CFN Interviews new Cornwall Ontario CAO Norm Levac – December 4, 2012 – HD VIDEO

CFN –  My first official interview with Norm Levac was interesting in that like many interviews what you discuss off camera can be more fun than on.

What was supposed to be a quick ten minute hello interview turned out to be an interesting exchange about the positives of Cornwall Ontario and some of our common hopes for the future.

From ripping through the  Streetscape plans to talking about Youth Retention & Cornwall Transit it was the kind of discussion that gives this scribbler more hope for the future of our city as it transitions from Blue Collar Mill town.

Mr. Levac has a multitude of challenges that he’ll face; but he’s also aware of most of them.       It should be interesting to see if that man that almost everyone I’ve spoken to has nothing but good things to say about does once he’s in the top post officially which starts at the end of this month.

What do you think about our new CAO Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Cornwall has a great potential ,with good leadership we will get there .

    With Mr.Norm Levac as CAO and 30 years experience behind him I am sure he will play a large part in Cornwall’s transition to its full potential.

    Best of luck Norm in this new position I am sure you will be a great representative for the city and its citizens.

    Oh to be a fly on the wall for the off Camera discussion-sounds like you enjoyed it Jamie.

  2. Author

    Highlander there are some great people living and working in Cornwall, even in places like City Hall and the Hospital. Sadly it’s usually the bad uns that end up in the news….

  3. I think Mr.Levac will get his hands slaped for talking with you Jamie.
    Doesn,t he no thats a no no?LOL

  4. I believe that with his high credentials, proven acumen, dignity, honour and the sanctity of city hall just may be recoverable. As long as Mr. Levac continues to show graciousness towards Jamie, perhaps a revival era can be in the making. Why should he not have provided an interview with Jamie/CFN any more than any and all the other media sources in and around town.

    A wise move, unless those at city hall after this date apply their prejudices against the truth this site has conveyed to the public. Transparencies often have enemies of the truth.

    Perhaps this renewal can allow former and new advertisers a come back, free from the scathing, loathing, shunning and city hall pressures blacklisting them as well for using CFN. What a mockery they made of freedom of speech.

    Does this interview open the door once more? The writers, readers and VOTERS just might have the final say.

    Finally my/our hope is that Mr. Lavac has the gonads to face down bigotry, bias and errors of their ways of any city employee, whether a front line clerk another administrator, a councilor or even the Mayor himself (with due respect to all).

    Gee, I wonder if the councilors can pull out and renew their/our cities ‘Mission Statement and Vision’ for FAIRNESS TO ALL.

    It is ‘free speech’ that makes this country work and strong.

  5. Author

    Well said Dukers. It was recently stated by someone at City Hall about “Bridges being burnt”. Last time I checked bridges could always be rebuilt and sometimes out of stronger things than wood…

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