Ontario Liberal Leadership Hopefuls to Attend Rural Round Table in Avonmore Ontario – Tuesday December 18th, 2012

Gerard Kennedy
Gerard Kennedy

CFN –  Many of those vying to earn the leadership nod for the Provincial Liberal Party of Ontario will be in Avonmore Ontario Tuesday December 18th for a Rural Round Table starting at 11 AM.

Front Runner Sandra Pupatello, will join Gerard Kennedy, Kathleen Wynne, Charles Sousa, and Glen Murray who have all confirmed their presence as of press time.

The event will allow rural Ontarians to come together and discuss rural issues. Some of the topics that will be discussed include: creating conditions for sustainable growth in rural Ontario, ensuring quality education & health care in rural communities, environmental stewardship and supporting the Ontario Seniors who helped make Ontario what it is within their communities.


Jim Brownell former MPP for Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry as well as Lou Rinaldi former MPP for Northumberland Quinte West, will join in for  the Rural Roundtable discussion.
All rural Ontarians are invited at the “Rural Roundtable”.

Location: North Stormont Place
16299 Fairview Dr.
Avonmore, ON, K0C 1CO


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  1. To All who are against forced bilingualism:

    Here is a chance to put real pressure on politicans.

    They will try to duck these questions, because they will say it is not on the agenda.

    To hell with them, we the people, and like that.

    Tell them these are what we want to ask about and why can’t we?

    Why are they afraid to answer questions to the majority language grouop in this province?

    Demand to know if any one of these people will repeal the official bilingualism act, of Ontario.

    If not why not? 92% of Ontario is English, not french

    I would want to know why the English majority must be put aside in the hiring of francophones based on language not experience, qualification and dedication? This is particularly true of CCH and other institutions.

    Why do they hire from quebec,?

    What and more importantly, who, decides who is bilingual and who is Not?

    What is the criteria for bilingualism?

    Who sets it and what is the acceptable norm?

    How much input does the anglophone community have in this bilingual process?

    If there are no real answers and acceptable comments on theses issues, then by all means WITHDRAW BOTH POLITICAL AND MONETARY SUPPORT from these candidates.

    I know the agenda is focused on rural issues.

    How ,ever, this is a wonderful opportunity to pressure and make these people aware that this is an issue that will not go away.

    Especially Meilleur, an anti-english proponent and pro french acrivist that live breathes french rights at the expense of the Englsih-look at vanier in Ottawa along with M.Baril

    Please try to organize and get as many people out to make as much noise as poosible of this issue.

    This is how the french did it, and look at the rights they have achieved today, at our expense.

    Jim Quealey


  2. @ James

    YES YES YES!!!!!!!

  3. Mr. Quealey and Concerned Citizen 2,

    If you have any issues with the agenda as it is set then feel free to discuss it with myself. The Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidates didn’t set the agenda. The agenda was set by the Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry Provincial Liberal Riding Association of which I am the President.

    If either of you have done anything other than simply rant about your issue could you be good enough to share what those efforts have been? It is far to easy to cower, rant and say it is for someone else to sort out. It takes more of a person to invest themselves into creating the change they want to see.

    MPP Madeilene Meilleur is one of the most caring, dedicated and selfless people you could ever hope to have help you.

    James Borer

  4. Bilingualism is the rural issue too. With not so much employment opportunities in rural areas, now it is limited more so by rabid enforcement of ridiculous bilingualism policies that DENY employment to local residents. Their fault? Being born to Anglo parents in English-speaking cities and towns in the English province of English Canada. That’s absurd! When will political parties recognize absurdity of this policy? Just look at the CCH hospital or Pakenham post office as the most publicized examples.

  5. Many Thanks Mr. Borer,

    I would love to have these questions answered by Madeiline Meilleur,

    Why does the French Languages Act discriminate against English citizens of Ontario , specifically in the bias hiring practices at CCH ?

    Why is their criteria different in the hiring of francophone as opposed to an Anglophone?

    How is that Ontario with a 92% Englsih population, ( Most if not all immigrants included ) have institutions that must be bilingual?

    Why does bilingualism here mean frecnh?

    How many anglophones are capable of conducting business in sufficient french to serve the french public, but as a result of higher criteria for anglophones cannot get hired?

    There are many, many more “rants ” as opposed to real life issues that I can bring . but are too lengthy to post here.

    I will leave it in your good hands to pass on this info to the caring, loving , dedicated and selfless M. Meilleur to answer.

