How a lump can change a life & Do you get your full value of your time? by Jamie Gilcig

Jamie Gilcig

CFN –  You can’t buy time.  It really is the most valuable commodity on our little blue marble and something we all take for granted far too often.

I know I’m always guilty of that. It’s not that I do it on purpose, but things spin out of control.  I work insane hours like so many of you reading this.  I have people and things pulling and tugging for my attention and then I like you get confronted with a life issue that not only pulls the emergency stop on those black and white trains in old movies; but sucks the oxygen out of me so that I have to take notice.

I was giving my near 12 year old Princess a good rub and massage and noticed that she had a lump on her rib cage.

Now that’s not unusual.

Dog’s like people develop cysts, fatty tissue, etc with age and Rotties like my Mel normally only live to 8 or 9 years of age so she’s one old Rottie!

But this was a hard mass or lump.   It was solid and when I went and did some research on the internet I felt a chill.

IF this lump was what I read then my girl had a very aggressive form of Cancer and as weird as this sounds I know she’s old and not long for this world, but the reality that the time of her passing was close shook me to the core as it would if it was for a human that I loved.

Or myself.  How many times in life are we really confronted with our own mortality?   How have you reacted when faced with your own or a loved ones end time?   I take a quick look around my life and I own three senior pets.   My mom & some of my aunts are aged as well too as well as some of my older friends.  In ten, fifteen, twenty years from now  my circle of life will be very different and I myself may not even be alive.

I emailed my vet who urged me to get Mel in pronto and I am graced to have the world’s best Vet!    Dr. Debbie has done some amazing work and one of the reasons my Mel is in such amazing condition has been to the care and advice of this remarkable woman.

She palpitated and poked Mel and explained to me that the tumor was not on her bone and then explained different layers of skin and muscle.

While my dog isn’t quite out of the woods that jarring reality check really had me pondering my strange thoughts about how I spend my time and on what?   When we do one thing we aren’t others.   Are we always being the most productive?  Do we get as much value of  our time as is realistically possible?

Sometimes crisis can lead to inspiration.    Sometimes it’s a wake up call.    I know I’ll cherish each day with my beloved dog even more than I already did.   But I’m also going to cherish a few more things in life and try and balance things a bit more.

Feel free to post what it is that you focus your time on and how you’ve dealt with crisis when it comes to the health and change with your loved ones below.

I have to go give someone a bone now….

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  1. Don’t bring me down, man.

  2. Jamie……I hope it is nothing serious and that your Mel gets to spend many more years with you. She is a cutie for sure!!!

    Jamie……I learned early in life that one must be able to balance both, life and work. To be honest with you, I truly don’t know how you do it. Everyone needs “ME” time and I get the impression that you don’t get enough.

    I also learned that work and money is not is not all there is in life. Without your health, what good is money? I know this site is your passion in life, but this is your job. One must take time to discover and do other things that bring them joy……before it is too late.

    When all is said and done and one’s looks back on their life they certainly don’t want to be sorry for having lost out on the precious moments they could have had because their work controlled their life. Once it’s gone, it’s too late to bring those lost moments back. Just my thoughts….**smile**

  3. Author

    Thanks Stella.

  4. Jamie..i hope your pooch pulls through.. there`s nothing like having a great pet to keep us humble and feel loved without the judgemental looks .. we do have some great vets in Cornwall. whatever the outcome it sounds like your rottie has a great caring owner and has a great life.. takecare of each other..

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