LTE- Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart of South Stormont Ontario Congratulates the Ingleside Craft & Trade Show

Letter to the editor


To all the hard working organizers at the Rothwell Osnabruck 6th Annual Ingleside Craft and Trade show,


I would like to commend every one of you on such a wonderful Craft and Trade Show this past Friday night and Saturday.  There were lots of friendly faces, crafts and good food.  Our Tea and Bazaars, Crafts shows and Seasonal Events of all kinds help to foster a healthy and vibrant community through out ALL of South Stormont.   

 Thanks so much for jump starting our Christmas Season.

Merry Christmas to all!


Tammy A. Hart

Deputy Mayor of South Stormont

Homestead Organics


  1. I have to apologize to everyone for not covering the craft show as a journalist. I was too busy serving coffee to be able to wander off and interview the other vendors. I sold more coffee at the show than I ever have before at one event.

    It was a great show and I know I will be back there next year.

  2. I have to try your coffee sometime Reg. Where can we but it in the area?

    It’s nice to see you speak about the arts and crafts show my significant other is big on refurbishing old wares of others. At time it is embarrassing stopping at a person’s garbage and acquiring there unwanted goods. But I must admit the finished products display very well. Some we give as gifts and some we use for decorations at home.

    I do have a question though, what are you and council doing to ensure we have industry in the area to support the new housing? We have one of the older homes (another on going project my significant other spends countless hours on) and I am curious to see what MPAC says with the new builds in the area.

    I know taxes are a necessary evil, but why should we pay them if local politicians are not providing an environment conducive to raising a family. Yes safe streets, water, sanitary system is necessary, but how do you expect people to pay if they have dumbed down labor?

    As the freenews can see by IP address I am currently located in Rob Ford country and spend most of my time here for work. I have recently had a few local interviews and even visited a hiring agency in Cornwall. The interviews defined me as over qualified and are worried I may not stay at the rates they offer, which by the way were acceptable , quite so. The agency encourages us to relocate to this area as the need for technical skills and leadership are limited in Eastern Ontario.

    So as I slip down the path heading to the golden years …well almost….I wonder why any of us should have to travel for work such that we are rarely home. We could face the loss of a loved one in transit (see 138 accidents) only to pay taxes…..

    I look forward to your reply
    Thank You in advance
    Hailey Brown

  3. Hailey, if you want to just try my coffee you can go to the Island Ink Jet in Cornwall and they serve it and sell it the beans as well. Alternatively if you happen to dine at Knox Fine Dining in Moose Creek or the Georgian House in Alexandria or the Russell Manor in Morrisburg, then you have already had my coffee.

  4. Hailey Brown the 138 is a very dangerous highway and I don’t know how many times when we go down that my husband says the same words about it. Some people in Cornwall wanted that road widened but I can’t see them doing it because of the farmland and you even see tractors crossing the road and even using it. This is dangerous as well. There are too many tractor trailors as well and that poses terrible danger. Yes indeed there are plenty of accidents.

    When we use that highway to go on the 417 and then back to Ottawa we are worn out to a frazzle. There is no way that we could live in Cornwall and commute to Ottawa for work. We have to live in Ottawa. My own children who are adults in their early 30’s mind the trip something awful so it isn’t just me at age 61 almost 62 that minds it.

    You are in the Toronto area and most of the people of Cornwall have left – the educated people. You wouldn’t earn the same money in Cornwall at all and yes for Cornwall you are over qualified indeed.

  5. Thank You Reg. I will try the Island Ink Jet next time I am in town.

    A big part of the 138 accidents are the drivers themselves, people are in too much of a hurry and through caution into the wind. Frustration and just being fed up having to traverse such distances.

    This is all perpetrated by council members neglecting for the welfare of local citizens.

    But my point in that post was more to why we pay taxes to a council that does not provide an environment conducive to raining a family?

    If you have family in the area ask them to visit local councils in the area and ask, “Can I see our planned growth for the next 5 years.”
    I have in front of me a copy for our area, it was written in 2006 and maybe two goals have been achieved, keep local businesses running and build more homes. The document itself is 4 pages long and nowhere do they state an approach to meet any of the goals put forth in the document, it is in complete.

    They also have a Business retention program written in 2007. I am not sure how much we paid for this, but if council and those on the board want to put a plan for growth in place, shouldn’t they have their own ideas before hiring someone to produce a document that was on file for another city then simply copy and pasted?

    They talk about local malls and existing businesses and the large portion of the group is all from the businesses. There is nobody that can work for people not in the existing infrastructure.

    There is mention of surveys being taken in the area, something to do with a community based business retention and expansion for the 4 plazas. I live nearby a local business owner and frequent the shops in both Long Sault and Ingleside and I never heard mention of any surveys nor did any of our neighbors that I have spoken with.

    In the document it states “The main financial lending source investigated, secured, used for operations and expansions in both south Stormont and South Dundas was banks with the use of credit unions in south Stormont and private money in South Dundas the second lending source of choice.

  6. Jules
    One thing I would like to add to my rant if I may and people please for give me for this. The current work situation between my significant other and me is wreaking havoc on our marriage such that I fear it is nearing its expiration date.
    We spend so much time apart we do not know who each other is anymore, we share little or no personal time together nor do we have time to enjoy many of life’s little treasures.

    Something I would like to thank local governments for!

    We are both educated and successful on our respective fields. We followed the system rules, attended and graduated from secondary institutions and continually learn and attend classes keeping current with our professions ensuring we can provide the best services possible in our careers.

    Yet it appears courtesy of that we have no life and a limited future.

  7. Author

    That’s very sad Hailey and not uncommon at all.

  8. Thank you admin, it may be uncommon what it truly is, is unnecessary.

    I would like to hear Tammy’s reply to these concerns, or even any local councillors in SD&G.

  9. Tammy
    Your silence speaks volumes. Thanx for taking our money but not supporting the citizens!

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