and the funniest part is that the person they were defending had the best come back.  She may not be the nicest person and when she tries to run for council I will be there with story ready, but her retort was awesome.

Words can be far more damaging than stones; even bullets in some ways…. but they also echo and ring in all corners; not just on Facebook or in News stories.   Those secret murmurings at parties, and board meetings, quiet nods, spreading lies; well those count.   The damage they do can hurt far more than a clever spit of a line.

I’m not sure why some people have to behave that way.  It really is better to be part of something awesome than not.   And sometimes we can work with people we aren’t besties with and not have any adverse reaction.

Sadly the nasties have a much slower learning curve than most civilians….

This week for the second time we were given an interesting offer to move to another city.   No, not from someone in Cornwall just wanting to get rid of CFN, but  another city recognizing that what was created here is something very special and something I share credit with all of our CFN viewers and sponsors.   CFN is not a one man show.  It’s thousands of people giving everyone connected a chance to be part of it.

Our mission statement and vision will be published this week end and I hope some of you email me at and let me know what you think.

It’s just odd that it looks like we may be the largest online newspaper in all of Canada and be in a city where a corrupt mayor and some of his friends are trying to suffocate the life out of us instead of allowing us the resources to grow and really rock?

Part of me would love to move in a sense that my stress levels and 100 hour work weeks would be addressed.  After all I’m not a kid anymore and the constant wear and tear isn’t healthy.   Nor is it much fun to see the lies spread about myself and CFN and the way the clique operates here….

But then nothing good is ever easy   🙂   A lesson I was taught at a very young age.

And money isn’t everything.   Respect; good friends, family, and being able to sleep with a clean conscious is much more valuable to me anyways than an extra zero or two in the bank balance.

No, CFN isn’t going anywhere.  As a matter of fact I’m excited to have one of the best journalists in Cornwall joining the CFN family!

Tony Muma, one of the Free Holders best writers if not their best sadly was one of the cuts felt locally when Quebecor did their National chop.  The Free Holder also lost their publisher Milton Ellis.

Being last man in means first one fired sadly and Quebecor’s loss is CFN’s gain.   It means that a 27 year old professional gets to stay in Cornwall and work in the field that he chose albeit with some huge challenges.

Tony is an interesting reflection of journalism today in that he’s lost two jobs and neither time had anything to do with the awesome quality of his work.

He’s excited about the new role he’ll be playing in this industry too, and the jump from going to the number two ranked media in this city to number one and all the perks that come with that.

You’ll be reading and hearing more about Tony when he starts with us officially.  In the meanwhile if you see him in Cornwall say hi!

It never ends here at CFN – a new adventure every day.   Thanks to all that give me that opportunity to serve you whether it be one of our viewers or sponsors.

And sponsorship being mentioned we will be rolling out our Shop in Cornwall for Christmas Program!

You’ll be seeing these banners all over CFN next week and thanks to our sponsor, CommunityFutures of SD&G, Cornwall area advertisers will be able to purchase a full page ad on CFN for a drastically reduced price.   Small business needs all the help it can get and by working together we can help promote and build our community.    CFN is glad to contribute and be a part of that Christmas cheer and success!   When you see one of those banners all you have to do is click on it and see some very special local businesses  & Services!

For more info about our Shop in Cornwall for Christmas program or advertising in general call our CFN hotline at 613 361 1755 or email us at

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  1. it was a pleasure to talk to you yesteray. I am the security guard thath was supposed to keep a look after your two seats last night at the port theater. I checked your site and i love it better than the newspaper. Sorry again for last night and i amglad thathTony is working with you guys, says hello from the friends of vets because he knows us. Sorry for my english.You can count on me for reading tour great articles,

  2. Holy Gilles Latour! Did you hear the one about the guy that has the financial planning company near Pitt and Sydney that allegedly defrauds his investors. With criminal and civil proceedings against him. The guy who used to have Allan Wilson’s volunteer position with the corrupt hospital. Or does he seem too litigious for you to take on big guy. There is a foul smell in the investment business in this town. High-school grad, or drop-out, stock brokers do not exist in the rest of the world. That’s why my extended family has a guy in Toronto that visits us twice a year with several business degree. Too easy for these amateur investment gurus to con good mill-working people out of their savings here. Be careful investing with these guys folks.

  3. Author

    Hi Denis,

    It was nice speaking with you and anything CFN can do to help our Veterans we are willing to do. Without their efforts my ability to write freely would not exist.


  4. Tony Muma is the best writer the freeholder had. This is a fantastic addition for CFN. I look forward to reading Tony’s writings. It will be interesting for Tony to freely for CFN.