    P.S. Apologies for any spelling arrors I am awaiting eye surgery

    Jim Quealey

  6. The Rural Roundtable, as I understand it, is about bringing forward ideas, not just complaining about the status quo. I think it’s a brilliant idea.

    There’s a recognized training deficit nation-wide; Canadians are falling behind in terms of competitive skills in the international market. What we DO have experience at is poly-culturalism and bilingualism, which are valuable assets in an increasingly interconnected word.

    Instead of arguing about whose language rights are more important, why don’t we look at language as a skill and find ways to support language training for everyone?

    Just an idea.

    Craig C-E

  7. Madeleine Meillleur is the last person who would be sympathetic to the English-speaking person in Ontario. She is the one most responsible for the advancement of French-speakers’ place in Ontario – far more than their proportion (4+%) warrant. I would not waste my time attending ANY Liberal gathering.

    It would be better to get hold of the Conservative Party members to ask them why they have been so silent in the defense of the rights of the English-speakers to jobs without having to be bilingual in a province that has such a small proportion of French-speakers.

  8. |To Kim,

    I could not agree more.

    It is very interesting that one Mr. Borer
    has sent CC #2 and myself a persomalized post to characterize our issues as “rants”.

    I have no idea of who he is or thinks he is.
    This is still Canada, and it is obvious that the monitoring of this site, at least that’s what it apperas to be, may be interrupted as concern, fear maybe, on the part of liberals. Time will tell.

    I believe that Mdm. Meilleur is part of a government , that supported e-health a 1 billion dollar boondoogle

    She is of the party that lied about 2 plants in Mississauga costing the taxpayers millions, if not more.

    The party that supports green energy to the tune of millions, ( Sansung deal) again of OUR MONEY. green energy only supplies 4% of Ontario’s hydro.

    The party that routinely give monetary grants to franco-Ontario organizations to futher push forced bilingualism down our throats, at the expense of anglo jobs.

    This is only the tip of the iceburg. So OUR RANTS seem to based on hard facts.

    I agree with KIm,however, that the conservative party is the way to go. The liberal candidates will not touch any of these issues with a ten foot pole.
    If I were them ,i wouldn’t either, its too damm embarrassing.

    Jim Quealey

  9. Craig,

    Fantastic post and if not for the fact that I’ve experienced something to the contrary, I would totally agree with you. I’ve been told in an interview that I wasn’t French enough. Never mind that I am bilingual.

    I do think we as Canadians are falling behind in terms of job skills.

    You also wrote:

    “Instead of arguing about whose language rights are more important, why don’t we look at language as a skill and find ways to support language training for everyone?”

    I think that is a wonderful idea, Craig. Why not instead of spending a few billion on promoting the idea of bilingualism (which is what is currently occurring), why not pour that money into the actual training of being bilingual. I still think that is the way it can be, IF BILINGUALISM NEEDS TO BE ENFORCED. However, most do not want it.

    Why not allocate those funds instead on repairing highways, increasing the scope of social programs or helping small businesses thrive. In that way, we may have more impact and get more bang for our buck.

    On another personal note, once my formal schooling was finished, I utilized very little of my Francais. It wasn’t until I met my wife 8 years ago that I started using it regularly again. And why not? I figured since I was in the company of a French family why not have myself use it again rather than have everyone else speak English for my benefit. I guess this is to say that the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the one in this case. For the most part, I had lost most of it. I actually was once good enough in grade school at reading, writing and speaking in French to place 3rd place in a school wide public speaking competition.

    So it kills me to hear things like, ‘ot dog’ or ‘piasse’ or ‘sen’ when speaking French. I cringe all the time when I hear that. Les mots propre pour les expressions sont le dollar, sous.

  10. Mr Borer, MPP Madeilene Meilleur may be caring, dedicated and selfless , however like the leadership hopefuls, was part of a government that over spent and many say mispent billions over 9 years. BTW, it took CFRA coverage to have M. Meilleur finally help a handicapped person a couple of years ago, I will search for the story.

    Please ask the hopefuls for us if they know over 97% of the province speak English.

  11. Madeline Meilleur is no more caring, selfless or dedicated than any other SEPARATIST in Quebec is…which of course was what she was BEFORE she moved to Ontario to push her FRENCH ONLY agenda for the Separatists and found an ally in the Communist/Marxist thieving Liberals in Ontario, where she blended in so well.

  12. James Borer
    December 15, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    “”If you have any issues with the agenda as it is set then feel free to discuss it with myself””

    I had not known that our citizens voted you in as our representative,and you feel that as our representative you will answer our questions?

    Craig Carter-Edwards
    December 15, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    The Rural Roundtable, as I understand it, is about bringing forward ideas, not just complaining about the status quo. I think it’s a brilliant idea

    -Not just complaining about the status quo ?HOW LIBERAL OF YOU!
    How about that they are still the government and the people have a right to voice our concerns to the elected officials .
    Or is not permitted anymore to ask elected officials questions on policies that effect their day to day lives.

  13. Liberals do not like complaints about the status-quo. They are looking for new ideas to keep the status-quo. My understanding of the upcoming Liberal Rural Roundtable is they are looking for a new red lipstick shade to put on a pig.

  14. who does this Borer guy think he is

    is he saying we can’t have opinions about what we think is important. don’t we elect people to help us

    why can’t we say what we think

    he is president of a liberal riding association, big deal

    he is not god, to tell what I can and not say

    People have a right to express themselves, when a separatist is trying to hurt the english and help the french

    Mdn Meilleur hates english people and tries to hurt us, and we are not allowed to say so.

    from what I read here she deserves to loose the leadership and her next election and I hope she does, no matter what this borer guy says, he won’t push me around

  15. frisbee – I believe Mr. Borer is a Canadian soldier who has put his actual life on the line in defense of democracy.


    With that in mind, you might understand why he thinks it important that people engage in the democratic process in a meaningful way.

    We truly are blessed in this country to have the right to free speech, to speak to our political officials and to gripe about whatever we want. The existence of that right is dependent on social responsibility.

    Question for you – in your opinion, do free-speaking citizens like yourself have no obligation to offer solutions to shared problems?

    Cory – always a pleasure to read your thoughtful comments. I owe you a column!


  16. It sounds to me, that Mr. Borer is trying to bully people.

    If people wish to form an opinon baesed on Mdm. Meilleur’s track record and pro french stance, then as you say :we all have the right to free speech.

    As for Mr. Borer’s war record, many anglos in quebec, have DIED in those wars, yet today their decendants of their families live under discriminatiry laws,

    The way I see, this is the same road people like M.Meilleur are taking us down, with forced bilingualism.

    The policies , regulations and laws, that were applied here by M.Meilleur’s government, and her support of these policies and laws reflect this.

    Particularly her pro french stance, and funding of franco Ontario groups, that we pay for. These action are at the expense of the Englsih.

    Photo opts of Mr.Borer doesn’t excuse his tactics, in trying to bully, nor is it keeping with the military.
    Nor does his presidency of a liberal riding association.

    History is littered with people in prominent roles that have fallen from grace and position.

    I like frisbee, won’t be pushed around either. Times are a changing

  17. To Mr. Borer,

    Well Mr. Borer, did you pass on my questions to Mdm. Meilleur ?

    As a caring selfless dedicated person, I am sure she would have the answers

    I will eagarly await her responses, especially from the president of the liberal riding association

  18. Hello Craig!

    I fear Kerry may be right with his/her comment about the Liberal Rural Roundtable. Social Responsibilty! Thanks so much for bringing this up. Democracy isn’t just about the Right of Suffrage – although far too many believe that. Though I have this to say. I’m not so much a Liberal……….but a Liberal Rural Roundtable is better than NO Roundtable at all. It’s a good idea to receive some sort of feedback from a group of people and concerned citizenry.

    Take note, Lauzon! Perhaps you can piggy-back on the idea and have a Rural Roundtable of your own? Although this opportunity did present itself at South Stormont. You could have met with a group of caring citizens who really do care about what happens in their community. The opportunity is now lost, though.

    Take care Craig,


  19. Jimmy. Don’t let the suspense ruin your next few days. Life is too short for that.

  20. Yep….just what we have been saying all along……”SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT” everyone one must hop when they speak!

  21. Why doesn,t Mr. Borer have the guts to respond to the people’s questions?

    He was brash enough to call out J.Q, ans CC#2 , when they respoded with real specific and relative questions, for Mdm. Meilleur, Mr. Borer become suspiciously quiet.

    No guts

  22. Mr Borer,

    Why don’t you answer people.s questions?

    Something to hide,?


    You let you mouth flap before to J.Q. and CC#2

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