  5. Tony Muma is the best writer the freeholder had. This is a fantastic addition for CFN. I look forward to reading Tony’s writings. It will be interesting for Tony to write freely for CFN.

  6. Unfortunately in Canada there are no restrictions on who can call themselves an Investment Advisor. The guy was not a Stock Broker, he sold Life Insurance and probably some mutual funds. There is a big difference between the qualifications of the two careers. There are corrupt people in any line of work. If you knew the facts before you speak you would know the following: The guy got caught because his client’s Stock Broker caught the discrepancy when looking at all the paper work. No need for you to deal in Toronto. Just make sure you are dealing with a qualified person and firm. The firm this guy worked for dropped the ball and created the perfect situation for this to happen. Again, he was not a Stock Broker, and ask for qualifications when someone tells you they are a Financial Advisor as that can mean many things.

  7. truth and justice will always make you some enemies, Jamie. But in the long run they’ll make you more friends

  8. This is sure a good article. I sure miss the old theatres like the Palace and the Capital Theatres and glad to see that the Port is still around. I also miss the old drive in movies as well.

    About financial advisors or anything else for that matter look into the person very well of their documentation, where they went to school, etc. etc. etc. There are a lot of frauds out there and we sure know them well.

    Cornwall has to heal in more ways than one. Yes there sure is a mighty corrupt mayor and he has to go and the faster the better and his council as well as the management at the top has to go as well. We have to throw out the bad weeds and plant new seeds and make sure that there is no more corruption – we have to bury the whole bunch or send them all packing.

  9. Jamie, Tony Muma and Don Smith? The three Musketeers out to clean up dodge.

    Seems to me you guys are overdue by about 20 years or so, yet me thinks the next 20 will see a resurgence of why you are here…..eek out the trash and stash the decrepit where they belong,,,,either at the receiving end of court justice or the boohoo of public condemnation.

    Great stuff. Gotham could not do better.

    Best ‘free speech newspaper’ in the country…..though I am proud of the Sun News too Jamie unless they are on your hit list too. 🙂

    Root them out cowboys.

  10. Author

    Now Dukers I don’t have a hit list. I like everyone. And as for dum dums that talk about burning bridges…well bridges can be rebuilt if there’s a desire or need. 🙂

  11. Hi Tony,
    I can hardly wait to read your articles. I have spoken to you a few times and I can tell that your a very intelligent, well read, think outside the box type of guy. Your going to be an asset to Cornwallfreenews.

  12. Welcome Tony ,

    Freeloaders loss CFN’S gain .
    You ,Jamie and Don will be a great team bringing issues to light to help improve our community and be the voice of and for the people.

  13. WOW! I suppose in your small mind, that a person with “business degrees” and coming from Toronto cannot possibly commit fraud or anything like that ???

  14. Jamie
    I use to work with a fellow and he had an interesting analogy about burning or should I say building bridges.

    “They are only built by people that are affraid to get a little dirty doing the job right”

  15. Congratulations Tony on your new job with CFN You are one hell of a reporter & a great guy. SF loss,as one door closes a new door is just waiting to be opened,I,m anxious to read some of your stories that won,t be muzzled

  16. Alright the Journalistic Dream Team is here!

    Jamie, Don and now Tony all under one roof!

    I am happy to say that I’ve at least spoken to all three and met two of these very integral people.

    Great, fantastic work CFN!


  17. I don’t read “Cornwall’s Toilet Paper of Record – SF” and I don’t know these young men but I congratulate them for going to Jamie’s CFN and Jamie is a great guy who is fair and great to read the news here. Congratulations to all of you for going to CFN it is a good place to be.

  18. Awe Jules… can be so sweet to us. Remind me not to turn over that rock you come out from under when you want to cause your alternate negative English right to sniff out the air from time to time can be a bit raw……..

    Glad to have your tone of opinion or I wouldn’t be able to use mine.

    Guess that’s how the ying and yang are suppose to work aye…..
    you pull, we push, You push, we pull. :-)(-:

  19. Duckers I am a mixture of both sweet and sour so it depends on what I read and the time of day, etc. I do say what I think that is for sure. Sometimes it feels good to the reader and other times it feels bad. One thing though I sure do capture people’s attention. I did say before that I am trying to wake people up from their deep slumber and show them a lot of the ways that they miss. Everybody has an opinion and those opinions should be respected. We don’t have to agree all the way but sometimes I do have some good points. Not everyone is 100% on the money.

  20. Welcome Tony Muma!!!

    CFN just keeps getting better & better….

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